Teaser Tuesday! UC Chapter 25

OK Unexpected Circumstances fans!  Here's the teaser you may or may not have been waiting to read...


Edward pulled me against his chest, and I felt his lips on top of my head.  I had no words to speak and tried to instead comprehend what had been told to me.  It was clear Edward needed to secure his successor as quickly as possible for the good of all of Forks, but why did he take such a route to that end?

“I had no time to really think on it,” he said, his voice again strained.  “I should have, but again my lack of forethought has harmed us.”

I reached up and placed my hand against his jaw, my fingers working their way into the strands of hair at his neck.  I turned my head to press my lips to his chest where his robe fell open.

“The only other option I could see before me was that of concubine,” he finally whispered.  “Your place as my wife would remain secure, and Aro would not be able to begrudge me the alternative.  I told them I would take Angela as such, and she would provide us with the children we must have.”

I finally spoke.

“Why Angela?”

“You love her,” Edward said, his voice husky in his throat.  “You will love the children she bears as if they were your own.  They will be your own.  No one but you will raise them.”

“Does she know?”

“She does by now,” he responded.

“Has she any say in the matter?”

“Of course,” he replied.  “And…if you would prefer…if someone else was…”

Edward’s voice trailed off, and his hand left my back to cover his own eyes.

“I cannot believe I am speaking to you about such a thing,” he said.

“What if she refuses?”

“I will not…I would not…if she did not agree,” Edward said softly and shook his head.  “But if she does not come willingly, the other option placed before me is Princess Jessica.”

“She would become your concubine?  A princess?”

“No,” he said softly, “she would not.”

The meaning of his words hit me harder than the original news.

There are rocks, there are hard places, and then there's the place these two are stuck.

Oooo!!! New Story Idea! (Sarcasm set to kill)

Okay - so how is this for a new story idea?  A really well-adjusted, attractive man (we'll call him...um...Edward!) and a really nice, cute, issue-free woman (um...Bella!  Yeah!  Short for Isabella!), meet in a quiet club where the music isn't too loud and only non-alcoholic drinks are served.  They chat about their friends in the suburbs, their childhood pets who are now gone (but all died of natural causes), and discover they kind of like each other.  They exchange phone numbers.

A week later, one calls the other, and they go out for a nice dinner.

Three days later, they go see a nice, romantic comedy.  No actual sex displayed, and no foul language.

A week after that, they realize the've passed the "three date thing," and have missionary, fade to black sex.

A few months later, they get engaged.

Then they get married.  The wedding is perfect.  Her dress has some lace or something on it from...I dunno...France?  Really - I don't give a flying fuck.

They have a kid.

Or two.

And a dog.

Maybe a cat.

Are you puking yet?   Because I am.

I've never written "nice."  Not now, not ever.  It bores me to death.  I like fucked up, completely mentally warped characters.  They entertain me, and I like getting in their heads.  I don't do it for the sake of sensationalism or to increase my review count.  I like feedback - it helps me write better.  Send in in an email, comment here on the blog, send me a PM, a tweet - whatever.  Reviewing is there for your convenience, but I give less of a flying fuck about review count than French lace.  Those who are reading this blog regularly probably already know that. 

I have no problem with people not liking what I write.  To each their own.  I don't mind people saying my stories suck - everyone gets to express an opinion.   If you as a reader want to consider the topic exploitation, that is your prerogative. 

However, I am mildly insulted that it was suggested I choose my material for the sake of sensationalism or to get more reviews.  I am definitely insulted at the suggestion that the review counts on my stories are high due to my choice of "exploitative" topics and not because I'm a damn good writer with good story ideas.  I choose my topics because I have a degree in psychology, have spent years of my life studying abnormal brain function, the behavior of victims, the reasons perpetrators of crimes become perpetrators, and general effective and ineffective behavior modification models.  Yeah - I know what I'm talking about, and I know how to describe it.  THAT is why I get a lot of reviews  I love trying to figure out why people do what they do.

Obviously, a lot of you do as well, or you wouldn't follow me from story to story.  Thanks for that. :)

That's why I write, people.  For your enjoyment and mine.  Period.  Exclamation point.  Maybe a semicolon.  Darn it!  Where's my beta?!?!?

(Oh - and that bit at the top?  That was showing, not telling.  That's a writing thing.  I know a little about that, too.)



UC Coming Along

I've made a decent amount of progress on the next UC chapter this weekend.  Things still look to be on track to get it done before I leave, but I still can't swear to anything.  It's probably more than half way done, but that's still a lot left.  I've got to get all the packing done for me and kids and get everything ready to go for our trip on Friday.  Why is getting ready for vacation so stressful???

A couple of people have asked what would happen to Offside while I am away.  Well, I guess I thought it was obvious, but you won't be getting daily updates.  We will stop at a couple of ports, of course, but I have no idea if I will be able to get WiFi or not.  I kind of doubt it.  If I can, I may try to post something up, but that is EXTREMELY doubtful.  Don't count on anything.  Chances are, you won't hear a peep out of me between July 2 and July 10.

Writing does relax me, however, especially when I write while staring at the ocean!  So expect updates pretty readily when I return. 

Have a great week!

P.S. - there will be a teaser tomorrow!


Unexpected Circumstances Heartfail

It's been a few days since the last update, and I've decided to come out of hiding.  Really, it's just been a crazy-busy week, and I'm only on here now because I had to work early this morning. I'm done with work for now, and there's no way I can get back to sleep at this point.

I finally started reading the UC reviews.  I read the first few when I posted the chapter, and decided not to read any more for a while.  A bunch of you sneaky readers caught on to that, and started putting your opinions in your Offside Reviews!  Cheaters!!  LOL  Very clever, I suppose.  I'm thrilled everyone feels so strongly about Sir Edward and Isabella.

I'm not going to talk to much about the chapter right now.  I know some people are freaked out, and you should be. I'll remind you all of the general angst warning surrounding everything I write. Feel free to stop reading if you need to.  It will be a while (I still think this story is going to be around 40 chapters), but you can always wait until the end, read the last line, then pick up where you left off.  It makes my OCD shudder to consider this, but to each their own.  :)

Most of my thoughts on this chapter which I am willing to share can be found on the Twilighted thread, and I can't seem to get logged in this morning.  In general, there has been and will continue to be method to my madness.  I'm still not telling anyone what comes next.  If you feel the heartache is too much, bail or wait a while and come back when it's done.  I promise I won't hold it against you!

The next chapter will be out when it's done and beta'd.  If that happens before July 1st, it will post before I go on vacation.  I will do my best to try to make that happen, but my kids just got back from their summer trips and I'm spending time with them first.  Then I am single-parent while Mr. Savage is gallivanting about (well...he's going away on business) all next week.  The only promise I can make is to try.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Sunday Surveys!

Well - the title sounds good!  Maybe I'll try to do one every week!

I'd like some feedback on just what you would like to read next.  I'm not going to start anything right away, but I'd like to have some ideas going forward.  Now is your chance to have some say in what comes out of my fingers when Unexpected Circumstances and Offside are complete!

Survey - new story ideas


Saturday Plans

Happy weekend!  Do you have any exciting plans today?

I'm going to get Unexpected Circumstances done and off to beta today, hopefully even this morning.  I'm just down to the smut, and if you have paid attention, I always leave the smut for last.  Did someone say "headboard?"

Offside will also update at some point today, after the UC chapter is done.  It might come earlier if I need a UC break, but the plan is afterwards. Then I'll go get my nails done.  LOL

So...those on twitter - is this just babbling?  Should I go on about something else?  Does anyone care?  You tell me!  

Have a wonderful day!


Posting Fail

I've been such a total fail when it comes to blog updates lately!  Sorry about that.  I think I don't have too much to say!

Offside is coming along nicely.  I got this new banner from Salix Caprea, which I love dearly!  Really fits the mood, I think.  Loving the response it has received, including a rec  on The Lemonade Stand as one of the Fics of the Week - check it out!

Unexpected Circumstances Chapter 24 is moving, though slowly.  It's another difficult bit to write, I think, and my work load this week has been kind of insane.  Hope to get it mostly finished tomorrow so I can get it off to beta.  Be ready to dial up the angst meter.

Hope everyone is having a great week and is looking forward to the weekend!


Teaser Tuesday! UC Chapter 24

Ah yes, it is Tuesday again!  Here's a quick little teaser from UC chapter 24.  The chapter should be up sometime this weekend (fingers crossed!).

This isn't a happy-go-lucky teaser.  Fair warning.

“If he had not taken such injury, Edward might not have come out of the final battle unscathed,” I heard Michael said to Carlisle as he walked up beside us.  “We owe Seth for the life of the Prince.”

“We will repay that debt in any way we can,” Carlisle responded.

I followed behind with the royal family as they took Seth to the army’s living quarters and placed him on one of the beds.  Edward placed his hand on the man’s shoulder and spoke softly to him, and Seth nodded his response.  Edward then turned and came to me and placed his palm against the side of my face, his eyes full of concern.

“Is there anything you can do for him?” Edward asked.

“I will look,” I said, “but I know so little of wounds such as these.  I don’t know if I have the skill to help him.”

“Whatever you can do,” Edward said as his hand dropped from my cheek.  “Anything.”

Seth was laid on his back on the mattress, cringing in pain as his leg was shifted.  Jasper and Michael were up near his head as I slowly unwound the bandaged from his leg.  The cut was deep, red, and continued to bleed lightly.  I remembered Kate speaking once of using a sewing needle and thread to bind a bad cut together, but I was not sure if such a thing could really be done.

Jane appeared, bringing Seth a cup of tea she said would help with the pain.  He drank it down as I talked to Edward about Kate and her unusual sewing.  His eyes widened at the thought, but when he spoke his voice was desperate.

“Do you think you could do such a thing?” he asked.  “Use a needle to sew through a man’s skin?  I have heard of it, but I have never seen it done.”

“I do not know,” I admitted.  “I have not done it before.  It would be very painful.”

“If it could save his leg, he would endure the pain.”
War is never a pretty thing...even when it's over.


New Banners!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!  Mine has been busy, but good.  I seem to have neglected the blog this week - sorry about that.  Durn real life...

I got this banner a while ago from Mkystich, and I absolutely love it!  Fits quite well with chapter 23, I thought.

I've been working on UC Chapter 24 for a good chunk of today.  Making progress!  There will be a Tuesday Teaser this week!

I also got not one, but TWO new banners for Offside!  Both by Ro!

This one ought to be titled "how to annoy your average soccer stud"


Love this one, too!  Goes with Edward's drawings. :)

Thank you so much!!!


Offside, Chapter 12

Go to the poll at the bottom of the home page here after you have read Offside Chapter 12!  Pollis only open until 9:00pm Eastern Daylight time today!  :)

Same Time Tomorrow, Ms. Swan - Best O/S!

Same Time Tomorrow, Ms. Swan won the best One Shot Award from the Sunflower awards!

Thanks to everyone who voted!  I really appreciate it!


UC Chapter 23

Okay - I finally finished this chapter and got it off to beta.  Not sure exactly why this one gave me such trouble, but I'm not sure if I would have gotten through it without Soccerward!  I know...that makes no sense, but it's true.

I'll write a bit of that now, and should have it up before too long.


Here's to the Weekend!

Rah! Rah! Rah!

Yeah, I was never much of a cheerleader.

Just about have chapter 23 of UC ready for beta - hope to have it to DK later this evening.  It's been a bit of a bear, but I haven't deleted this version, so it much not be too awful.

I've had a crazy couple of work days, and more of it over the weekend.  Hope to have a Offside chapter up at some point tonight, but no promises!  I'm on about 3 hours of sleep, so I won't guarantee the quality. LOL

Have a wonderful weekend!

New Offside banner by Piper-lane!  Thank you!!


RedCardWard Manip

Gotta love this manip from Lolypop82! She used my fav footballer - Miroslav Klose to start. :)

Is it not a beautiful thing?

Offside is coming along nicely, and I have a decent idea of just what will be going on during this story...not completely, but I'm getting there.

Chapter 7 shall post shortly!


First Offside Banner!

By Ro!  I love it!  Thanks so much!