Bastian's Storm

Title chose and writing in progress!  How about a quick little teaser for the sequel to Surviving Raine?

Sometimes it just boiled inside of me. 

The fucking anger. 

It was directed at nothing and everything.  It focused on the sites and the people around me because they were the constant reminder of what I had lost.  Sometimes it was even directed at the one person who understood and accepted me for the asshole I was.

Coming this summer! 


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Evan Arden Banner Contest Winners

Thank you so much to all who entered! I know why I don’t do contests like this more often – it’s so hard to choose a winner!! I had so many great entries, going through them all was both fabulous and really, really difficult! Ultimately, I had to make a choice. I also ended up ditching the last pose. Apparently no one really wants to see Evan with his clothes on. Weird.

Here are your winners!  Thanks to everyone who participated!

 Banner by Alekandra

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