UC Coming Along

I've made a decent amount of progress on the next UC chapter this weekend.  Things still look to be on track to get it done before I leave, but I still can't swear to anything.  It's probably more than half way done, but that's still a lot left.  I've got to get all the packing done for me and kids and get everything ready to go for our trip on Friday.  Why is getting ready for vacation so stressful???

A couple of people have asked what would happen to Offside while I am away.  Well, I guess I thought it was obvious, but you won't be getting daily updates.  We will stop at a couple of ports, of course, but I have no idea if I will be able to get WiFi or not.  I kind of doubt it.  If I can, I may try to post something up, but that is EXTREMELY doubtful.  Don't count on anything.  Chances are, you won't hear a peep out of me between July 2 and July 10.

Writing does relax me, however, especially when I write while staring at the ocean!  So expect updates pretty readily when I return. 

Have a great week!

P.S. - there will be a teaser tomorrow!


  1. Shay, take your vacation girl! The last thing peeps should expect is for you to worry about posting. It's not as if you're getting paid for it. It's also not your fault (sort of) that your storiesa re addictive. We'll survive til you get back. We'll (I'LL) be jonesing, but we'll survive. Enjoy your criuse! :)

  2. Crap, that's what I get for posting at work. Spellcheck, anyone? Geez. :/

  3. No...


    I am so happy the boy is much better today!

    As far as worrying about updates while on vacation no normal person would expect this of course. Get out of here and forget everything but having fun with your fam.

    I love the leaving no matter how stressful because I find myself cleaning and organizing as I pack-little things which never seem to find the time to be addressed so those touches are refreshing to come home to.

    There is something sooooo restful about the realization that no one can call to disrupt quality time and conversation with your family, so whether it is a cruise or a cabin tucked into a mountainside it is truly a break from everything superfluous in our lives.

    Take a deep breath of joy and go relax, you have more than earned it.

  4. Dear Author :)
    Take all the time you have and enjoy your holidays while away ! Don't even look for wifi - nonono... RL is what counts ... we will be hungry or starving but we will survive (bitting nails).
    Have fun,

  5. Enjoy your vacation!

  6. I've had a great time reading ur Unexpected Circumstances. Oh just hope that it won't break my heart at the end, how I love Bella.

    I made a poor thing for UC, don't know how to send to you so just leave the link here in case you wanna take a look


    I just laugh at myself now looking at it haha

    thanks and have a great time!