Monday Woes

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, but Mr. Savage is traveling this week, so I am single parenting.  I'm tellin' ya - when it rains, it pours!  Where does all the housework come from?  That's what I want to know!  I swear I washed these same dishes and clothes last week!  With all the RL stuff today, I haven't done any writing.  I think at this point, I am officially taking the night off.

I did manage to take my exam today, so there is one less thing to worry about.  Of course, who knows when I'll get the results...hopefully within a week. 

I booked all my travel stuff for Megacon in Orlando next month!  Always a good time!


I Feel Like Shleprock

So this last week has been...interesting...

For those following on Twitter Monday night, you know I ended up behind a nasty wreck on I-71, where I sat at a dead stop for an hour and a half.  Finally got to the hotel after 10pm, went to class the next morning, and found out what was supposed to be a 3 day lass was actually a 4 day class.


After rescheduling all my Friday meetings, extending my hotel, AND going shopping for clothes to wear, I immersed myself in ITIL Service Operations information for the rest of the week to prepare for my exam on Friday. 

Friday at 1:00pm, I'm ready to take it!
I look at the test...

Read through the first scenario...

Ah ha!  I remember all this stuff!
I look at the question booklet...

And it makes NO SENSE what-so-ever...

The exam scenario book and question book DON'T MATCH.

The testing center has to call Holland for help...and I run out of time.

I still haven't taken my certification exam.  It's going to be rescheduled for Monday.

So, I'm feeling like Shleprock.  Some of you are old enough to get that reference. :)



I'll be traveling for work and then a soccer tournament between today and next Sunday.  Posting will be, at best, irregular.  Hang in there and don't worry if you don't hear anything from me!  Everything should return to normal next week!


As She Desires Teaser

Here's a little teaser for As She Desires, the gladiator story that will be my entry to the Age of Edward contest.  Enjoy!

Banner by Ro
“Can I touch him?”Alika asked.

“Of course!” Isa answered.  “Do whatever you like to him.  Father insisted I needed further protection, which is ridiculous, and seems to think some Roman entertainer is the answer.”

I glanced at Isa as she tilted her eyes to the heavens and laughed dismissively.  I tried not to feel insulted at her admonishment, but I did straighten my shoulders a little more as Alika approached.  She reached out with her hand and placed it against my chest for a moment before she let it slide down my body.  The other woman smirked as she also moved in front of me.

I stood as still as I could as the young woman walked slowly around me and her friend moved closer.  I felt the edge of her finger trace over my shoulder and down across my tricep.  Her other hand ran down the length of my spine, over the scarred skin of my back, and stopped just at the top of the balteus around my waist.  The other woman’s hand found interest in the outlines of the muscles of my abdomen, as well as the long scar that ran across them.

I could feel myself growing numb as the graze of their fingers lay across my skin – dropping lower to touch the back of my thighs before raising high enough to run over my ass as well.  The feeling induced by their stares and touch was as familiar as that of steel in my hands and the taste of blood in my mouth.  At first there was the slow curling of my gut back inside of myself, like a scutum shield to cover my mind and soul, and then the warmth of pride covered my skin as my cock refused to give purpose to their touch.


I plan on posting the story around the first of February!  Watch for it and vote!

Go Gunners!

I got absolutely nothing productive done yesterday, with the single exception of moving a trunk from one room to another.  I think I might have to be more productive today, or I won't have any clean laundry for tomorrow.

I did, however, get a bunch of the Gladiatorward story for the Age of Edward Contest written.  It's probably close to half written now.  Watch for another teaser later today!  More caveward coming up, too!

But first - Arsenal vs. Manchester United!  Hopfully, I can figure out where it's going to be shown in the US, because FSC seems to be playing a different game... grrr....   Hoping to see Henry on the field.  Go Gunners!! 



Yay for the weekend!

For once, I have very little going on this weekend except a bunch of household organizing and such, so I hope to get a lot of writing done.  There should be another chapter or two of Transcendence coming out, and I'll be working on the Gladiatorward o/s for the Age of Edward contest.  Need to get going on TMT chapter 8 as well...

Banner by Ro
This coming week I will be traveling for work, and I have no idea if I will be able to post from the hotel or not, so there may not be much in the way of Transcendence updates for a couple of days there.  The good news is that when I'm not working I won't have a house and family to deal with, so I'll probably spend the extra time writing in my hotel room.  I hope to complete the Gladiatorward o/s during that time as well as have a couple new chapters of Transcendence to post when I get back on Thursday night.  THEN I'm out of town next weekend, so probably no updates then, either.

Looking to the future, I'm hoping to participate in "Drabble Wars" in March or April.  I don't have a definite story idea at this point, but I'm kicking a couple around.  I think one of the ideas is just about as crazy as caveward, so I'm leaning towards it.  I'm gonna need to hire me a banner maker! 

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!


Social Life

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Sorry for the lack of Transcendence update - I finished up the next TMT chapter last night and sent it off to beta, and tonight I have so actual social plans with two lovely ladies who used to work with me.  If I get home in time, I'll try to pound out a little Caveward, but I can't promise anything.  

Hope everyone have a wonderful evening!


Who Cares What Day it is Teaser!

I'm lucky to know what day it is anyway!  Regardless, here's a teaser for Tempt My Tongue Chapter 7!


Alice tenses at a vision of Jasper and I fighting – one that repeats for her on a fairly regular basis with only a change in location.  She worries that the fight is inevitable and tries to come up with ways of changing it.  The visions fade, twist, and turn as she considers what she can do to make it come out the way she desires…a happy, loving little vampire family in the quiet little Olympic Peninsula town of Forks… 

And then – as abruptly as the visions started – they stop.

Alice stiffens, and Jasper steps closer to her side.

“What is it?”

She doesn’t respond, her thoughts confused and disoriented without her extra sense.  I am briefly reminded of how I felt in the alley when I first saw Bella – her silent mind disturbing my sense of how the world is.

“Alice!” Jasper’s thoughts are concerned and nearly panicked.  He keeps looking over at me sideways, believing whatever it is she is seeing now must be of my doing.

Her eyes blink a few times before they slowly turn to focus on his.

“I’m…blind,” she whispers.


Ruh roh, Shaggy...


At Least the Grammar is Good!

Working on TMT a bit today, along with a lot of house work.  Sigh.  On the bright side, there are caramel rolls about to go in the oven!  

My parent's 50th wedding anniversary party was a great success!  Everyone seemed to have a good time and I saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in a very, very long time - including my 4th grade teacher.  One of the first things she says to me - "I remember you used to write all the time!"  I had to laugh, and eventually told her what I write now and gave her a business card.  

So, Ms. S. - if you do stop by the blog and read any of this, I realize it's not the sort of stuff I wrote when I was nine...um...at least the grammar is pretty good?  You can take credit for that!


Self Publishing - I Need Your Input!

I'm not sure how many times I have received messages from fans asking "why haven't you published anything?"  Short answer - I haven't decided what publishing route to use.

The world of publishing is changing fairly drastically.  The self-publishing of Indie eBooks through Amazon, Smashwords, and similar on-line agencies is absolutely booming.  I've kind of been sitting back and watching it all unfold, trying to figure out where I fit into this.  I don't like being stifled.  I don't like someone else telling me what I should write, when or where - it takes the fun out of it.  I've been very concerned that if I go with a traditional publisher that I will be told I have to stop writing fan fiction and pull all my stories if I want a contract with them.  

Sounds familiar to anyone?

I understand the publishing industries need to protect itself - I do - but I don't agree with it.  I think there are enough people out there who like my writing that they would consider buying anyway, even if they have either 1) read the Edward and Bella version or 2) they can read other stuff I've written for free.

So - here's the ultimate question, and one I need your help in answering.  If I self publish, will you buy?  If I can be successful on the side by publishing some original works, I can continue to write E/B fan fiction as well.  If I go with a traditional publisher, I probably won't be able to by contract.

Please - click on this survey and let me know what you think.  If you would NOT buy, I need to know that, too, so please tell me!  I hope to publish Otherwise Alone in the next few weeks, and before I do, I need to know what you think, if you would buy, and for how much. It should take a whopping 60 seconds to complete.  

You are my fans, and you are the reason I do this!  Let me know what you want!



I Need a Break!

Hope everyone is ready for the weekend!  I've got way too much going on, primarily my parent's 50th wedding anniversary party.  It should be a good time!  They are excited about it.  

That means no more Transcendence for a couple of days, though.
<------Just Robin--stay outta my posts-{
Too much else going on right now.  Hoping to get a little done on TMT and my o/s for the Age of Edward contest, though.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and if you are in the US and have Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, enjoy it!


Busy Week!

I'm not dead...really!  Thanks for all the messages of concern.  Not even I can keep up with daily postings all the time. :)  It takes about 2 hours to write a dribble chapter, and sometimes the day just doesn't allow for it.  I'm usually just a little bit ahead, but I ran out of those as well. Work and family just getting the better of me.

No idea if the rest of the week will be better or not - the last couple of days have sneaked up on my time as well.  Maybe I'll have  lot of boring conference calls today and get some writing done, then. :)

Have a wonderful day!


Play By Play - Offside Outtake Now Available!

The Offside outtake - Play By Play - is now available on FFN!  Offside fans, check it out!

Play By Play

Banner by Ro
Banner by tpec1991


Age of Edward...Mini Tease....

As She Desires...


“Do you want me?” she asked quietly.

As if there was any doubt.  My cock in her hand could have answered her.

“Yes, Domina,” I whispered, knowing just those two little words uttered from my mouth could mean my death, and not at the hands of another gladiator in the arena. 


Oh yeah...more teasers to come...


Does Vacation Have to End?

I'm about to head back into work, where I haven't checked email or voice mail since before Christmas.  I'm scared!!!  Hopefully, it won't get too bad, but you will have to wait until this evening for a Transcendence update.  That's is, assuming I don't just watch more Spartacus, because my OCD is in overdrive on that one.  Be glad there is only one full completed season, or I'd probably disappear for a month.

Speaking of Gladiators, I am writing a Gladiator story or the Age of Edward Contest.  I hope to have a little teaser posted either tonight or tomorrow!

Tempt My Tongue - next chapter is off to beta, so it shouldn't bee too much longer!

Yeah...I'm doing too much again.



Tuesday...er...Monday Teaser - Tempt My Tongue Chapter 6

My apologies for how late this chapter is.  I have many excuses, each of which is more boring than the last. :)  Almost ready for beta - here is a nice, long teaser to tempt your eyes...

Alice’s eyes stare straight ahead, but she sees nothing with them – her focus internal.  Inside her mind the van and the truck collide, and Bella Swan is crushed between them.

“Not her!”  The words may or may not actually leave my mouth.

I do not think, I only move.  I swerve around the children standing and staring faster than they can even acknowledge.  Bella does not change her focus from the van as it speeds towards her, and does not sense my approach enough to turn towards me as I slam into her side and send her to the ground. 

My hand crushes the side of the van, and I wince as I hear the crack of Bella’s skull against the pavement.  My entire body tenses.  If her blood has been split…

“Edward?”  Her voice is soft, surprised…alluring…

I look down into her eyes as the scent of her smashes into my face.  I have my arm wrapped around her back and I’m holding her against my chest, just barely off the ground.  I haven’t been this close to her since the first night in the alley, when my fingers almost brushed her cheek.  I had been sated then, on the blood of three humans in as many hours.  But now…now I was bordering on thirsty.

And she was right there.

The artery in her neck throbbing, pulsating, and screaming at me.

Much like my cock.

My tongue runs over my lips and teeth, tasting venom.  Though quick, the beat of her heart is gentle, and I can feel it through the palm of my hand against her back.  Under her skin, I can hear the whooshing of blood as it travels through her vessels. 


I can’t move my eyes away from it.

I lean forward ever so slightly, and bring my teeth within inches of her neck.

Rut roh.


Happy New Year

I hope everyone's New Year's celebrations were safe and fun!  Did you make any resolutions this year?  I have a few I thought I would share with you.

New Year's Resolutions:

  1. Continue writing fan fiction.  I thought I'd go ahead and get that one out of the way first, just in case anyone was worried. :)  First off would be Tempt My Tongue, then Transcedence, and then later (after the Age of Edward contest), expand the Gladiatorward story.
  2. Expand and publish Otherwise Alone.  I haven't decided on exactly which publishing route to go just yet (Traditional or self-published), but hope to decide and work towards it by the end of the month.  Depending on the success of that, I'll do more.
  3. Meet some more of the lovely ladies in the fandom I have gotten to know on my PC screen, but haven't managed to actually meet in person. I had an awesome time hanging out with a few people in Atlanta this past Labor Day and also for the BD premier in Newport.  I have no idea how to accomplish this, but I might just have to work on it.  Who's making plans to go to Dragon Con this year? :)
  4. Exercise more and eat better.  I always say this.  I think it is standard, right?  It's also nicely vague, which means I probably won't managed to accomplish it.  Ha!
What's on your list?