Evan Arden Series


Otherwise Alone, Otherwise Occupied, Otherwise Unharmed, Isolated, Irrevocable

Evan Arden isn't your average hero.  In fact, he's as damaged as they come.  A former Marine sniper suffering from PTSD, Evan battles his inner demons throughout his life as a hit man for the top Chicago mafia boss, Rinaldo Moretti.

This action-packed trilogy starts with the novella Otherwise Alone.  Evan is hiding away in an Arizona cabin with only his faithful dog , Odin, for company when he finds Lia Antonio stumbling around, lost in the desert.  To say Lia hits it off with this hit man is an understatement, but as hot as their brief encounter may be, Evan knows he's not the kind of guy she wants to pursue.

Back in Chicago, it's back to the "normal" life of a killer for organized crime as Evan's story continues in Otherwise Occupied.  He does everything he can to occupy himself and keep away thoughts of the beautiful woman he met in Arizona, but nothing seems to work.

Evan is ruthless and merciless in all his relationships.  Unable to sleep with wartime nightmares in his head, Evan turns to a prostitute to help him sleep at night.  As his mental state slowly degrades and his paranoia increases, Evan is unable to control his own actions.

No one is safe.

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In Otherwise Unharmed, Evan makes a deal with federal agents for his release from prison, and he's tossed into the beginnings of an all-out war between mafia families in Chicago.  No one can know his true loyalties if he has any chance of keeping those he cares about alive.

He knows if he is to have any chance at life with Lia, he has to get out of the business, but who retires from the mafia?

In his efforts to make things right, Evan crosses the wrong man and finds himself on the business end of the crosshairs.  With his acute perception and intelligence, he tries to stay a step ahead of his former co-workers, but this time, it isn't just his own life on the line - he's got to protect Lia from the man who once called him son.

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Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome. The mantra is good enough for the Marines; it’s good enough for me.  Improvise . . . Near the top of the world, I fight for my life against my opponent, Sebastian Stark.  He has the upper hand in strength, but I have the cunning to turn the tables on him.  I battle the elements, my demons, and him until Stark and I manage to strike a deal to ensure freedom for us both—and the women we love.

Adapt . . . Being alone comes naturally to me.  I’ve spent most of my life alone.  Sharing my experiences, opening up to another human being, developing a relationship—all these things are foreign to me. Sometimes I wonder if it’s even meant to be.

Overcome . . . I’ve been away from Lia for far too long, yet I still have commitments I must keep. When I make my way home, I will tell her I have decided to end the life I have led and move on to become the man she needs.  I can overcome my demons; I must.  But will Lia be willing to wait?


Have you ever made a mistake? 

A big one?

I’m back in Chicago and back in business with my boss, Rinaldo Moretti.  So much for my run at a normal life.  There are some new faces in the organization, and someone’s been cooking the books.  Personally?  I think they’re after more than a just little cash.  If I have any hopes of flushing out the traitor, I’m going to need to find a good hooker to help me sleep at night.

As the bodies pile up, I find solace in Alina.  There’s something about her, something different.  She understands me without asking a lot of questions.  It’s as if she’s known me for years, yet we’ve only just met.  If I weren’t so distracted by business, I’d try to figure out her story.  She’s the only one keeping me grounded as my world spins out of control.
I’m going to lose the one man who has ever meant anything to me – the only man to ever call me son.  I want to deny his request, but there is no avoiding what awaits me.  I never wanted any of this, but I’m out of options, and time is running out.

Some choices have unforeseen consequences, and some choices are simply irrevocable.

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