Snow, Snow, Snow

I'm buried here! Well, all right, it's not all that bad (becasue I have all-wheel-drive), but it ain't great! I'll be building a fire here shortly, eating chili and doing some writing this evening. Hope everyone who is experiencing this lovely storm is driving safely!

Chapter 10 of UC will post tomorrow, so not too much longer to wait!

I went over 1000 twitter followers today - way cool!!


  1. Pooh. Tomorrow??

    Well, all righty then. Will make Friday extra extra special.

    Cold and snow here, too. Makes me happy for central heat. No drafty castle.


  2. I hear you! I live in the Midwest and it's been snowing for the better part of the day. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be frigid cold so I hope chapter 10 has some steamy parts to warm me up :o)

  3. When do you usually post new UC chapters? Morning, afternoon, evening? I love your story, but my phone makes it a pain to post reviews (and since I'm on the go a lot I have to do 90% of my internet use on my phone). :( very nice. Did I catch some foreshadowing in chapters 3 and 4 (carriage scene and sewing with esme scene)?


  4. Sunny and 76 here today... so excited to read the next chapter... Yeah! You give us all another reason to LOVE friday's!!!

  5. Eagerly waiting.... :)