Tuesday Teaser - Caged Chapter 7!

No need to wait until Friday - you can get a sneak preview right here every Tuesday!

With Win Some, Lose Some drawing to a close (only the epilogue left), I'll only have one story to write!  How will I cope? Oh yeah - all the other shit I'm supposed to be working on...

Anyway - here's a little snippit from Caged, Chapter 7.  This part is so realistic, I took it straight out of one of my own encounters in college... LOL!

Bella walked in for the first time, took about two steps inside, and then stopped.  She was gripping the massive purse in both hands, and I realized she was probably looking for a place to put it down, but the coffee table was covered in all kinds of crap.  Aside from that, one of my jackets was lying in front of her on the floor, and there were a couple of hand weights near her feet, too.

“Um…shit,” I muttered.  “Sorry – I’ll get it cleaned up.”

I started grabbing pizza boxes and beer bottles from the coffee table and shoving them into the kitchen trash can.  When I got back into the living room, I noticed a stack of magazines on the far side of the coffee table and quickly rushed over to shove the last several editions of Play Boy and Hustler underneath the couch.
“I never really have anyone over here,” I told her as I scurried around to pick up whatever was all over the floor and potentially just as offensive.  “I should have thought about this before…shit…”

I kicked at the corner of the magazines to shove them further out of view and then grabbed some more dishes up off the table.  With a couple of plates and cups in my hands, I headed into the kitchen.  There were a bunch of dirty dishes all over the place there, too.


“Yeah?” I called out as I started shoving a bunch of dishes into the sink so they at least weren’t lying all over the counters.


“What?” I asked.  I poked my head around the corner and saw her slowly shaking her head.

“This place is a disaster.”

I bet a bunch of you have seen apartments that look like this...Bella has her work cut out for her!

Caged will post Friday night at 10pm!  What are your predictions?  Stop by the Caged reading group and chat about it!

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