Driven To Desire

The @DrivenToDesire1 anonymous UST challenge is taking submissions!  No, I'm not writing for it, but I will be judging (which is a lot harder if you ask me). There are so many talented writers out there - and I know some of you are reading this right now!  Go check it out and start writing!

Check out the Driven to Desire blogsite for more information!


Girl's Day!

Mr. Savage and the boy are heading out of town for jazz festivals and soccer games, so it's just me and my 10 year old daughter today!  Well, that and 100 bags of mulch.  Hmm...maybe I should have offered to drive the boy to all his activities...

Actually, my daughter wants to have a yard sale next weekend, so it looks like we'll be going through the house and pulling out the stuff we don't use anymore.  We'll take a break and go see the new Disney Movie about chimpanzees later this afternoon.  Has anyone seen it yet?  I'm a big supporter of the Jane Goodall Institute, and some of the ticket sales this weekend will benefit that organization.  

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Tempt My Tongue is Complete!

Hard to believe, I know, and I was right along there with a few of you wondering if I was ever going to get it done.  It was a difficult story - both to write and to read - but I think it ended the way it was supposed to, and most people who made it through to the end seem to agree.

If you were waiting for it to be done, no reason to wait any longer!  TMT Complete

If you haven't stopped by, check out the reading group and discuss the chapters with everyone!


Duct Tape Rose

I just had to share, because my son is just too damn cute.  He's quite the geek, and for his and his girlfriend's anniversary, he made her this rose out of duct tape.



I need to get myself back on track.  My routine has been uprooted, and some of you can probably guess what that means!  I'm no where near WSLS's Edward, but it still bothers me and makes life difficult.  I'm trying to "Reset" today - get my taxes done, get a few other essentials out of the way, and then I'm going to lock myself in a room until the last TMT chapter is done.  If you haven't heard from me by Monday, send a pineapple and mushroom pizza!


Crazy Busy Weekend

It seems I have far more on my plate for this weekend than can actually be done.  Multiple soccer games (Go Crew and Arsenal today!), a lot of house work, I have GOT to get my taxes done, and Easter Plans.  I hope to get some writing time in there.  I really, really want to get TMT finished this weekend.  Yeah, I know - I said that last weekend.  I mean it this time.  Really.  I think.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone!


Win Some, Lose Some banner and Various Ramblings

Still trying to kick this nasty cold - it has made it very difficult to get anything done.   I'm farther behind than ever.  *sigh*  I've been trying to drown myself in Vitamin C and Echinacea, but it hasn't worked so far.    Day 4, so hopefully it's almost over.

I am very close to completing TMT.  I'm not sure why it is being so difficult.  DK has been smacking me around about it (with good reason), so you'll get it before too long, I hope.  Check out the reading group on TMT - these were some interesting questions about the previous chapter, and some predictions about what will happen in the end!

Win Some, Lose Some should update today - almost done with the next chapter.  I just need to stop coughing and sneezing long enough  to finish it.  Thank you Ro for the beautiful banner!