The Joys of RL

Real Life has definitely taken a hit on me this week. Put in 60 hours at work already (and it's only Thursday), and will be working both late tonight and early morning tomorrow. Such is the life of IT support. :)

Combine work with family obligations for the weekend, and I'm sorry to say,that probably means no UC update this week. I will have a couple CBWR? chapters posted up (since they are short), but that will probably be it.

Sorry all, but such is the way of things.


UC - No teaser today :(

Sorry - I just don't have enough ready. I've only got about a fourth of the chapter done at this point, even though it was never going to be a particularly long chapter. Work is killing me the past couple of days, and will probably continue.

I will get a teaser out as soon as I have something with which to tease you! I kind of doubt the chapter is going to be ready for Friday, but hopefully it will post sometime this weekend.

Writing Lessons For Me!

Raumtweet out in Twitterland asked the following question (paraphrased):

How is writing [short chapters, updating frequently in CBWR?] changing your writing process?

A couple of different ways. For one, it is forcing me to make sure I write something every day. If you write, you know it was to be in the front of your mind at least some of the time. If you make yourself write daily, you'll always be in practice.

Writing in little bits and pieces, and then publishing them on FFN, is also making me fix my own mistakes! I don't mean typos and such, but if I write something in chapter 3 and publish it, I can't go back and change it in chapter 12. Like Edward, I'm stuck with my choices, and it's made me have to be a bit more creative. In retrospect (this is a silly example), I shouldn't have given Edward a 9 inch cock, for instance. (Where's that pringles can???) Now, I'm stuck with it! So I thought of an amusing way to bring that up again later! You'll just have to wait and see...I'm not telling.

I also really love the instant feedback I get from posting every day. With a 7000 word chapter (UC average), there's a lot to get through and a lot can happen. Getting feedback on 1000 word chapters does actually have some impact on the next 1000 words. It's like having 500 betas for every chapter! Only they're not correcting the current one, they are helping out with future ones.

More than anything, it's just a different way of writing for me. Any time you make yourself get out of your comfort zone you are going to grow. So I hope this exercise will end up helping me be an all around better writer - for CBWR, UC, and anything else I write in the future!

Thanks a lot for the question!

I have to say this one more time - you people have got to be the best group of fans in existence. Seriously. I can't even begin to count all the emails, PMs, reviews, comments, etc. that have been sent, posted and tweeted offering me your support and general warm fuzzies. I truly, truly appreciate it. Hopefully everything is all calmed down now. It seems to be. :)


Some Clarifications and Thanks

So let’s talk about Surviving Bella, shall we? When you read the summary and the first couple of chapters, you might think “Oh! It’s a story about survival at sea!”

Well, it’s not.

It’s about an alcoholic dealing with his absolutely horrific past trying to find a reason to go on, and the woman who helps him rediscover his soul.

Along the same lines, on the surface you might think Could Be Worse, Right? is about human trafficking and sexual slavery.

Well, it’s not.

It’s about a man with some pretty fucked up views on what he’s entitled to have in life, and how he is going to deal with the consequences of his actions.

There will be some messed up thoughts in this guy’s head, and he’s going to make a lot of mistakes. Some are comical, some are scary as hell. There is going to be angst and there is going to be romance, there is going to be sex and there is going to be (at least, in my mind), redemption. Eventually.

That said, this still isn’t for everyone.

For those who have left polite, adult PMs and reviews concerned about the subject matter – I really, really appreciate your comments. Some of them have made me think and even adapt a bit of the story line. Regardless, they are your opinions and you are entitled to them. No harm, no foul.

For those who trust me and are along for the ride, it’s going to be bumpy – just like everything else of mine you have read. I hope you continue to enjoy it.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported me, my writing and this story.


I Love Florida Weather!

I just love being able to hang outside with my coffee and netbook in the beautiful Florida sunshine! I really ought to just move here, but I guess I will just have to take it when I can get it. Having an awesome time hanging out with friends and checking out the new costumes and such at Megacon in Orlando.

Don't worry though - I haven't forgotten UC or CBWR? while I'm here. I got a little writing done on the plane and I'm doing a bit now while I wait for housekeeping to fix up my room. I read through a lot of reviews and you guys and all your theories about what's coming up next always thrill me. I'm very flattered that people spend so much time thinking about what is to come! I think some of you put more thought into your reviews and forum posts than I put into the chapters! :)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


I Gots Banner! Woot!

Thank you Ikeagoddess for the very first banner for Could Be Worse, Right?



Teaser Tuesday - UC Chapter 18

By sort of popular demand, this is a tense Tuesday teaser! Still don't know if I'll get this chapter done before I go out of town - it seems rather unlikely at this point. We'll see. Enjoy the teaser in the meantime!

“Alice, would you accompany Isabella to the stables? I would rather not have her wandering around alone. I shall be there shortly.”

“Of course,” Alice said with a smile. Edward leaned over and kissed my cheek before taking his leave of us. Alice and I made our way through the crowd and down the platform’s wooden stairs.

“Oh! My pennant!” Alice suddenly exclaimed. “I left it on the bench.”

“Go ahead and retrieve it before it is lost,” I said. “We can meet in the stables.”

“Are you sure? You could come with me.”

“I would rather not go back through the crowds,” I explained. “I can already see the stable door from here, and I will be perfectly fine for a few minutes.”

“I will be quick,” she promised, and then disappeared back into the crowd.

I walked into the barn and was immediately assaulted by the intense smells surrounding the horses. I had entered the opposite side of the building this time, and Volvo's stall was at the end closest to me. I could not help but smile at his impatient nicker when he saw my approach. I reached out and stroked his nose as he gobbled the carrots out of my hand.

As Volvo enjoyed his treat, I became aware of a group of three men at the far end of the barn. There were so many stalls and the barn was so long, I could not hear what they were saying, but I could see the three of them tilting back tankards of – presumably – ale and laughing loudly. One tall man with short cropped blond hair seemed to be directing the others in conversation, and laughing the loudest. He leaned against the side wall of the stall, facing my direction. The other two had dark hair and were older than the first. They were likely all competing knights, though I could not see them well enough to identify them. I assumed they were celebrating the outcome of today’s games. They quaffed their drinks and looked inside the very last stall on the same side of the barn as Volvo’s abode. As they peered inside the stall, they would laugh heartily and often.

I tried to ignore them, though I did notice they seemed to glance over at me frequently. I tried to keep my focus on Volvo as I fed him his snack, and wondered what was taking Alice so long to join me. The knights were speaking to each other as they stood near the opening to the last stall in the row, but I could not make out any of their words. Their laughter grew suddenly louder, and I let myself look over to them.

Can't be good....you can almost hear the Psycho music.


OK - I can't possibly respond to all these reviews! It is a problem I love to have! Here are the answers to a lot of the questions. Once I get a page up for CBWR? on the blog, I'll copy these over there.

Could Be Worse, Right? FAQ:

Are you abandoning UC because of writer’s block?

Heck no! Writing this has actually helping me get through some of the places I have had difficulty writing in UC. UC will continue to be on-schedule, with regular updates. This week is iffy, since I’m going out of town, but I’m working on it now, and it’s getting close. I’ll still have a teaser today.

Do you condone non-consensual slavery?

Of course not! This is fiction, and please read it as such. I didn’t condone kidnapping in H&D, death matches in SB or anything else illegal/illicit. It is the means to tell a story, nothing more. Consensual slavery is a whole other topic. If you like it, have at it. ;)

Are you ever going to write a sequel to SB or more of JB?

Yes, someday for SB, maybe for JB. I don’t know when. Not for a while.

Have you read story XYZ that’s also about BDSM/Slavery?

Probably. I like these kinds of stories, and have read many of them. Some I liked, some I didn’t. Though there are no truly original story lines out there (look up the seven story types – that’s all there really are), there are original STORIES, if you see the difference there. This is not going to be like any of the other stories I have read, at least. Elements will remain the same, of course (it’s still going to have twilight characters in it, for instance). I still appreciate fic recs, so continue to pass those along!

Will you get tired of this and never finish it?

Absolutely not. Once I get going on it, I would never totally abandon a story. It will be in the back seat compared to UC as far as my priorities go, but I will see it through to the end. With the kind of response I got from the first chapter, how could I not? You guys are an awesome reason to continue!

I’m not sure if I like this whole premise! What if this story isn’t for me?

Quite all right – I’m not going to be hurt/offended if this story isn’t for you. I think I’ve mentioned in most every story that I’ve written that I’m surprised that so many people enjoy some of the more harsh subject matter I write. Good to know I’m not alone in my depravity. Ha! If this isn’t a topic you are going to enjoy, feel free to bow out and wait for UC to update instead. I swear I won’t hold it against you!

Are you going to change POV?

No. I don’t change POV in stories. For me, it is a distraction and takes away from really understanding a person’s motives and thoughts. You will only know what the character knows.

Is this Edward going to be redeemable?

I’ve been asked this question at some point in every single story I’ve written. The answer isn’t simple, since we all have different ideals and morals guiding what actions make a person “redeemable” or not in our eyes. Was H&D Edward redeemable? For many readers, he was not. SB’s Edward? Lots of people bailed when he went through DTs and slapped Bella. Like all the others, whether or not he can be “saved” is completely up to how you view it. I’m not making any promises, but chances are if you forgave those other Edwards, you would probably forgive this one.

What do you have against vegetarians?

I am a vegetarian. :)

Are you going to make me wait 15 chapters for the full-on smut?

Well…the chapters are going to be short… ;)

Probably not. Maybe. I don’t’ know yet!!! 24 hours ago, the very idea didn’t even exist. Now I have 3/4th of an outline in my head…

Are you going to give them an HEA?

I never promise anything when it comes to an ending. As with any story, the fun is getting there. If you are a “must have HEA” kind of person, wait until it’s done, then read the last chapter and decide if you want to read the rest. That goes for anything I write. I’m not giving away plot.

I hope that answers most of the questions you have thus far. I am going to post some more tonight, as well as a UC Teaser. It is Tuesday after all!


Could Be Worse, Right?

As some of you have already noticed, I just posted the prologue to a new story. I have NO idea where it's going. I just needed to write a little EPOV and this came out. I have no plot outline, no direction, nothing. Just a bit of a lot bunny. I can see this kind of working in a similar way to The Plan, though I don't think I'll update multiple times a day or anything. Just extremely short chapters. I don't know. It's still buzzing around in my head. Damn...I'm gonna go write some more.

Could Be Worse, Right?

I am NOT abandoning Unexpected Circumstances in any way, shape or form. I'm being generally pissed off at the next chapter, but I think that's because I was trying to get it done before I headed out of town and blocking myself. That's why I took a step back and wrote something else. UC isn't going anywhere - I promise!


Isabella's Bowl

For those who have asked - here's what Isabella's bowl looks like. I see these at craft shows all the time, and they are gorgeous. All hand made, too. At least, they claim to be! :)


Happy weekend!!!!

My weekend has turned out to be slightly less busy than I thought it was going to be, so I just might get a little writing done if the kids and the dog will let me!

I'm amused by the reviews of chapter 17 (I haven't read too many yet, but I've noticed a theme already!) - about half and half happy with T&I punishment, the others are still screaming "off with her head!" Lots of wonderful ideas of things Isabella could make out of the fabrics Edward bought her - I'll have to see what all I can work into a chapter! :)

Ever think about it if SM had called them Tanya and Anna (or something like that), then we could talk about T&A all the time instead of T&I? Am I the only one who ever thought about that?? Sorry - must be channeling my inner adolescent.

Totally unrelated note - I have a dog that is mostly retriever. I love throwing one of his dog bone treats for him - he wants to run off and eat it, but also wants to bring it back to you so you can throw it again! He ends up going around in circles in front of you, not knowing what to do with himself. I think I have the potential to turn him into a perpetual motion machine.


Teaser Tuesday - UC Chapter 17

The next chapter should post on Friday! If I manage to get out of bed early enough, I'll try to post it in the morning. I love all the reviews telling me I interfered with people's workdays. ;)

Someone asked about What I Want recently - that's Want No More from EPOV. If you have already donated to Fandoms Fight the Floods, you should have it in your compilation (just look in the table of contents). If you haven't donated, there is still time! Check out the Fandoms Fight the Floods site for details!

Edward was smiling to himself as we walked away, and I was glad to have found something that seemed to please him. He wrapped my arm around his and we started back towards the castle gates. Edward was asking me if I wanted to eat something before he took me to Alice when we came around the last of the merchants’ carts, and Edward stopped short.

Edward’s hand tensed over the top of my fingers, gripping them tightly as his feet abruptly stopped moving forward. I had been looking off to the side, and did not immediately see what caused him to stop so quickly. I glanced to my husband’s face, his eyes dark with unbridled fury as the tyrant returned and the handsome boy disappeared. As I turned to see the object of his ire, I was met with the malicious grin of Lady Tanya with her sister at her side. I suddenly could not breathe, and felt a hard lump lodge in my throat, preventing me from swallowing as well.

“Sir Edward…Isabella,” Tanya’s voice sounded like warm butter. I looked to the ground, vaguely aware that she had given me no title. Her sister stepped from around the last cart and stood at her side, smirking. “I have not seen you since the reception.”

Ah...ye olde shit is about to hit ye olde fan...



Lots of people asking in comments, on the thread, in reviews, etc. about what it might be that Bella cannot give Edward. I simply LOVE all the ideas that are surfacing! Of course, I'm not telling, but I like all of your theories!

Teaser for Chapter 17 will post tomorrow!

Need something to read in the meantime? I just finished reading Righteous and Wicked by cherry.blossomz. Sex crazed Edward and Catholic Bella. I loved it, and I did a crappy job of reviewing, so I thought a rec would help make up for my patheticness. Check it out! It's a complete story, so no waiting!


Updates to UC Page - done!

Take a look at the updated Unexpected Circumstances page and let me know what you think!

Updates to UC Page

I'm planning on re-vamping (is that a pun??) the Unexpected Circumstances page of the blog today. I get a lot of similar questions about this story, so I thought I might add an FAQ page as well. If you have anything you think should be added to a UC FAQ (nothing that gives away plot!) let me know and I will add it.

Some things I thought I would put there, just to give you an idea:
1. Blinkies and Banners - where to find them
2. Links to the threads and reviews
3. E&B's ages
4. The Family Tree

What else?


Friday Babble

So glad everyone seems to have liked the last chapter. I may UST you to death, but I do try to deliver when the times "comes" (haha).

I'm already diligently working on the next couple of chapters. More actual plot to come, but I'm sure they'll be getting theirs on a regular basis, given Edward's "appetite." ;) Those who have been screaming for the fate of the Denali sisters will not have much longer to wait. Let's see...we also have a tournament coming up as well as some other surprises, so don't think this story is anywhere near over just because they finally fucked. Honestly, it's just barely begun!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Teaser Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday everyone! You know what that means - it's teaser time!

First though - I wanted to let you know Unexpected Circumstances has been nominated for the Best AU (Unrestricted) in the Inspired Fan Fic Awards! Along with it, Same Time Tomorrow Ms. Swan is up for the best one shot and Surviving Bella is up for the Favorite Fic of the year for 2010! Voting is open, so go check out all the entries and vote!

And now, for the moment you have been waiting for...

His tongue ran over first one nipple, then the other, while his thumb and fingers continued touching between my legs and making my hips rise up of their own accord. Edward’s fingers dipped farther inside of me, and I felt them curl up as I stiffened and cried out in short, panting breaths. His fingers retreated quickly, leaving me suddenly empty and somewhat confused.

At the same time, his lips released my breast and made a light trail down the center of my body, stopping at my navel. My fingers moved from his shoulder to his hair, and I let the wonderfully soft strands glide between my fingers. Edward’s eyes tilted upwards, looking up at me, smiling his half smile, and making my stomach clench inside. While his eyes were still locked with mine, his reached out with his tongue and ran the edge of it around my navel, and I shivered. Edward grinned, kissed the skin just below the little indentation, then started moving farther down. Much farther down.

“What are you doing?” I breathed, my eyes wide.

“Kissing you,” he responded with an arch of his brow. He tilted his head and kissed first one hipbone, then the other. His hand slid down my side, over my hip, down my leg, and then curled around my knee. He lifted my leg, laying it over his shoulder while he continued to watch my face. As his intent became clearer to me, my breath caught in my throat and I whimpered.





Chapter 16 is just about done. I like it. :) I'll post a teaser tomorrow.

I'm glad most people seem to be okay with the last chapter. Thanks for your support - I appreciate it! Regardless, I think the next chapter is going to make up for it. ;)


UC development & progress

I really have made a lot of progress on the next chapter of Unexpected Circumstances this weekend, surprisingly.

I got caught up on all the reviews, and I'm honestly sorry if I pissed people off with the "cock-block". I really wasn't trying to make light of it - it was either stop the chapter there or don't post one this weekend. There are only so many hours in the week, and it just wasn't ready. I wasn't trying to intentionally piss anyone off. Hopefully this week's chapter will make up for it.

I think peeps will like it. It's more smut than not, at least so far. It's not a super long chapter, but at least it should be done on time. After that I'm afraid we might be getting back to chapters with actual plot development. ;) There really is a lot of "story" to this little tale if you read the outline. I have the feeling its going to end up being a 40+ chapter story before its all said and done.

Thanks to those who have read tweeted or emailed comments about What I Want from the Fandoms Fight the Flood Compilation - I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Day of (Smut!) Progress

Despite a lot of being dragged around by various children to their various weekend activities, I have managed to make some (smut!) progress on the (smut!) next chapter of (smut!) Unexpected Circumstances. It does take me for ever to write (smut!) some chapters, especially when they have a bit of (smut!) explicitness contained within. I have no idea why, but a long time ago I started writing (smut!) certain parts of certain (smut!) chapters backwards. It's weird, I guess, but the (smut!) stuff works!

I bet Volvo sent a horsefly up to their window sill. That horse is a peeping Tom! Someone said I should write an outtake from Volvo's POV of Chapter 14. I think it might make a good contests for you gals to write it! LOL

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


Don't Hate The Cock-Blocker!

Unexpected Circumstances Chapter 15 spoiler....

Don't hate me for the cock-block! Honestly, that's just all I had time to finish this week with the toll real life has taken on me. It looks like I'm going to have a decent amount of sitting around inside and avoiding the rain this weekend, and I'm feeling quite a bit better, so I should be able to hit you all with some proper porn next week. ;)

The Fandoms Fight the Floods compilation is out! It's not too late to donate and get your copy! Shoot me a comment here if you had the chance to read What I Want and encourage others to donate to get their copy! There are literally 1600+ pages of just Twilight FF in the compilation. You have to check it out!


Hang in there!

It looks like this chapter just might be on time after all! It's not going to be a horribly long chapter, but at least it will be on time! I should have it ready for the beta tomorrow, so hopefully it will be up sometime Friday night (US Eastern time). Hang in there! Friday's not too far off!


Teaser Tuesday - UC Chapter 15

You didn't think I'd let Tuesday go by without a teaser, did ya? :)

This is about the only part of this chapter that is truly done, but here it is!!

“Isabella.” Edward leaned back a little in our chair and shook his head. His hand ran up my back, then back down to my waist. “I never make a statement I am not prepared to see through. If I had seen Seth at any time out in the forest today, we would not be sitting here now. We would be in the courtyard witnessing his execution.”

“I don’t understand,” I admitted. I didn’t – I didn’t understand how he could be so…callous towards someone he said was important to him. “Why would you have someone executed for such a…a little thing?”

“Going against my word is not a little thing, Isabella.”

“But you said he was important to you.” I was pressing, and I knew it, though sitting here with him was allowing me more boldness than I would have thought. On one level, it terrified me to be asking him so many questions, but he had wanted me to do so – indeed, he had demanded it – and I didn’t want to disappoint him, either. I also wanted to understand his reasons, for as incongruous as they appeared, I thought there must be merit to them.

“He’s only a soldier, Isabella,” Edward said, his tone chastising. “I have many capable soldiers.”

My eyes tightened, and as I felt the gentle thrumming of his heart beneath my cheek, my mind flashed to Angela and Lauren. I wondered just how the Princess came to regard us all as we cared for her and made sure her every command come to fruition.

“Princess Jessica has many capable handmaids,” I said quietly before I realized the words were coming from my mouth. My body seemed to freeze solid on his lap, but not so much that I couldn’t feel Edward tense as well. I felt the minute increase of his heart underneath his shirt as he held his breath. His fingers gripped my arm slightly before releasing me all together.

“Get up,” he said quietly. His voice was hard, dark, and it sent a chill down my spine.