A woman hunted by human traffickers.
A hot and dangerous bodyguard.
Utter destruction.
The end of civilization.
The beginning of a new form of currency.
Women are now the highest COMMODITY.


“She is mine!” Falk growls at him.
Caesar’s eyes widen as he pulls Brett away from Falk.  There’s blood running down Brett’s face from a gash near his temple, and his lip is busted open as well.
My back is still pressed against the wall of the shed.  I try to take it all in – Brett’s bleeding face, Caesar’s efforts to intervene, and Falk’s outlandish behavior.  Falk stalks toward me, his eyes blazing.  He slams one hand on the wall right next to me.
“You are mine,” he says gruffly.  He raises his other hand and cups my cheek, tilting my head to look at him.

His eyes are bright, and he looks down at me with uncharacteristic emotion.  I can feel the tension in his fingertips as they stroke slowly over my cheek.  I watch his tongue dart out and moisten his lips just before he presses them firmly against mine.


I gasp against his mouth and clench my fingers around the hem of his shirt.
Despite the manner in which he approached me, his lips are soft and gentle against mine, and his fingers slowly caress the side of my face.  The firm muscles in his chest are pressed against my body, and I feel the strength of his arms in every touch.
His tongue runs over my bottom lip before he pulls back, panting.  He touches his forehead against mine, keeping his eyes closed.  There’s a scrape under his eye, but it’s not bleeding.  I can only barely make it out in the firelight.  He turns his head slowly, placing his mouth near my ear.
“I swore to protect you,” he whispers.  His breath is hot on my neck.  “In these circumstances, that makes you mine.  The only way I can protect you from people like him is to lay claim to you.

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