And the Adventure Begins!

Today is my first "real" day as my own boss.  I'm trying to figure out exactly what my routine is going to be, as us OCD people need to do.  I'm not there yet.  Mostly need to figure out how to work with Mr. Savage sitting in the same room.  I think I already know the answer, which is to move to a different room!  With my son off to college (sniff!) I will be taking over part of his room as an office for the time being.  We'll see how that works!

I've got a ton of things to try to accomplish, the most important (of course) is to get some writing done.  I have a good jump on Otherwise Unharmed, which will be the next book out.  I'm also hoping to get Not What She Seems back on track with regular updates.  I feel horrible about letting it just hang there, but life has just been too busy with other, more important things.

If you haven't checked out Uncockblockable, please do, and then tell a friend!  It's a cute, fun story, Brian's Fight for Life.  You can find it on Smashwords (various formats) or on Amazon!  Links below.
and some of the proceeds go to

Thanks to everyone for all the support as I dive into this new adventure!  Hope you have a wonderful week!

Shay Savage


This is it! The End of an Era!

Today will be my final day in the corporate world.  I'm both excited and nervous to pursue writing full-time, and I will definitely miss the people I've been working with for the last year and a half, but I am confident the timing is right.  I have no idea how successful I will be.  I don't really plan on "hitting it big" or anything like that, but would be very satisfied if I can just make a decent living doing what I love and giving all of you what you want. :)

Thank you all for your encouragement!  Tonight, we dance!  LOL

Shay Savage


Vacation Time!

Yep, quit my job and booked a cruise.  I know, I'm not right, but I definitely need the time off!  Just a couple more days worth of "real work" before I quit the corporate world and pursue the dream!  Yep, as of August 15th, I will be a full time writer.  WOOT!

I'm taking my daughter on a "birthday cruise" to Cozumel to see the Mayan ruins there.  She just turned 12 last week, and we're really looking forward to it!  I'm also really excited to get together with Chaya Sara, whose hard work has provided you with a lot cleaner writing from me, as well as Chonga and Kyosti who did the cover art/photography for Surviving Raine.  We're meeting in Miami for dinner tomorrow night, and I'm looking forward to it!

You'd think I'd get a break from all the exercise while I was on my trip, but NOOOOO.  Beautifully sadistic @savage_trainer is actually checking out the cruise ship's fitness center so he can design me a workout schedule for the week based on the equipment they have.  Bastard. :)

I will be pretty much totally out of pocket Monday-Friday, so don't be surprised if you don't hear a peep out of me, but I hope to have some wonderfully fun stories and pictures when I return!

Hope everyone is doing well, and watch for Uncockblockable's cover reveal and release in the VERY near future!