Great Day for Soccer!

Happy Sunday!  It's a beautiful day here today (so far), though it is supposed to be about 93F later on this afternoon.  If you're in this heat - go out and do the yard stuff early!  I'm going to be coaching my daughter's soccer team this fall, so I have a coaches meeting (outside, of course) this afternoon in the height of the heat.  Ah well.

Holy moley!  Offside hit 20,000 reviews lat night!  Wow!  Thank you all so much!  I still can't believe how much people are enjoying it, really, typos and all!  I've been trying to go back and fix a lot of those. :)  I think I should probably give my lovely beta access to my account, because I figure the commas have to be driving her crazy by now.
Everyone still with me on the latest development?  I should have a new chapter out this morning, and maybe one more later on today, so you shouldn't be in cliffy hell much longer.

Have a wonderful day!


Fearfully Rage - UC from EPOV

Just a heads up!  For those who contributed to Fandom Fights Tsunami this is nothing new, but for those who did not (or just want to read it again), I'll be posting Fearfully Rage - an outtake of Unexpected Circumstances from Edward's POV - Monday, August 1st on FFN!  It takes place during chapter 18 of UC.

The day has barely started, and I am already behind.  *sigh*  Durn laundry...

Ketchup Day!

Well, "Catch-Up" day, at least.

Housework, writing, reviews, emails and PMs.  There is no way I'm going to get it all done, but I'll see what I can do.  I can't possibly respond to everything, but I do try to at least answer questions.  I may have to stop answering questions on the blog though.  Seems like every time I do, I get a lot of grief.  Apparently my Friday post wasn't all that clear to some.  I have a pretty dry, sarcastic sense of humor, and some people don't recognize it for what it is.  Fucking sue me. ;)  (<---Pssst!!  That was an example!)

I never said I didn't like Twilight, for goodness sakes.  I said quite clearly that I did.  Just that I'm not "into" the fandom in the way some people are.  I'm not insulting or giving the finger to anyone who is.  I love the people I have met through this, and some of them are big-time into it - they are fantastic people - it's just not for me.  I don't care for baseball much, either.  Relevant?  No.  Think about that. :)    (<---Pssst!!  That was another example!)

I was only explaining why I was blindsided by some reactions, since people asked. If you aren't happy with that answer, my apologies.  It's the only one I got. :)   (<---Pssst!!  Example #3!)

I love my readers and fans.  All of you enlighten, entertain, and encourage me.

Keep your sense of humor, everyone.  It's an important thing in life!

A new Offside chapter should post sometime this morning.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday! 

P.S. If this post offends you in any way, you are reading too much into it.

P.P.S.  You're so vain - I bet you think this post is about you. ;)  (<---Pssst!!  That's #4!)


Oh How Fun

I spent my lunch hour getting my will updated.  This is not a fun task.  Necessary, yes - but not fun.  Pages after pages of macabre subject matter - do you want this done, do you want that done - it's just about the most depressing thing to do that there is.  I kind of forgot to eat, which might have been best. 


I opted for a wake instead of a funeral.  Jagermeister all around.

Why Don't I "Get it"?

This is in response to more than one blog comment, thread response, and review.  Did I really not realize people would leave a story based on particular types of angst?  Yes.  Here's why.

The answer to that is pretty simple - I'm a writer, not a Twilight fan.  Not that I don't like Twilight - I definitely do! - but I'm not a "Twilight fangirl".  Love the characters, find them very interesting, and I write what I consider interesting.  I started writing Twilight FF on a whim, because I wanted more EPOV after reading the unfinished Midnight Sun - NOT because I'm a member of the Twilight Fandom.
  • I don't read that many other FF stories.  I've read a decent number, but not a lot
  • I never read the reviews of other stories. 
  • I don't read forums for other writer's stories.
  • I'm not into the fandom community
The last one is probably the big one.  I don't pay attention to the gossip, I don't follow "Robsten," I would never hang out in line for a panel, I'm not counting the days to the BD release. There isn't anything wrong with anyone who is - I've met lots of wonderful people writing Twific, and most of them are seriously into the Twifandom stuff.  They're having fun, and that's wonderful.  I would go hang out in line for days just to be with them and have a good time.  If there was a panel at the end, well, I guess I'd stick around and watch it, as long as there weren't too many "under-twenties" screaming for Rob.  (I really, really feel sorry for that guy!)

The point of this - I don't know what causes people to "flounce" stories because I don't pay attention to that. I write what makes sense to me and makes sense to my beta and pre-readers.  It's far from perfect, because I'm always learning to make it better, but it does make sense.

If I'm not into Twifandom, why do I find the characters interesting in the first place?  Because they are all horribly, horribly FLAWED.   Here are a few examples:
  • Edward - manipulative, controlling, jealous, and has a lot of anger management issues.
  • Jacob - outwardly trying to steal another guy's girl, no matter how many times they both tell him to fuck off, sexually assaults Bella, then drives her home whistling and smiling. I won't even go into the Renesme thing.
  • Charlie - hears his daughter has been assaulted, and congratulates the perpetrator. Later on - "Oh, you have a demon child.  I guess you can call me Gramps!"  WHA?!?
  • Bella - I don't get her.  Never did. That's probably why I struggle writing her POV. She accepts absolutely everything, from her mother's remarriage, her BF being a vampire, her impending doom over and over again, and the love of her life no longer loving her.  She stoically stands in the middle of the street when four men attack her, hangs out with pack of werewolves, is good with leaving her life behind to become a vamp (OK, I might have done this one, too), is fine with the demon child growing inside of her...etc.  So yeah, I don't think accepting a concubine - a perfectly normal thing in her society -  is a big stretch for her. :)
All that said - even if I was into the fandom, I wouldn't change a thing.
I shall remind you of the slogan on the top of the blog - Fiction with Teeth.  I will go there, people.  Wherever it is you think I just might not go, I probably will.  I have no reservations and consider nothing too taboo.  I'm not going to glorify anything vile (child abuse, slavery, etc), but that doesn't mean it won't be there.  You aren't supposed to "like it" - it's supposed to make you think about it.  Considering all the (positive and negative) responses UC has received - you are thinking about it!

Why?  I like exploring those dark subjects, and the vast majority of my readers do, too.  That's why they read my stories - because they are dark.  I think a few people just got blindsided by UC because they hadn't read any of my other stories, didn't heed the angst warning, and thought they were reading a fairy tale.

I've heard a lot of theories about where Offside is going now, too.  It should also be interesting. :)

I could also pull a Sixth Sense/Fight Club/Crying Game move on ya.

Oooo!!  Edward finds out Bella is transgendered!

Or maybe I'm just messing with ya. 



Will it be HEA?

I've been asked this question since Hide and Drink was out there, and even more often when H&D arrived at its original end point (tragic).  I do love a good tragedy.  With the latest developments in Unexpected Circumstances, this question is being asked again.  A lot! :)

I don't make any assurances on a work in progress.  I'm not so sure you'd want my opinion on it anyway, considering I had no idea the current UC issue was going to cause such an uproar.  I'm obviously not a good judge with how others perceive things!  

Warning!  Offside Foreshadowing!!  Don't read this paragraph if you don't want to know! It's very possible what shall be coming up soon in Offside is going to tick someone off, too.  I'll probably lose readers, because...well...I guess I can't say "because," because I don't get it. :)  To each their own.  Some people definitely aren't going to like what happens.  I'm not sure if this is news to anyone, but sometimes you aren't supposed to "like" it.  Sometimes its there to make you think, to make you feel, or to make you consider a topic in a different light.

And sometimes, shit just happens.

If you've read my other (complete) stories, and were satisfied with the ending, you'll probably be satisfied with the ending of most of what I write.  They may or may not be HEA.  They should still be satisfying and make sense, considering what the protagonist(s) have endured and learned.


Offside Delays

Sorry about the lack of Offside update - I do hope to get one out this evening.  Real life has struck pretty hard this week.  As some of you may recall, I've been battling the school soccer coach regarding my son's hair length.  That battle is in full force now, and it's taken up all of my spare time the last couple of days.  It's also given me a doozy of a headache. :)

Good luck to my Columbus Crew playing against Newcastle tonight!  My husband is apparently torn with his allegiances - he's wearing his Newcastle jersey and a Crew scarf.  They clash.  Big time.  I'm not going to make the game myself, so hopefully that means a bit of writing time this evening.

Hope everyone is having a great day, and staying out of the heat!  It's still really bad here.


Relief from Heat and Heartache

It finally rained, and the temperature dropped a bit.  It's still so humid you need a snorkel to walk out the front door, but the heat's diminished, at least.

The last UC chapter seems to have relaxed a lot of people.  It can't rain all the time, or so I have heard. :)  If you are still holding off, I'd suggest waiting another chapter or two before jumping back in, though.  Still loving all the theories people write in their reviews, and questions about Edward's "little swimmers."  LOL!  Love it.  

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!


Heat and Rain

Is it bad that I wasn't at all sorry when the rain started pouring down on the company picnic?  Probably.  Still, at 101F with the heat index, I didn't want to be there!  I won't even go into the "silly string" that was passed out to all the kids... *shudder*

Offside updated today, and may update once more, depending if I can manage to stop being pulled away from the computer.  I keep trying to do one thing, getting distracted and then never finishing what I started out doing.  It took me three trips to the kitchen (did dishes, cleaned out the cooler, replaced the empty paper towel) just to get myself a glass of water.

The next UC chapter is off to beta, so I feel like I've made a little bit of progress there, too.  I'm...happier with it.  I guess that's all I can say for now.  I hope once I get past the next couple of chapters things will start flowing a little more smoothly.  I think they will.  Hopefully that means getting chapters out faster.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  If you are in the "heat wave" zone like I am - keep yourself cool and drink a lot of water!


Another Friday!

You know what that means?  Pizza and martinis!  Well, the martinis may have to come later.  It's ice cream social night int he neighborhood, so the kids are going to that so hubby can take me out.  Actual date night!  Who would have thunk it?

I'm hoping to get the next chapter of Offside done here shortly.  I'm loving the reviews and comments on that story - you guys crack me up!  I have to remember how many soccer die-hards are reading this - anything I say about any team is completely in good humor!  I love soccer, and love all the teams (except when they're playing against the Crew), especially national teams.  There's nothing else in the world that brings countries together like a good football match.  

Got the hubby and son tickets to the Columbus Crew vs. Newcastle game next week - told him he wasn't allowed to wear his Newcastle gear.  LOL!  I'll be at the Columbus Crew game tomorrow night!  Go Crew! 

Expressing Emotion

First off, I apologize for the post yesterday.  I was tired of some of the post hijacking, hurt by a few of the UC comments made towards me as a person, and didn't think before I wrote it.  I'll leave the post there, because they are my words, I wrote them, and you've read them.  No reason to hide them away, but I did not mean to be as harsh as they sounded.

What has come out of that (through some of the comments) has been a great discussion on expressing emotion.  This is no always an easy thing to do!  I really appreciate all those comments, and will look them over again as I complete Chapter 27, which is really the second half of Chapter 26.  I still hope to have it done today or tomorrow.  

Offside should have a new chapter or two up today as well.

Thank you!


Here is your chance...

Unexpected Circumstances spoilers!  Don't read if you don't want to hear what's going on.

For all those who seem to want to get everything off their chest here as opposed to the places provided for this (reviews, PMs, the forums) - this is your very own blog post so you can comment all you like on what you think of what is going on  It will be contained here and no one else has to read, it as a few of you like to point out.   But since you're commenting on my vacation posts, Offside posts, or my kid's soccer game, it's hard to skip them.  This will make it easier for those who come to my blog for other reasons to avoid this.

Yes, he fucked her.  No, he didn't have a choice.  No, he doesn't want to.  Yes, Bella is coping because she has no choice but to cope.  No, Angela doesn't hate either of them. No, Bella doesn't hate her husband.  No, she doesn't hate her friend.   Where did all this "best friend" shit come from?  I never wrote that anywhere. "Life-long" doesn't equal "best".  Even in canon Alice was always her "best" friend.  See what happens when you skim? :)   

I'm tempted to write a "UC AU" outtake on what would have happened if Edward had done what a lot of people said he *should* have done, and told Aro to go fuck himself.  THAT would be a graphic story with warnings at the top!  It would also have the same number of survivors as your average horror movie.  Bella would be one of them, though she would wish she wasn't.
Feel free to comment on UC all you like right here.  Please discontinue commenting on my other, UC irrelevant posts about UC.



Poor Beta!

My poor beta was obviously up very late last night to finish the UC chapter (based on the wee hour I received it back from her).  That also means she isn't up this morning for me to go "WTF does this mean?" and "If I change this, doesn't this bit have to go?" or "What d'ya mean, this is shite?  It's my favorite part!"

Well, maybe not exactly all that, but you get the idea.

So, the good news is I have the chapter back from beta.  The bad news is, it still needs some work.  UC will update tonight, one way or the other!  I just need to go over some of it with her first.  I know, some of you are going to say you'll take it as it is, but honestly, you don't understand how much things might change between me sending it to her and posting it.

So, look for UC before 9:00pm eastern daylight time.  A new chapter should be posted by then.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


I Can Hardly Believe it...

...But I think the next Unexpected Circumstances is off to beta.  It's a really long one, so hopefully that will placate readers a bit for having to wait a bit longer.  As soon as I get it back, I will get it posted!  Hang in there - not too much longer now!

Congratulations to the Japanese Women's Team for their World Cup win.  It was a fantastic game!


Facebook Page?

I'm thinking about finally making a facebook page...any advice/suggestions?   I've never even looked at it...it kind of scares me.

Not The Best Week

So as some of you probably heard me whining, I've had a migraine three out of five writing days this week.  The result - UC update is going to be delayed.  I've got a pretty busy weekend lined up (Columbus Crew game tomorrow, and Women's World Cup Finals Sunday), but I'm going to try and get the chapter done.  Already been talking to my talented beta, and I'll probably be shortening the chapter just a bit.  Good news, I have a better chance of getting it done this weekend, bad news, we're not out of the angst just yet.

There should still be a daily Offside update, with hopefully fewer typos.  LOL  Don't write with a headache, I guess.  Ha!

Hang in there!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Teaser Tuesday! UC Chapter 26

OK - I think this bit is actually ready.  Not the chapter - just the teaser. :)  There's still a lot to do on the chapter, but it will hopefully start coming along a little quicker.

“Forks will be mine, you know,” King Aro said in a low voice.  “It is only a matter of time.”

“I am tiring of your threats,” Edward responded.  He had managed to regain some of the control in his voice again.  “We have done everything you have asked to maintain peace between our kingdoms.  There is only so much one can give.”

“But there is always more I can take!” Aro announced.  His voice turned low.  “And take I shall.  You go ahead and hold out as long as you can, but when I am through with you, your pathetic kingdom will be under my control.”

I felt a shiver run through me, and I pushed my back up tighter against the inside wall of the stairs.

“If Forks is so insignificant, why do you continue to demand more of me?”

Aro cackled, and the high pitched sound made yet another shiver run up my spine.  His voice deepened as he snarled out his words.

“Because there was once a man who thought he could live in my shadow and continue to look down upon me.  He ignored his duty and refused to unite our lands for the greater good.  Now his son tries to do the same?  No.  Not again.”

“What is this?” Edward’s voice rose slightly.  “My father?”

Aro’s bitter laugh filled the hall again.

“If you had spent more time studying in your youth than you did lying with your whores…but it does not matter now, does it?  You have demonstrated quite affectively that common women cannot bear kings.  You have two at your beck and call, but there is no decent place for your seed to find purchase, is there?”

He's really not a nice guy, that Aro...

UC - Why Won't You Tell Me What's Going To Happen?

I never did see the movie the Titanic.  Aside from the lack of aliens and explosions (things that are usually required in any movie I want to see), I knew how it was going to end.  To me, that kills the whole story.  Sometimes I won't even watch trailers for movies I've really looked forward to seeing.

Given that I hate having an ending, or even major plot developments "spoiled," it's kind of abhorrent to me to give readers a outline of the story before it starts.  I can't recall the story, but I remember it was wonderfully angsty and I was really enjoying it.  It just got to an absolutely heart-wrenching bit, I was torn up inside and loving it.  That's when I accidentally read the chapter end notes, where the author assured everyone that it would be HEA.

I stopped reading.  It was totally ruined for me.

Now, I'm not saying anyone who reads my stuff should share these feelings, but I have not and will not give away major plot bits.  I always have a tough time summarizing a story because I don't want to give anything away, which is why my story summaries suck.  LOL

I see every story as a mystery - not necessarily a "who done it," but a mystery of what the characters will do, why they do what they do, and how whatever the conflict may be is resolved.  If someone tells me it will be okay in the end, HEA will happen, the main character will get cancer and die in the end, the main character will get cancer and live in the end, or the boy is going to have to shoot his dog because he might have rabies...well, that ruins it for me.  I would no longer read it.  Why bother, if you already know what will happen?

Now I realize not everyone agrees with that, and I don't expect you to have the same reaction I do if you hear what's to come.  But you won't hear it from me. I don't even like that my darling beta knows how UC ends...

I may have a teaser out today, but I can't swear to it...this next chapter still needs some serious work.


Fic Rec/Excuses

"Where's my Offside update, woman???"

Okay, I really don't rec too many stories, becasue I really don't read that many.  Other stories tend to get in the day of writing and get me thinking about things other than the story I'm trying to create, so I just don't read.  There's one that's been out there for a while that I have heard people mention here and there, but I never took a look at it before yesterday.

I haven't written a single word since then.

In Your World, the Amishward story by solostintwilight.  It's simply incredible.  It's a work in progress, which drives me nuts, because I have to wait now with everyone else, but it's one of the most beautiful stories I've read in twilight fanfic land.  The telling of Amish life, obviously well researched, and the simplicity of Edward and Bella's love is simply a joy to read.  There is a bit of angst, but not high on my scale, so you should be okay.  It's well written and the chapters flow together perfectly.  Go check it out while you wait for my lame ass to update again.


Post Vacation Activities

Vacation officially over, and I'm washing a whole lot of clothes today!  I'm also trying to catch up with reviews, and have gotten through maybe half of the Offside ones.  I haven't started UC - actually, haven't read many since chapter 24, but I hope to get through some of those, too.  I'm going to attempt to catch up with the UC thread, if that is possible!  If you missed them, I did post chapters 61 and 62 of Offside.

Next Unexpected Circumstances Chapter - it's going to be a little while, folks.  Believe it or not, I think it will be better that way.  It will be a long chapter, and I think it's a little more than half way there.  Hopefully it will post next weekend.  I will get a teaser out this week, though - probably on Tuesday, as tradition dictates. :)

Blog change - If you haven't noticed, the glorious Robin has added the ability to respond to comments on this blog.  Now I can be clear on which comment I'm answering.  Feel free to agree/disagree with comments, but stay civil, please.  I've only ever deleted one comment of this blog, and would like to kep it that way. :)


Back from vacation!

Since I had no internet while I was off galavanting about in the Caribbean, I couldn't post any blog updates.  I did, however, write some up anyway.  Here's what I would have posted over the past few days!

Blog post for July 3- Nassau.

I feel like I'm in Jamaica, or at least a place that wants you to think you are in Jamaica. I  am on a beach so I am happy. Water here is beautiful and I'm watching my kids build a sandcastle. By kids I mean the two I gave birth to and my hubby  The castle is huge.  I'll post up a picture of it eventually.

July 5th

St Thomas- US Virgin Islands.
Just got done with parasailing. Both hubby and daughter got seasick and puked. They both headed back to the cabin-done for the day (it's 3:30 in the afternoon). My son wants to call his girlfriend.  Must be time for savage to find a bar...

Found local bar. It's been damn fun. Hanging out with a group of locals in a little hut bar called the Pegleg Bar.  Kaz us the bartender and she rocks. Definitely worth the stop if you ever find yourself in the US Virgin Islands. I've heard some very interesting stories, and seen pics of a ferry boat someone apparently 'landed' on a pile if rocks. Someone needs some driving lessons, that's all I'm saying about that. The rum punches are awesome and great price.  I'm a happy savage.

July 6
Went snorkeling at St Maarten.  It was very cool, but I am now sunburned pretty bad. Not sure I'd I will be able to sit tomorrow!!  Fun Latin party on the ship tonight.

July 8
Still suffering with the sunburn, but finding it hard to care too much, since someone keeps bringing me fresh piƱa coladas.  I am currently sitting in the shade and working on the next UC chapter. It's about time for lunch, so I'll probably take a break from taking a break here soon. I shall be back in Florida tomorrow morning, and back home tomorrow night!

I'll post some more later.  Maybe even a few pictures. :)


Vacation Time!

One last little note before I head off on vacation.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I'll probably post something here tomorrow before the ship actually takes off.  I'll probably have 1-2 Offside updates today/tomorrow as well.  Lots of writing time on the plane!

I know many are not happy with the direction Unexpected Circumstances is taking.  I finally read some of the last chapter reviews - hehe.  Yeah, I'm a little behind in that department.  The Twilighted Thread has exploded as well.  I get it - I do.  You're invested in the characters and you don't want anything bad to happen.  I also understand if this is too much or hits a personal button - no hard feelings on anyone who feels they can't go on or has decided to wait until it's done.  I don't blame ya.  :)  I am thrilled people love these two so much that their heartache is your own.  That really means a lot to me!

I have a little less than two hours to finish getting ready, drag my kids out of bed and head to the airport!  I'll still be on Twitter and whatever until tomorrow afternoon, so it isn't complete internet bye-bye just yet!  

Love ya all!