Tuesday Teaser! Caged Chapter 8!

I may be on my way to Dragon con in about 32 hours, but there's still time for Caged Teasers!  Here's a nice long glimpse into Chapter 8...

“Look at me!” she snapped.  Like I usually did when it came to her barking, I obeyed immediately.  “You look at me and tell me you aren’t into her.  Tell me you don’t want to be fucking her like a goddamn stud-bull.  Say if given the chance, you wouldn’t take her in a heartbeat.  Tell me her cooking fucking pancakes didn’t make you hard as hell.  Go ahead.  I dare you.”

I swallowed as I tried to hold her gaze.  I couldn’t even win the staring contest, let alone speak any of those words without my tongue falling right out of my face.

“Yeah, I didn’t think so.”  Tanya stepped back.  “Are you lying to yourself, too, or just me?”

I shook my head briefly.

“I don’t know,” I admitted.  “I was serious, though – it’s not like that.  She’s not looking for a fuck buddy, and I’m not going to get involved with someone, so what difference does it make?”

“Why not?”

“Why not what?”

“Why not get involved?” Tanya asked.

My skin went cold.

Every muscle tensed at once.

I stopped breathing.

My eyes clouded over with images of blood and meat and…

“Why not?” I repeated.  A moment later I was on my feet and shoving her backwards.  For once in her life, Tanya had the good sense to back away from me as I started screaming.  “Why not?  Why not?  Are you fucking kidding me?  You of all people?  How the fuck can you just stand there and ask me why not?”

Oh my....that doesn't sound good!

As long as I am conscious, I should be able to get the Caged update out at 10pm on Friday night!  See you then!!

Thank you SoapyMayhem for the manip!!

Dragon Con Tips for Con Virgins

Never been to Dragon Con before?  Here are a few tips I've compiled over the years from various sources and in no particular order:

There is no sleep at dragoncon, so get it before you leave!
Take a lesson from Cageward - Get used to tight spaces 
"No photography" signs actually mean to take as many pics in that area as possible 
What happens at Dragoncon will be posted on the internet at the earliest convenience
Bring lots of water, soft drinks, and a cooler
If you plan on consuming alcoholic beverages, bring your own.
Getting to the front of the pass line is easy. 
Do not wear any pin Spat gives you for your lanyard.
Need a break? Sit up on the balcony above the Marriott Atrium and people watch.
There are always alternate pathways and elevators to get your where you want to go - just just have to know which floors go between towers.
There is no roof access to the Hyatt International tower. We've looks lots and lots of times, and I'm convinced you need a helicopter. Someone correct me.
Get your nails done before you get there.
Tight on car space? There's a liquor store right off I75 about 5 minutes north of Atlanta.
Forget the walkways if you are trying to cross multiple hotels - walk outside.
Find a buddy who is rooming in each of the other hotels and trade spare keys with them. 1) if you lose yours and have no ID on you, they can get your in your room. 2) if you're shit faced, they can get you in your room. 3) If you have forgotten where you live, they can get you in your room. 4) if they start blocking hotel access, you have a room key for all the hotels. 5) It's funny watching people try to get Hilton Cards to read at the Marriott rooms.

We'll be having a little Twi Hookup at 2pm on Saturday at the Sheraton.  If you are going, let me know!


Well...they didn't do too bad!

My daughter's soccer team didn't win, but they really did do a lot better than I expected!  Lost 1-3, but they all played well, despite already 85 degree heat at 10:30am.  They were a tired group of girls, and not used to all that running in such weather, but they hung in there and kept on playing!  I was proud of them. :)

Columbus Crew game tonight!

Five Days to Dragon Con!  Woot!


Tuesday Teaser - Caged Chapter 7!

No need to wait until Friday - you can get a sneak preview right here every Tuesday!

With Win Some, Lose Some drawing to a close (only the epilogue left), I'll only have one story to write!  How will I cope? Oh yeah - all the other shit I'm supposed to be working on...

Anyway - here's a little snippit from Caged, Chapter 7.  This part is so realistic, I took it straight out of one of my own encounters in college... LOL!

Bella walked in for the first time, took about two steps inside, and then stopped.  She was gripping the massive purse in both hands, and I realized she was probably looking for a place to put it down, but the coffee table was covered in all kinds of crap.  Aside from that, one of my jackets was lying in front of her on the floor, and there were a couple of hand weights near her feet, too.

“Um…shit,” I muttered.  “Sorry – I’ll get it cleaned up.”

I started grabbing pizza boxes and beer bottles from the coffee table and shoving them into the kitchen trash can.  When I got back into the living room, I noticed a stack of magazines on the far side of the coffee table and quickly rushed over to shove the last several editions of Play Boy and Hustler underneath the couch.
“I never really have anyone over here,” I told her as I scurried around to pick up whatever was all over the floor and potentially just as offensive.  “I should have thought about this before…shit…”

I kicked at the corner of the magazines to shove them further out of view and then grabbed some more dishes up off the table.  With a couple of plates and cups in my hands, I headed into the kitchen.  There were a bunch of dirty dishes all over the place there, too.


“Yeah?” I called out as I started shoving a bunch of dishes into the sink so they at least weren’t lying all over the counters.


“What?” I asked.  I poked my head around the corner and saw her slowly shaking her head.

“This place is a disaster.”

I bet a bunch of you have seen apartments that look like this...Bella has her work cut out for her!

Caged will post Friday night at 10pm!  What are your predictions?  Stop by the Caged reading group and chat about it!


Tuesday Teaser! Caged Chapter 6!

Yes indeed, it is that time again!  Are you ready for a hot little snippet of this week's chapter of Caged?  Well, wait no longer!


“So what are you going to do the next time he shows up at your place?”  I quickened my pace a little as I guided Bella across the street.  I hopped up on the curb and tilted my head to look at her.

“I don’t know,” she replied.  She was staring at the ground again, and I wanted to harass her for it, but I also didn’t want her to change the subject on me.

“Wrong answer.”  I shook my head vigorously.  “Number one, you don’t let him in.  Number two, you call me.”

“I don’t want to drag you into my bullshit,” she said with a sigh. 

“Too late,” I said succinctly.  “And it wouldn’t matter anyway – I’m putting myself in it.”

“What happened to ‘it’s my life’?” she asked.  She reached up and pulled her hair out of its ponytail.

Damn, that was distracting.

I made myself focus on the conversation at hand, and not the enticing way her hair lay around on her shoulders.

“What are you going to do if he suddenly decides he’s going to drag you back there, huh?” I asked.  There was a hot spot in my stomach, driving the anger out of my gut and into my words.  “You going to say ‘no, please don’t’ – like you would have done with those rapists in the street?  Ask him politely?  You think that would work?”


More to come on Friday night, 10pm Eastern Time!  See you then!

Stop by the reading group and share your thoughts on the previous chapters!


Tuesday Teaser! Caged Chapter 5!

It's that time again!  I'm all hot and sweaty after soccer practice, and what better way to end the night than with a hot, sweaty, and angry Edward?

Here's a little piece of Caged Chapter 5, which will post on Friday night at 10pm eastern!


“Bella!” I screamed as I pounded my fist against the flimsy wood.  I was going to give her about four seconds before I broke the fucking door down.  “Bella!  Open up now!”

The door fell away as my hand tried to come down on it again.  I started backwards for a second, and if Bella had been any taller I might have hit her in the face.

Manip by TheRose Andthedragon

“Edward, what are you-”

Without a word, I moved across the threshold, into the apartment, and towards the figure on the other side of the room.  As I started to push past, my eyes focused on a big, dark-skinned guy behind her, but before I got too far, I felt her fingers against my chest – trying to push me back.

An explosion of thoughts rocketed around my head.  Her soft, light touch on my sternum was the third time we had ever touched skin-to-skin.  It took me off guard, and I had to stop in my tracks to refocus beyond the sensation.

The angry glare of the dude behind her reminded me why I was there.

“What the hell?” I shouted at the guy, pushing my chest firmly against Bella’s hand, but not enough to move her out of the way.  Bella glanced nervously from me to the figure behind her.

“It’s all right,” she started to say before the bastard on the other side of her interrupted her sentence.

“Who the hell is this, Bells?”

Bells?  He called her fucking Bells?

“I’m the guy who’s about to fuck your shit up, that’s who!” I snarled.


Oooo...this could be bad.  Or good.  Depends on how you like it!

More to come on Friday night!  See you then!


Soccer Season Again!

For all of those who listened to my complain about my daughter's last coach (though they did win a lot), you are in for a break!  Well...maybe.  I'm coaching my daughter's U12 team soccer again.  First practice is this morning!  Hopefully I will be able to drag her out of bed!

Have a wonderful, wonderful Saturday!