Busy, Busy!

Me under Skitter mind control at DC
After release Caged as a trilogy (someone please keep me from ever releasing three books so close together again), I took a little hiatus.  Traveled to the beach with my daughter for some much needed down time, then spent a week in Atlanta for Dragon Con, immediately followed by the Romance Authors and Readers Event in Montreal.

Good friends, good shots!

Why yes - this is our luggage for the night!

Good times!

I'm back in the writing cave now, working on a new book!  I've got my goals set high, and hopefully there won't be too long of a wait before this one is out.  I'm changing my business model up a lot for the next few months.  More books, less marketing fuss.  That means I'm going to rely on all of you to get the word out when I have a new book!

Hope everyone had a wonderful summer!