Who Cares What Day it is Teaser!

I'm lucky to know what day it is anyway!  Regardless, here's a teaser for Tempt My Tongue Chapter 7!


Alice tenses at a vision of Jasper and I fighting – one that repeats for her on a fairly regular basis with only a change in location.  She worries that the fight is inevitable and tries to come up with ways of changing it.  The visions fade, twist, and turn as she considers what she can do to make it come out the way she desires…a happy, loving little vampire family in the quiet little Olympic Peninsula town of Forks… 

And then – as abruptly as the visions started – they stop.

Alice stiffens, and Jasper steps closer to her side.

“What is it?”

She doesn’t respond, her thoughts confused and disoriented without her extra sense.  I am briefly reminded of how I felt in the alley when I first saw Bella – her silent mind disturbing my sense of how the world is.

“Alice!” Jasper’s thoughts are concerned and nearly panicked.  He keeps looking over at me sideways, believing whatever it is she is seeing now must be of my doing.

Her eyes blink a few times before they slowly turn to focus on his.

“I’m…blind,” she whispers.


Ruh roh, Shaggy...

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