How does one go from writing Star Wars fics to Twilight fics? In this interview, Savage7289 will tell you how her love for Darth Maul was the beginning of an obsession. She also discusses how it felt for Micheal Sheen to expose her fics to all the world when he read parts of Unexpected Circumstances on VH1! 
Alex: Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview! I hope you're having a nice thanksgiving!
savage7289: Thanks for having me - I am still stuffed!
Alex : Haha, I am too! I think it’s safe to say we all are! So let's start at the beginning, how did you get into fanfiction?
savage7289: I originally got into Star Wars fanfiction after seeing Episode 1. I loved Darth Maul - such an awesome villain. There just wasn't near enough of him in the movie, so I turned to fan fiction to get my fix. When I read all the Twilight books, and then found unfinished Midnight Sun, I needed more.
savage7289: I went looking for what I wanted to read (more vamp EPOV), and ended up writing it instead.
Alex : I feel we would all go crazy without Fanfiction! It’s so fun to create and make more of a great story/movie to begin with.
savage7289: I would consider fanfiction the ultimate praise to the original creator - we just cannot get enough of the characters - we always need more. Fanfiction is a beautiful outlet.
Alex : I could always use more Edward, lol. Does your family and friends know, or are you "in the closet" with your writing?
savage7289: A little of both. My family knows, yes, and some of my friends. I was kind of "outed" when Michael Sheen red part of Unexpected Circumstances on VH1. Once that happened a lot more people in my personal life knew.
Alex : That's right! I wasn't sure if you kept your name private to your family or not. How was that for you? Had to have been a cool experience!
savage7289: It was surreal more than anything. When I first heard about it (via twitter), I thought they had just accidentally chosen the wrong twitter account or something. I had Mr. Savage watch the show (I was at work) to see who I was mistaken for.  He called me and told me what was going on, and I definitely had a little freak out moment.
Alex : Oh I can imagine! I would have thought the same thing! I always giggle when I read that actors, especially Twilight actors, say they read fanfiction! I can't imagine it being my own! So cool!
savage7289: It was fun! I know a lot of people saw it as "making fun of fanfic," but it was all in good humor.  I thought it was hysterically funny, and I don't think anyone hears "Are you agreeable?" in any other voice now.
Alex : Oh yeah, i think it wasn't anything negative! So do you find yourself going towards a certain genre when reading fanfiction?
savage7289: I will check out most anything that gets recommended to me, though I would say I only read the first 3 sentences of 90% of them. I'm extremely picky about what I read, because I don't read that much. If the first paragraph is full of typos or spends the entire time giving me back story, I close the browser and move on. I usually find things I like in the signatures of people's profiles on Twilighted.
savage7289: As far as actual genre goes, I like things to be unusual. I don't tend to go for fluff. Sex is great in context, but if that's the whole story I'm going to tire of it pretty quickly. I like dark characters with complex pasts or in complex situations.
Alex : Yeah I agree! I like different characters too!
Alex : Where do your ideas come from when writing?
savage7289: All over the place. Sometimes it's from something someone says to me, sometimes a song. Sometimes I'll just see something that makes a scene come into my head. I usually start with one scene that intrigues me and the rest of the story builds from there.
Alex : That's great! I always have a million ideas but it’s sometimes hard to go from there. Is there anything you have to have when writing? A drink, music...etc
savage7289: Just someplace to type. I usually write it all in my head first, and then it flows pretty quickly when I sit down at the PC or whatever. I often read the reviews from the previous chapter as I write the next one. If something wasn't clear enough and a lot of people are asking about it, I'll clear it up in the next chapter.
Alex : Super writer lol. Which leads me to offside ... There was a lot of chapters! It was amazing!!!
savage7289: If I have a couple of ideas I'm tossing around or need some assistance with a plot bit, I'll poke at my beta and she'll help me work through them.
savage7289: Thank you - it was a lot of fun to write!
Alex : How did you keep up with writing so much?
savage7289: I don't sleep. :)
Alex : I bet! Lol
Alex : Switching to unexpected circumstances, was it hard to switch to writing for different types of people, princesses, knights...?
savage7289: I really don't - not as much as most people, anyway. I'm also just a touch OCD - once I get something in my head, I have to get it down or it drives me nuts. I type pretty fast, too.
Alex : Same here! I have a huge notebook ready for ideas lol
savage7289: I have always had a love of all things medieval, especially combat. I've immersed myself in various Robin Hoods, Medieval Times, Ren Fests, Dungeons and Dragons, etc. I really came pretty naturally to me.
savage7289: It really came naturally. :)
savage7289: Hopefully you'll fix my typos before posting this somewhere. LOL
Alex : Haha, yes and someone will fix mine! It is a fascinating subject!
Alex : So to a new author what advice would you give to them?
savage7289: That would depend on what they want to accomplish. :) The main advice I always give (to anyone - not just people who want to write), is to be coachable. I don't care how good you are, you have room for improvement. There are people out there who can help you grow. If you ignore unsolicited advice, you miss an opportunity to learn. Especially pay attention to how someone says your writing makes them FEEL. Is it what you wanted them to feel? If so, you did your job.
Alex : Exactly! And that's sometimes a hard lesson to hear, advice on something that's so close to the author. But it only helps in the growing as an author process!
Alex : I know you just started a new story, but is there anything else you're working on?
savage7289: Yes. :) I always have about 10 things going on at once.
Alex : Hahah same here, anything you can talk about?
savage7289: I'm being seriously pushed by various people into focusing more on original stuff. I've started a quasi BDSM original fic, plan on expanding Otherwise Alone as original fic as well. I've always planned on expanding Judging Books as original, too. We'll see.
Alex : Exciting! Well I'm sure whatever you do, it will be great! Thank you so much for doing this interview, and on a holiday! Hope you have room for dessert now :)
savage7289: Nope, still stuffed! hehehe
Alex : Hahah
savage7289: Though I understand from my son that there is always room for more pumpkin pie.
savage7289: Thanks a lot for asking me - these things make me think a lot!
savage7289: (This is tha part where my beta smacks me for using "a lot" twice in a row.)
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