I have no idea what day it is...

I love vacation weeks with no plans and nothing to really do. This week flew by way too quickly, and I didn't get near as much done as I planned on doing, but I think I had a pretty relaxing time. I guess that's what really matters, right?

The next chapter of UC is just about ready, and should post tomorrow morning before I head off for a little R&R and champagne for New Year's Eve. Enjoy your New Year's Eve Day. I'll check back with you all in the morning. :)


Fic Rec...Well, Two Recs, Actually

I have a fic rec today! I know, I don't do too many of these, but I'm really enjoying Our Lives Unbound by Theladyingrey42. It's a D/s story (sort of) with Edward as the sub. I'm very much a dialogue writer, because...well...it's a lot easier that way and I'm lazy! There's not a ton of dialogue in this one, it's mostly inside the head of a rather adoringly messed-up Edward. The tone of it is very different from what I usually see in fanfic, and kind of reminds me of I Never Promised You a Rose Garden by Joanne Greenberg, which is all inside the mind of a 16 year old schizophrenic girl. It was one of the books that got me interested in psychology as a teenager, and is fantastically crafted. I guess I have two recommendations now, huh? :) The second one I see is available for Kindel, but you might have a hard time coming up with a new paper copy of it, since it appears to be out of print.

Anyway - back to the fanfic, I'm only about 10 chapters in, but still very interested with the direction it is going. Lots of smut, which is always a plus as well. Check it out!


Mid-Week Sneak Peek - UC Chapter 7

This definitely qualifies as a "teaser." ;) Enjoy!


“The water isn’t hot anymore,” I said apologetically, “but it’s still warm. I’m sorry I didn’t think of it before you started to wash.”

“That’s quite all right,” Edward said softly. His shirt had been discarded it on the back of a nearby chair, and he was dressed only in the fine linen trousers he had worn to bed the night before. At least, they looked to be the same. I averted my eyes, and thought I could hear him snicker softly to himself and then sigh.

“Isabella?” he said softly.

“Yes, Edward?” I still didn’t turn back to look at him.

“Would you help me?” he asked.

“Help you, my Lord?” I closed my eyes tightly, knowing I had said the wrong thing again. All my life I had been taught to address the noble men as such, and trying to address just this one noble man differently when we were alone…I wasn’t sure if I would ever get it right.

“Yes, please,” Edward replied. “Come here.”

I took a couple of steps towards him, but kept my eyes to the ground. I could see his bare feet on the wooden floor, sticking out of the ends of his pale colored trousers.

“Here,” he said, and I had to look up to see what he was offering. In his hand was the washing cloth, soaked in the lukewarm water. “Will you wash me?”


Me! Me! I'll do it!!!



Go Arsenal!!

Ahhh...nice start of vacation week - watching Arsenal whomp Chelsea. I love it (sorry Chelsea fans). This sparked a lot of twitter talk about Edward/Fabregas slash... as intriguing as it is, I think I'll probably pass. I've read some really good slash, but not something I think I could write. I think I'm probably pushing m luck as a woman writing in male POV a lot of the time. ;) The idea is still intriguing. I have toyed with the idea of a E/B story with Edward as a keeper. We'll see...maybe someday!

In the meantime, mostly being a bum today. I don't think I've written more than three sentences. I have deleted about twenty. Not happy with the most recent UC chapter. Might be time to chuck it and start over again.


Hide and Drink - Best Vamp Fic 2010

Hide and Drink received the "best vamp fic" title from Random Acts of Rob Twific Best of 2010, which is just pretty damn awesome, I think! I had a great time writing that fic, and it really did kind of make all of the rest of the stories fall into place. I think RAoR's original rec of H&D had a lot to do with that as well.

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Hopefully some of you are taking some time off of work and school and whatever to hang out with family and friends, read some smut, watch your new DVDs...whatever you like!


Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today! My cold is a little better, so I guess that's my Christmas present. hehehe. Go relax, read some smut and hang out with your families today. That's my plan, at least! I've got a couple new movies to watch, and some comfy new slippers to troll around the house while wearing, so all is good!

I'll be working on the next couple of chapters of UC, as well as the new o/s for the banner contest this week while the kids play with their new toys. Yep, taking some time off from work! Love it!!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


Unexpected Circumstances Chapter 6

It should post tomorrow morning (EST). I have a horrible cold, and I'm not happy about it. Something about the holidays that makes my immune system take a vacation and leave me all stuffy. :( Anyway - going to bed early and hoping I don't get any late night work calls. Watch for the new chapter tomorrow!

P.S. - I went with "first come first served" on the beta reading for the o/s, so I'm all set to go. Thanks to all who volunteered! I appreciate it!!


One more chapter about done

It looks like my next o/s will be "Stranded With a Stranger" based on the votes! I'll plan on writing it over the next couple of weeks. I have a pretty good idea what it will be about. Anyone want to volunteer to beta read for me? :)

Response to anonymous comment on the last post - it should be explained a little better in chapter 6. :)

The next chapter is off to beta, so I'm going to take a little writing break tonight. I started reading Snowqueens Icedragons "Safe Haven," which is just lovely if you have not checked it out. I might just go to bed early tonight as well!

UC Chapter 6 will post Friday. See you then!


Mid-Week Sneak Peek - UC Chapter 6

I asked those on Twitter to tell me if they wanted an evil or a kind teaser. Cosmogirl said it was Christmas - so evil is out. Sarabera's vote for naughty turned it into a naughty or nice teaser, and I KNOW you guys want the naughty one. So here you go!

“You’re beautiful,” Edward said. He chuckled softly and pulled my hair away from my neck with one hand. His mouth made a line across my skin. “I don’t recall seeing this dress before, but it suits you perfectly.”

His words swirled around in my head. I knew my fear had kept him from taking me the previous night, and I knew lying to the man he considered both king and father regarding the consummation our marriage had to have been very difficult for him, as it would be for anyone. Undoubtedly, he had reconsidered waiting until I came to him, which was likely to take far too long for his tastes.

Esme said I needed to learn how to be…what was her word? Assertive? I wasn’t really sure what that meant, but I had a decent idea it meant saying what I wanted to say, when I wanted to say it. I didn’t know if Edward was going to appreciate such a thing in his wife, though, so I would have to be assertive quietly. If it was all right with him.


“Yes, Isabella?”

“Are you going to take me tonight?” I tried to keep my voice from trembling, but I couldn’t keep all of my anxiousness hidden. The movements of his mouth against my throat stopped and he leaned back.

“According to my mother, you have had a trying day,” Edward said with a sigh. He took a step back and dropped his hands from me. “I think she is probably right, and though I would like nothing better than to punish you for making me look weak in front of the carriage driver and practically denouncing me in front of Carlisle, I think taking your virginity while I’m still quite angry with you is not advisable.”

The next chapter should post Friday!


Next UC Chapter Coming Along Nicely

Despite real life work trying to get in my way, I'm making a lot of progress with the next UC chapter. I think everyone will like it. I should have a teaser to post tomorrow, and I'll try not to make it too evil. With any luck, I'll post early on Christmas Eve Day (well, early if you are on the east coast of the US, anyway) so you can get it out of the way and not ignore your families. :)

Today is the last day to vote on the banner to base my next one shot! Check down at the bottom of this page to vote!


Friday Ramblings

All right - UC chapter 5 is up - hope everyone enjoys it! I know things are a little confusing right now, because there's a lot of info still not disclosed, but hang in there! :) I hope to get some more of it done this weekend, as well as get all the shopping completed. Ugh. I've run out of on-line shopping time, I think. I don't have that much more to get, so I'm hoping to get it done pretty quickly. After that, I just need to survive another week of work before I take a week off! Yay! I need it.

If you haven't checked out the poll at the bottom of the page - go vote on a banner for my next o/s!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


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Mid-Week Sneak Peek - UC Chapter 5

Time for a sneak peek at chapter five of Unexpected Circumstances! The full chapter should post at the end of the week!

“I would like to introduce you to Isabella.”

He paused for much, much too long, as the rest of the hall stood in complete silence, gawking at me.

“My wife.”

Audible gasps echoed through the hall.

“Is this some kind of joke, Edward?” King Carlisle asked. “I’ll have you know I’m not in the mood.”

“No, sire,” Edward said. “I was offered my choice of brides after winning the Grand Tournament. Isabella was my choice.”

“Isabella was your choice?” King Carlisle repeated. Queen Esme reached out and laid her hand gently on her husband’s forearm.

“Isabella of…?” Queen Esme prompted. I felt whatever blood was left in my face drain out.

“Isabella of Forks, wife of Sir Edward,” Edward replied with raised brows. “She is my wife, and she has rights to my titles.”

King Carlisle’s eyes narrowed at his nephew.

“Clear the hall.”


Fingers Crossed...

So far, so good. Nothing has broken, flooded, or exploded on me today. :)

Thanks a lot for all the comments - you guys make me laugh!

I should have a teaser up for Unexpected Circumstances Chapter 5 tomorrow or Wednesday.

I have to speak at an open house tomorrow - wish me luck!



Yesterday is was the washing machine. Today, I try to have a nice relaxing evening with the snow coming down outside and a nice wood fire in the fireplace. The the glass door of the fireplace shatters. Fucking SHATTERS, while I'm sitting right there. Scared the shit out of me, that's for sure. I guess a call to the glass-smith is in order. *sigh*

I moved upstairs to get away from the noise in the main room, and the entire family follows me. I think maybe it wasn't quite my weekend! Ah well, lasagna is in the oven, and the house didn't manage to catch on fire or anything. Still hot glass all over the place, but I suppose that will cool off. Must be time for a martini. Maybe two.


Not My Day

The usual Saturday morning - a couple calls from work from people who have the answers in their documentation, but figure it's easier to call and ask me than look it up, a bit of review reading/responding, and some laundry. Until I realize there was a sock in the laundry basin, which clogged everything up and flooded my laundry room. Ah well, at least the place is all cleaned out now, which I have been meaning to do. I don't have a single dry towel in the house, though. I even used the dog's blanket. He's not amused.

UC Chapter 4 posted yesterday, and everyone seems to be getting a little more of a feel for the characters. Working on the next couple of chapters today, and hoping to finish my holiday shopping as well! :)


Sneak peek time!

It's been a while, but here's a sneak peek for ya! Unexpected Circumstances, chapter 4:

The sound of the rain on the roof was soothing, even hypnotic, but also just distracting enough to keep me from complete slumber. I lay quite still, not wanting to cause Edward any discomfort, and Edward and Sir Jasper must have assumed I had fallen asleep.

“So, how was your wedding night?” Jasper chuckled. “Did your virgin bride live up to your expectations?”

“That is hardly an appropriate conversation,” Edward answered curtly.

“Appropriate?” Jasper laughed out loud this time, though there was no humor in the sound, and Edward shushed him. I felt his fingers glide over the top of my head, through my hair. “Nothing about your little plan here is ‘appropriate,’ Edward.”

“It’s necessary. Appropriateness doesn’t matter.”

“You are avoiding the question.”

I heard Edward sigh, and his fingers continued to work through strands of my hair. I nearly held my breath, wondering what he would tell his cousin. Would he declare me inadequate, or perhaps not speak the truth? The conversation lulled a moment before he responded.


Surviving Bella Rare Gem Awards

Surviving Bella brought home 3 of the Rare Gem Awards from Sparklateers! Thanks to avvocri on FFN for letting me know it had won. :) Thanks a bunch to everyone who voted!!! You can see all three banners on the Surviving Bella page.


Poor Beta

Read the Master of the Universe 2 update. Gah!! Good stuff. I hate reading something in present tense, because then that is the tense in my head, and since I always write in past tense I end up screwing up my own grammar. Poor beta. Hopefully I caught all the places I messed it up so she doesn't have too many mistakes to correct! LOL

Anyway, the next chapter of Unexpected Circumstances is off to beta, so it should post on time Saturday. Maybe now I can get my Christmas shopping finished.

Oh, and since it seems to get more comments than anything else, let me mention GIANT PEENS!!!!



Research...lots of research...

You guys and your peen talk crack me up! I'm sorry - the one being compared with a Pringles can was just....um....I don't know what. Can't eat just one, that's for sure...

So...I'm thinking right about nine and a half...inches, not cubits, which are a shitload bigger than I thought they were. Definitely thick.

I'm talking about PRINGLES, of course. Sickos.

Oh fine. I'm talking about cocks. Happy now??

I might have to find me just such a vibrator...for research purposes, of course.

Sat there in the cold waiting for my daughter to be done with Girl Scouts while typing out some Unexpected Circumstances on the iTouch. Damn thing locked up on me (a very rare occurrence), and I lost what I wrote. Ah well. Hopefully I'll remember it all. Par for my day, I think. Made some progress on the next chappie anyway.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


A final peen size thought...

What the hell did they use to measure in the 12th Century? Cubits? WTF is a cubit?

9 in...10 in... do I hear 11?

Pervy thoughts

Despite the cut in the middle of my finger, I've managed to make a bit of progress today. Not a lot, but some. Well...mostly I've been reading Million Dollar Baby by clpsuperstar. It wouldn't be everyone's cup o tea, but I like it. I have kind of a sick mind, though. It's got me thinking I just might have to write something seriously pervy sometime soon. ;)

Speaking of pervs - been "Researching" massive peens with Rovelover and Sharkjumper on twitter. I'm sure such research is extremely important for my writing. I mean - gotta have the visual, right? Right? Um...right?

Anyway - Swordward's peen is huge, of course (as denoted in Fanfic law). I'm just trying to figure out exactly which massive peen is just right...


Happy Weekend!

Hope yours is starting off well! I woke up to the first snow of the year. Yeah, it's really just a dusting, but it counts because the ground is all white! :)

Unexpected Circumstances Chapter three will post later today - almost ready! Maybe within the next couple of hours. I have a ton of housework to get done today, as well as finishing up some shopping and such. Not exactly sure how I'm going to shop, since my credit card account had to be closed due to fraudulent use. *sigh* I just realized that as I was typing. I guess shopping will have to wait until the new card comes in.


Judging Books Pic

I've been meaning to post this up for a while. This is from Jadalulu on FFN, and I think it absofreakinglutely awesome!!

Surviving Bella Sequel

Surviving Bella Sequel? Yes, someday. I'm not saying when (because I don't know), but it's already buzzing around in my head, so it will be there eventually. I need a break from these two for a bit first - they're a little intense! :)

And yes, I am evil.

Unexpected Circumstances next chapter is about ready, and should post Saturday.


What a day...

There is nothing like a ridiculous day at work (still going on) to the point of missing my dentist appointment and then getting a call from the credit card company for a fraud alert.... sigh. Not my day.

Haven't gotten any writing done, but I've read through a lot more reviews. I'm trying to respond to them all (though it sounds like not everyone gets my responses?), but I definitely read and appreciate every one! I'm going to see what I can get done on UC this evening...


Review overload!!!

I am totally overwhelmed with reviews right now, which is an absolutely wonderful thing! I wanted to be better about responding to more of hem, so I've responded to all the Unexpected Circumstances ones, and trying to respond to all the Surviving Bella chapter 17 ones, but I don't know if I will be able to get to them all. I definitely read them, and really, really appreciate them!

Sabrina, who I shall dub "Banner Goddess" has graced me with this beauty:

Is it not just beautiful?