Drunkenwhoreward Bites Bella

Hide and Drink Chapter 29 is up, as well as Surviving Bella Chapter 5. Working on the next chapters for both! I really ought to stop doing that, sometime I confuse the shit out of myself. If Drunkenwhoreward ever drinks Bella's blood, you'll know I've gotten confused.

I don't have any teasers for today, but I will get something up tomorrow. Sometime right after Germany spanks Spain. ;) I think I just agreed to do a H&D outtake of some sort of Germany wins...


  1. I really hope Germany wins then. Love the new chapters of Hide and Drink and Suriving Bella.

  2. LUV LUV LUV your new Surviving Bella! Can't wait for the next update... oh and I'm slightly addicted to H&D as well!