Can't Keep Up!

With Unexpected Circumstances reviews! It's a beautiful problem to have, but I'm not going to be able to respond to very many of them this go around. :( I'm working on both chapters 12 and 13 right now, as well as What I Want (Want No More from EPOV) for fandoms fight the floods. If you haven't donated yet, go check it out!

I had this AWESOME movie for UC tweeted to me - it's fabulous! Check it out! Thank you APhobiac for creating it!!

Unexpected Circumstances Vid

And now...back to the smut writing!


Unexpected Circumstances Blinkie

It's just...incredible. That's all I got to say.

To get all the codes, check out RoseArcadia's blog.


Teaser Tuesday - UC Chapter 11

Here we go! Teaser Tuesday! With any luck, the next chapter will post either Thursday night or Friday morning - I'll be out of town all weekend and I have no idea if I'll have internet access or not. I at least hope to post before I leave, but if it's Friday after 3:00pm EST and you don't see anything, it won't be up until Sunday.

Anyone in the Knoxville area what to come freeze your ass off at a soccer tournament with me?? LOL

First off - new banner by Liliana, which is just BEAUTIFUL!

And now for the teaser! Only slightly evil this week...

“What happened to Angela’s parents?”

“She came from a farming family, and her father was killed when his cart tipped over. Her mother couldn’t work the farm on her own, though Angela tried to help as much as she could. When the Lord of the farmland came to collect the grain she was supposed to supply, it wasn’t ready for him. Angela ended up being brought back to the castle, since Jessica really needed more than one handmaid by then.”

“Why was she brought back?” Edward asked.

I looked over to him, confused.

“The grain wasn’t ready when the Lord came to collect it,” I repeated.

“Yes, you told me that.” Edward scowled. “But why was Angela taken from her mother?”

“The Lord punished her mother,” I said.

“By taking her daughter? Why?”

“He didn’t take Angela from her mother,” I said. My eyes narrowed in confusion. He had to understand what the punishment was for failing your Lord.

“Well, what then?” he demanded.

“The grain wasn’t ready, Edward. He killed Angela’s mother as an example to the other farmers.”

If he keeps this up, he just might get a clue... :)


Same Time Tomorrow, Ms. Swan

Same Time Tomorrow, Ms. Swan won the voters pic in the Pick a Pic challeneg! Thanks to all the artists who contributed banners, the authors who contributed stories and the organizers for all their work! Of course, special thanks to everyone who voted for Same Time Tomorrow, Ms. Swan!

Check out all the winning entries here: Pick A Pic Winners

UC Chapter 11 teaser will post tomorrow!


Dishwashing Woes

My dishwasher died. It will be able 2-3 weeks before the replacement is here to be installed, so I will be washing dishes by hand until then. I don't think I've done that since college! My hands are getting all pruney! I think it's going to be paper plates and eating out for me for a while...

I made a few updates to the Unexpected Circumstances page, with a lovely geneology chart made by India Rose. It's for all those people I have confused the heck out of with Edward's family ties. Here's the alternate version as well! Click on it for a larger view!



This post contains Chapter 10 spoilers! Don't continue if you haven't read it yet!

When I woke up this morning, the weather dude said it was -8 degrees (that's Fahrenheit), which is just WAAAAAAY too cold! I'm definitely not going to venture out today if it can be avoided. Time to get some mundane housework and that kind of crap done. Then it's back onto Chapter 11!

As much as you guys like your cliffies, you do like your relatively angst free fluffy chapters, too! I promise a bit of both in upcoming chapters. And yeah - Leah was a DOG! ROFL!!! I just can't help myself...she was always a dog, I didn't change my mind or anything. Several people were close, guessing that she was Edward's favorite horse or something.

Edward's dogs are redbone coonhounds, for those who care. :) Here's a pic of a mom and pups.


Snow, Snow, Snow

I'm buried here! Well, all right, it's not all that bad (becasue I have all-wheel-drive), but it ain't great! I'll be building a fire here shortly, eating chili and doing some writing this evening. Hope everyone who is experiencing this lovely storm is driving safely!

Chapter 10 of UC will post tomorrow, so not too much longer to wait!

I went over 1000 twitter followers today - way cool!!


Some chapters are harder than others

Sometimes, they just flow right out of my fingers, sometimes they don't. I'm in a chapter that just doesn't. Bits and pieces look good to me, but I can't bring it all together. *sigh*

On a totally different topic, my son is feeling all guilty because he doesn't want his dad going on a class trip to Germany (they're short a male chaperone). I told him it was his trip, and he got to choose, but he still feels all guilty. It's good to know you have a good kid. :)


Teaser Tuesday - UC Chapter 10

I've been notified that several of my stories have been nominated for a variety of awards at the Twinklings Walk of Fame site. Go check it out! :)

And now - on to the teaser! Yes, it's evil...but only a little bit.

“I won’t allow Tanya or Irina to upset you again,” he said, his tone now soft. He marched the two steps it took to reach me. His hand cupped my chin and he tilted my head upwards until I met his glorious, green, hesitant eyes. His voice dropped to a whisper. “I promise.”

I nodded and looked off to the side at nothing in particular. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to say to him. On one level, I knew he was sincere and he truly meant every word he said. On the other, he could change his mind – he could decide his relations were ultimately more important than I. He could even decide based on some arbitrary whim that I am not loyal and order my death.

“I know,” Edward said. He dropped his hand, turned away from me and walked back to the window. He leaned against the sill and looked out over the castle grounds.

“What do you know, my…Edward?”

“I know my promises are meaningless to you,” he said simply. He folded his arms and dropped his chin on them as he stared out into the forest. “I’m used to my word meaning something, but apparently that isn’t the case here.”


Fandoms Fight the Floods

It's official - I signed up to write something for Fandoms Fight the Floods to help raise money for victims of the devastating flooding in Australia. I plan on writing Want No More from Edward's POV, so if you are looking for more Want No More, then this is probably the best way to get it!

At this time, the only way to read this O/S from EPOV is to donate $5 to the flood relief and show proof of your donation to the organizers - not to me! I'm not involved other than being a volunteer writer.

There are a TON of Twilight and other fanfic writers doing this, and you would get the complete listing of everything they write for this effort. Please click on the link above for instructions/details, then go donate for a very worthy cause!


Fanfic My Fanfic

Happy Weekend! Hope everyone is doing well. I'm participating in the Fanfic My Fanfic contest with Hide and Drink. The basic premise is, you get to write a missing moment, pasttake, futuretake or alternate ending to Hide and Drink, or any of the other fanfics listed on the site. I love creative ideas like this, so start getting your own creative devices in order, and consider trying it out!


UC up on Twilighted

UC is up on Twilighted now - just the first three chapters. The rest will get up there in time.

Unexpected Circumstances on Twilighted

I continue to be astounded by the response to Unexpected Circumstances. Honestly, I had no idea it would be this popular! Glad everyone is enjoying it, though. I wish I could respond to more reviews, but there just isn't enough time in the day!

Working on Chapter 10 this weekend, though I understand a gaggle of teen boys will be taking over my computer room tomorrow, so I shall be banished to some other area of the house with a laptop or something. I just have to have a limited number of bags of chips and pizza - they tend to leave when I run out of food. :) Wish me luck!!!

Don't forget to read my new O/S - Same Time Tomorrow, Ms. Swan and then go vote in the Pick-a-Pic Challenge!


Chapter up early

Okay - got Unexpected Circumstances Chapter 9 up a day early. I hope all are happy and can finally stop doubting his fidelity! LOL Next update, next Friday (no....not tomorrow!! hehe).

Want No More from EPOV - yeah, I'll probably do it. The whole idea of offering it up for this is to get people to donate for flood relief, so it won't be posted up for all any time soon. Maybe as a Christmas present next year. :)


Shall I?

I'm thinking of joining up with the other writers for Fandoms Fight the Floods. I was considering (NO PROMISES YET) writing Want No More from Edward's POV. I doubt I'll ever actually turn that into a full length story of any kind (I really just don't have anything to add! LOL), but since so many people really seemed to like it, I could be tempted to do EPOV.

Anyone interested? And by interested, I mean would you contribute the $5 to the relief to read it? :) If I thought it would raise a decent amount of money, I'd probably be convinced!


Teaser Tuesday - UC Chapter 9

I liked the anonymous note asking for Teaser Tuesday - so here it is! It's not too evil, at least to me. Of course, I go to Thai restaurants and order extra extra spicy, and it's not too hot, either.

Stop over at the twilighted thread and say hi!

There's an author interview regarding Unexpected Circumstances on the So You Think You Can Write? blog. Check it out!

And now the teaser!

“Did I give you permission to speak, Sir Edward?”

“No…my Queen.”

“Then don’t do so again unless I ask it of you, understood?”

“Yes, my Queen.”

“Down! Now!”

Daring to peek from between my fingers, I watched from the corner of my eye as Edward first held the Queen’s stare, and then slowly dropped to his knees in front of her. He placed his hands – stilled balled into fists – on his thighs and bent his head down. I quickly hid my face again as my heart continued to pound.

“You listen to my words, Edward Anthony Cullen, Lord of Masen, and listen well.” The Queen’s voice was low, and I could hardly hear her words. “This has been a complete and total disaster, and there is one person and one person only who is responsible for it.”

“I think I’ve figured that-”


“Yes, my Queen.” I could barely hear his words to her, but the Queen spoke loud and clear.

“You, Edward,” Esme said. “You are responsible for this."

Uh oh....Mama's not happy... ;)


New Year's Resolutions

Did you make any? Have yours, like mine, already become a thing of the past? Next year's list instead? I was going to post everyday, but then I missed New Year's Day, so that didn't work. So, I just did a little resolution modification...now I'm just determined to post MORE on the blog instead of every day.

What does this mean to you? Not a damn thing, unless you consider my babbling with no particular thought in mind, or indeed, anything to actually say.

That said (if I truly did say anything), I shall have a teaser for UC chapter 9 up tomorrow. It will be a nice, kind teaser. Not an evil one. Maybe.


Just have to share...

Some of my favorite review responses to Tanya and Irina's behavior in UC chapter 8. I didn't have time to ask everyone's permission, so I'm leaving reviewers names off. You gals know who you are anyway! :) There are a bunch more that are equally awesome - these were just some of the highlights! Thanks for making me laugh!!

Ooh. I want to rip a bitch's weave out.

i'll cut ya bitch! ohmygosh, im seriously pissed at you right now, this has never happened to me before, arghhh hate that motherf@cking cliffie!, hug and kissies update soon, and yeah i know im kind of Bipolar! :P

I'm envisioning [Tanya] being sentenced to a lifetime in a rusty chastity belt.

Alright, well Tanya is a raging case of a waxing gone wrong with ingrown hairs on top of a UTI!

I hope Edward rips Tanya's head off or makes her marry a poor ugly man with a really high sex drive!

Oooo Tanya and Irina just make my hands hurt from resisting the urge to virtually strangle them!

Can I have a front row seat to the beheading of Tanya and Irina?

just wait until bella is queen ! "don't step on the toes attached to the ass you might someday have to kiss "


Poor Edward...

As much as everyone screams of hatred, I think you guys really do like an evil, evil cliffie. :)

There's not a lot of love for Edward right now, which is perfectly understandable. He's not showing his best side at the moment. As I have expressed in many reviews - all answers in good time! But no love for his views on marriage? Poor guy. Ahead of his time, but it's just not good enough. LOL

I do find it interesting that the number of people totally convinced Edward cheated AND the number who are totally convinced he did not, are about the same. Hm...

To make up for it, I have a good idea what part I will post as a teaser this week, and it won't be near as evil. :)

Loving the response to Same Time Tomorrow, Ms. Swan. I'm glad it has been so well received!

Been reading My Viking by sheviking today. Totally, totally pissed there isn't more of it. If you haven't checked it out, go read it.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


Busy Day!

Unexpected Circumstances Chapter 8 - Tenderly Nurture - posted as well as my New O/S for the banner contest - Same Time Tomorrow, Ms. Swan. I think the betas must be on the same schedule! LOL

The O/S is nothing but smut, so if you are looking for a plot or anything...well, there really isn't much of one. A set up, maybe, but not a plot. It's just smut for smut's sake. Hope you like it!

Now, I shall read a while... :)

Have a great weekend!


So far behind...

I'm so far behind on reviews, it's crazy. With both the O/S and Chap 8 of UC off the beta, I'm going to take a bit of a writing break and respond to reviews tonight. Hopefully, I'll get through a good chunk of them!! I haven't responded to any PMs or anything either, so I'll get to those as well. Forgive me! So far 2011 has not been kind on spare time.


Same Time Tomorrow, Ms. Swan

The one-shot for the banner contest is pretty much done. I just need to read it over a couple time before I send it to Sharkjumper, my beta volunteer. :)

It's about 5000 words of pure smut.

Summary: Executive Edward is tired of his brand of hand lotion, but doesn’t have time to date. What’s the solution? Call in a “nooner” from a company of ill-repute. All smut all the time.

Mini Teaser:

“Just want to make sure everything is in order, Mr. Cullen.”

“I think I have the rules down, Ms. Swan.”

“In that case, let’s begin,” Bella says as she tilts her head like she’s examining me. “Do you know what you are looking to experience today?”

“Yes, I do,” I respond. I know exactly what I want, which is rather the point.

“What would that be, then?”

“I want you to do everything I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it. Don’t hesitate. Don’t second guess. Just obey me.”


Look for it to post on Friday!


Mid-Week Sneak Peek - UC Chapter 8

All right all you happy new year people - it's time for a sneak peek of the next chapter of UC! I'm still overwhelmed by all the responses to the last chapter, and haven't yet caught up on reviews, but I'm still working on it.

I appreciate everyone's understanding on the o/s switch. If I could get the kids out of the room, I'd get it ready for beta tonight. Assuming I don't fall asleep first.

And now...on with the teasing!

"Why would I cast you out?” Edward asked.

Did he want me to list all the reasons again, or was he looking for something else? I was certain I had spent more time second guessing myself in the last two days than I had in my entire life.

“You have…you could…there could be someone else you want to choose instead,” I whispered.

“What on earth are you talking about?”

I took a deep breath, and decided if I didn’t say it now, I probably never would.

“I saw you…last night,” I said. I took a deep breath. “You were with that pretty woman from the court.”

I felt his chest muscles contract under the side of my face, and his arms gripped me tighter for a moment before he relaxed again.

“What do you mean, you saw me?”

“You were in the garden,” I said. “I went out to see what it looked like at night while I was waiting for you. You were there…with that lady.”


“You were talking…and I heard you say…”

There's a reason they call them "teasers." ;)


First Post of the New Year!

I hope the start of the New Year has been wonderful to everyone!

Now...on with the apologies!

Sometimes things just don't work out the way you plan.

I was hanging out in my favorite cabin in the woods this past weekend, doing some hiking, hottubbing and writing without the phones going off all the time. My intent was to get most (if not all) of the o/s for the banner contest done. After working on "Stranded with a Stranger" for a whole day, quite honestly I just didn't have much more than I had started with the day before. I decided to go back to UC for a while, made a little progress there, and then tried again. Nothing. It just wasn't going anywhere.

This morning I woke up early from a dream and pounded out half of "Same Time Tomorrow, Ms. Swan" before breakfast. It just flowed. It may even turn into something longer someday if the theme isn't too overdone and trite. :)

So, what am I getting at? Well, if it isn't obvious, I'm going to try and get Same Time Tomorrow, Ms. Swan done for the contest, and not Stranded with a Stranger. I know, that's the one that won the vote, and I fully intended to write it (might still do it, just not for this contest), but sometimes what I thought was going to work well for a story just doesn't. It became a matter of getting one done for the contest or not. Stranded doesn't have a chance of getting done by Friday. Same Time Tomorrow will. I think this contest is such an awesome idea, I really want to support it the only way I can.

My humblest apologies for those who voted for Stranded with a Stranger. I really did plan on writing the winner, and thought I had a story in my head for any of the three, but when I tried to write it, it just wasn't there. I hope you understand. Like I said, I may still get an o/s done for that if the story ever comes to me. For now, I'm going to have to go with the runner up.