End-of-Week Sneak-Peek

Better late than never? :) Here's a little teaser from Hide and Drink Chapter 32:

“Your idea of humor flabbergasts me,” I told her. She laughed harder.

“Flabbergasts? Really, Edward? Do you even know what century you live in?”

“I still have a lot of knock-knock jokes memorized,” I threatened. “I could tell you a few of those if you are going to find my use of language so amusing.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”


“Absolutely not!” Bella laughed again. “I will not respond to that and you can’t make me.”

“I bet I can.”

“No way.”

I quickly thought through the next mile of our route until I remember a place that would be perfect. A few seconds later, I whipped the Volvo around and onto a logging road. We bumped along for a minute before we were out of sight of the road, and I stopped, turning off the ignition.

I moved quickly, causing Bella to gasp and bite down on her lower lip. I lowered her seat until it was completely reclined and straddled her. Her winter coat was quickly unzipped so I could reach in closer to her body. I stroked my hands over her breasts and began to kiss her. My tongue ran over her mouth, and she opened to me. It wasn’t long before her breath was coming in pants, and I moved down her neck and over to the spot under her ear she liked so much.

“Knock-knock,” I said softly, blowing cool air across her skin.

“Not going to say it,” Bella responded. Her words were breathy and her previous resolve was waning. My fingers rolled her nipples through her shirt, tugging just a little as my tongue traced over her neck. “You can’t make me…oh, God…Edward…”


H&D Progress Report

It's been a rough week. I haven't gotten much writing done. I'm working on H&D chapter 32 today, but I'm not sure if it will be ready for the weekend or not. It's only about half done now, and that doesn't include re-writes and such. Lots of plans this weekend, so if I don't get much done tonight, we're probably talking about an update next weekend. Sorry for delaying, it just can't be helped sometimes. I will at least try to provide a teaser within the next couple of days.

Forgive me! :(


Vote Makazie One!

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Please pass this on to your friends and family members as well. Thanks again!

Vote Makazie One!


Too Many Projects!!

I have too many writing projects going on at once! ARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

Okay, now that is out of my system. Seriously, though. I have so many stories in my head it's driving me insane. I should have ended H&D where I originally planned to just so I would be done with something! LOL

I have this new idea for a story and I really want to work on it, but I'm afraid to work on it and get anything else really going in my head. I'm also afraid NOT to work on it, and lose what's there all together. In other words, I've been a mess today and having gotten much of anything done at all. A touch of H&D chapter 32, but not much. I'm a total fail for the day and have to go back to work tomorrow. :(

So, leave me a rec for a new story to read so I can relax a bit. Something completed, 'cause I got waaaay to many WIPs on the list!


Blog Updates

Back from vacation and doing a few updates to the blog. I added a "subscribe to" button. It's down over there on the right below "followers." Sorry I didn't have one before. I'm going to claim ignorance. :)

Hide & Drink page updated with time-line through chapter 31. I *think* there will be three more chapters plus an epilogue for Hide & Drink before I officially call it "complete."

Surviving Bella page updated as well. This story is on hold for now. I need to focus on getting Hide & Drink completed.

The Writing Projects page has been updated with some of the new stuff I have in the works for the near future. Check it out if you want a peek into my next E/B Fanfic - Unexpected Circumstances.

That's all I have for today! Have a wonderful weekend!


Mid-Week Sneak-Peek - H&D Chapter 31

See? I told you I was writing this week, and not just being a bum! :) This teaser is the very first couple of paragraphs from chapter 31, which I should be sending off to beta shortly. Enjoy!

The feeding frenzy is nearly impossible to describe, even to another vampire who would have experienced it. Vision doesn’t fade, but it changes – focuses and narrows until there is only one thing visible – the target and its blood. Hearing and smell follow – focusing on the meal, but also keeping tabs on anything that might interfere or try to steal the kill. There is no true conscious thought, nothing that thinks what the consequences of the action may be or considers any possible regrets. Instinct takes over – completely and totally.

The monster’s name is instinct. Vampire instinct at its highest and mostly finely tuned. He can be uncontrollable. As a newborn, Carlisle taught me how to fight it, but he couldn’t have taught me how to fight this. This was no ordinary target and this was no ordinary blood. This was sanity. This was life. This was existence. This was addiction. This was salvation. This was mania. This was ecstasy.

This was love.

Between the smell of her blood at her throat, the incredible thirst, the monster’s insistence, and the feel of her internal warmth wrapped around me most intimately, I was almost completely lost.


Fic Rec - The Harder They Fall

OK - this is my reason for not getting any actual writing done today. (All right - I have done some, I swear.) The Harder They Fall, by Ironic Twist. It's E/B, all Human, WIP (but there's 30 some chapters up all ready). Bella's the office cleaning lady who gets caught in CEO Edward's office shower in the middle of the night. He ends up offering her a position at the company - as his paid escort. It's funny, it's well written and Bella kicks Tanya's ass in it, so check it out while you're waiting for the next Hide and Drink update.

Yes yes...I'm working on chapter 31 RIGHT NOW! I swear! :)


Rant Time!! Hotel Woes

My advice to the world - never blindly book a hotel. Seriously. I ended up in a dump. Had to fight for two hours on the phone because despite the fact that the toilet ran, the tub was stopped up, the cabinet doors were falling off, the balcony door wouldn't open unless you possessed vampire strength, and the "wifi" at the hotel actually meant you had to go CROSS THE STREET to the one building that had it, where it didn't actually work 90% of the time...they wanted to charge me for the entire week, even though I was going to check out early. Lovely.

Anyway, I eventually talked my way out of the reservation and moved to a hotel where I have stayed before. This place rocks, and the internet connection actually works.

I haven't written much this week because, honestly, the hotel room was pissing me off. I hope to get a little more done now that I[m in a place I like and a little more relaxed. I have been working on H&D Chapter 31 a bit, and it should be good to go by the time I get home Saturday. I have been reading a lot - I just finished Cullen, Unscripted, which I thought was a riot. It's been on my list for a while now. If you are looking for a completed AH, this one is really cute.

All right - that's all the update I have for now. Back to the balcony and the beautiful view of the Atlantic. :)


Canon vs. Fan Fic Norm

I've noticed a lot of reviews for Hide and Drink that think Demetri was insincere in his talk with Edward. First off, I think Edward would notice - it's hard to be insincere in your own head, and he can hear all that. It also prompts the question (in my mind) - what's the difference between "canon" (that is, what is actually in one of the four books) vs. what is the "norm" in most Twilight fan fiction.

I never envisioned the Voltouri members as evil in the books. Callous and bureaucratic, yes, but not actually evil to their own kind. Humans are, in their minds, a food source, so I think their attitudes towards humans are the same as your average American's attitude towards a Big Mac, so I don't think that makes them evil. The organization is certainly always looking out for their best interests, and they're probably willing to step on a few toes (or heads) to get what they want, but I still never pictured them as without scruples.

Demetri I find interesting becasue his words to Edward when they meet up during New Moon honestly seemed like he was just trying to 1) do what his master asked him to do and 2) keep Edward from making the situation worse. His decisions may have been blinded by loyalty to Aro, but I never saw him as someone uncaring. Just the opposite, really.

Now, in fac fiction, everyone needs a good enemy and the Voltouri are an easy one to use. The vast majority of fan fic portraits each Voltouri member as ultimately evil, and we get used to seeing them that way, when I don't think that's what is described in the books. So, that said - don't assume the Voltouri in H&D are evil, or only act on evil intentions. I never assumed they were. :)

So there ya good, food for thought Thursday, I guess it is. ;)


I know...it's the middle of the week...

...but I don't have a sneak peek of H&D Chapter 31 just yet. I've really only been working on it since yesterday. I'll post one up when I have something worthy of posting. :) I will say it's coming along nicely, and will answer quite a few of the questions I have received in reviews.

In case you missed the H&D Chapter notes, I'm off to Myrtle beach for sun and a whole lot of not working. I will still be writing though, and the condo claims it has wifi, so I should still be able to respond to messages and such. Mostly I plan on sitting in the shade somewhere, writing and watching the kids float in the lazy river. Hopefully, I'll come back with more than one thing to post.

Thanks for all the "hope you had a better day" messages. Today was better!! :)


Hide and Drink Update

All right, so it took a little longer, but I'm much happier with Chapter 30 now. I'm nicknaming it "the Return of Boobward." :) It is off to beta and hopefully back before too long. I'm going to post a second teaser for it tomorrow, so watch out for that.

I may have a little one-shot to post before too long as well. Maybe it will become something more in the future (i.e., when H&D is complete), but it's just a o/s for now. It's my version of Edward's change, and I'd like to enter it in a contest if anyone knows of one where it might fit. Let me know if you do!



Seriously glad the work week is over...sort of. I'll still be working over the weekend, but at least I shouldn't have to actually go into the office. I hope to get a lot of writing done so I can get caught up with Hide & Drink. Yeah - sorry. I'm really behind and Chapter 30 isn't going to be ready this weekend. I wasn't happy with it and chucked half of what I wrote, so it's no where near ready. I'll be plugging away on it tonight and tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will be ready for next weekend and I'll get some time to continue Surviving Bella in there as well.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Mid Week Sneak Peek - H&D Chapter 30

Well, Germany is done for this World Cup. *sob* I guess I don't have any more excuses.

Surviving Bella Chapter 6 is with the beta and should post tomorrow. I put a teaser for it on the Twilighted Forum if you want to check it out.

Chapter 6 Teaser

And now for the Hide and Drink Teaser for Chapter 30!

“Are you ready to go home?” she asked.

“No.” I shook my head. “I want to be with you.”

“I’m going with you, sweetheart.” She ran her fingers through my hair and I leaned into her touch.

“But you’ll have to go back to your father,” I said. “I didn’t forget that part. You’ll have to go to school. I won’t see you.”

“I’m staying with you,” Bella repeated.

“But Charlie...he said I would never see you again. He’s not going to let you…”

“I’m eighteen now, Edward,” Bella said. “He can’t make me stay away from you.”

“Does he know where you are now?”

“Not exactly,” Bella said, looking away out the window. “He probably figures I’m with you, though.”

“What did you tell him?”

“That I was in love with a vampire and only my blood could save him.”


Drunkenwhoreward Bites Bella

Hide and Drink Chapter 29 is up, as well as Surviving Bella Chapter 5. Working on the next chapters for both! I really ought to stop doing that, sometime I confuse the shit out of myself. If Drunkenwhoreward ever drinks Bella's blood, you'll know I've gotten confused.

I don't have any teasers for today, but I will get something up tomorrow. Sometime right after Germany spanks Spain. ;) I think I just agreed to do a H&D outtake of some sort of Germany wins...


Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day to all the US! Don't go blowing your fingers off with fireworks tonight! :)

Hide and Drink Chapter 29 is still with beta, so be patient. It will be up eventually! I'm also going to start posted on Twilighted and FFN at the same time, so no more delays between postings.

Chapter 5 of Surviving Bella is also just about ready, and should be up later today. Here's a little teaser for you while you wait:

“Look, Bella,” I started with a sigh. “I know you are just…trying to help – or whatever – but I really don’t want to be helped. I like being drunk, and the first opportunity I get, I’m going to get drunk again.”

“I want to know why,” she said simply.

“Why what?”

“Why you became an alcoholic,” she said. “I just watched you go through hell and just about drag me through it with you. I want to know why.”

“We’ve been through this,” I reminded her. “I don’t talk about my past.”

“Well that was before I kept you from choking to death,” she launched at me. “It was before I cleaned blood off your face when you tried to bite through your cheek. It was before you called me every name in the book. It was before I held you while you cried for four hours straight and it was before you fucking hit me for trying to help you!”


Happy Weekend!

Germany takes Argentina down 4-0. Klose (#11) gets credit for two of the goals. Beautiful work! This game pretty much justified the three Klose jerseys I own. I'm a happy Savage at the moment!

Finally got the banner for Hide and Drink winning the best Alternate Universe in the Faithful Shipper Awards. What do ya think? :)

Chapter 29 is in the hands of the beta reader. It will go up when I get it back! :)

I guess I need to go back to writing something now...


Mid-Week Sneak-Peek - H&D Chapter 29

Sorry I didn't get this out yesterday. Thursday still counts as the middle-ish of the week, right? :)

Teaser - Hide and Drink Chapter 29:

“Welcome, all of you!” Aro sang out. He reached forward and took a woman by the hand. “I truly appreciate the sacrifice you make this evening.”

He tore into her neck and held her tightly against his body as screams erupted around the room and others were similarly grabbed and drained. Their final, desperate thoughts hurdled towards me, and the scent of the human blood slapped me in the face, reminding me just how thirsty I really was.

“Now, Demetri,” Aro said softly.

“No,” my voice was barely a whisper.

I felt Felix’s grip tighten on my arms as he pushed me forward towards Demetri and the human man he held in his grip. Aro came up beside me and put his hand on my shoulder, carefully avoiding my skin. I looked over to him, pleading with my eyes.

“I promised.”

“I know, son,” Aro smiled. “But promises to humans are made to be broken. You must drink.”

“I don’t want to…she’ll be angry.”

“Of course you want to,” Aro said, and his hand reached out and gripped the screaming human’s neck, bringing him closer to me. The scent of his blood was thick and hot in my nostrils. I turned my head away, closing my eyes against the scene.

“Demetri,” Aro said softly. Demetri’s plan invaded my mind.

“No!” I yelled, but it was too late.

Total downer - don't even read this

I just got back from the funeral of my friend's 11 year old son. No one should ever have to go through such a thing. I hope to never be able to truly sympathize with such agony, but as a parent I can't help but want to do something, even if it's small.

So here's my meager tribute to a little boy named Conner who wanted to be an astronaut. Please think of him and his family, and if you pray, say one for them tonight.

I just needed to write this, even if it isn't much. If you did read it (despite the warning) and you have a child - go hug them.