Tuesday Teaser - Caged Chapter 12!

It is that time again, isn't it?  And now that Cageward has finally made a move, you know the cockblocking...err...smut is coming soon!  Here's a little excerpt from the next chapter to get you primed for Friday!

Her hands wrapped around my head and shoulders, and her fingers brushed backwards over my hair.  I didn’t grind my hips into her like I wanted to, but instead I kept still between her legs.  I could feel the warmth of her body against my crotch, and that was good enough for right now.  My hands still wanted a bit more, though, so I moved them up her sides, pushing her shirt up a little as I went.

“Edward,” Bella chastised as she reached her limit.

“You didn’t give me any rules yet,” I reminded her.  I didn’t move my hands up any further, but I kept them on the bare skin of her sides as I kissed down her neck.  The backs of my fingers tickled her sides.  “Besides, you’ve seen me without a shirt.  It’s only fair.”

“I didn’t even think you owned a shirt for the longest time,” she giggled as she tilted her head back so I could kiss up the front of her throat.

“You liked me that way, too, didn’t you?” I challenged.

“I don’t have to say,” she replied with a shrug.

“You wanted to run your hands all over this, didn’t you?” I said as I grabbed her wrists and placed her hands on my stomach.  I moved them up slowly until I reached to top of my chest, where I let her go.  I angled my body forward so more of it was touching her, and her hands pressed on my shoulders as she laughed again.

“I just wanted to feel your hair!”

“It wasn’t this short then.”

“Oh yeah.”  More giggles.

“You are a terrible liar,” I said.  “Besides, I know what you really want.  You want your hand on my cock.”

I pressed against her a little more.

“You can, you know,” I whispered low.  “Any time you want – it’s just waiting for you.”

Before she had a chance to shove me away or just tell me to shut up, a knock at the door made her jump.  I growled under my breath.

“Did you order breakfast?” I asked.

“No,” Bella said.  “I wasn’t sure if I should.”

“Fucking housekeeping,” I grumbled as I released Bella and stomped towards the door. 

The latches were far more complicated than they need to be, and I was already pissed off before I got them unlocked.  I flung the door open, all prepared to tell some bitch in an apron to go fuck off.  Instead, I was met with Aro standing on the other side. 

“What the fuck?”


Well, you knew Edward wasn't going to get that lucky the very next day...

See you in 73 hours and 45 minutes!


Tuesday Teaser - Caged Chapter 11!

Yes my THoA's Horas, it is that time again!  Here's a quick little glimpse into the next chapter of Caged!


With a giant, pride-swallowing sigh, I reached into my back pocket.  I grabbed my wallet, pulled out a black plastic card with a pair of silver loops and a number on it, and handed it to the woman.  She took it with trepidation and a scowl.

“Call your corporate office,” I told her as I pointed at the card.  “Then dial that extension.”

She eyed me, and for a moment I thought she might just call security and have us both thrown out, but then she picked up the phone and started dialing.  I could feel Bella’s gaze on the back of my neck, but I didn’t look in her direction.  I knew I was going to be pummeled with a bunch of questions as soon as the next opportunity presented itself, and I hoped to keep just a little bit of peace for a few more minutes.  With any luck, she would be too tired to harass me and would just fall asleep.

“This is who?” she lady behind the desk was saying into the phone.  “You…you mean Aro Cullen?  I mean Mister Cullen?  Oh!”

She looked back to me with astonishment.

“I’m terribly sorry, sir,” she continued.  “Yes, I know it’s late, but…but I’m the night manager at location oh-seven-four in Portland, and there is a…um…gentleman here who handed me a card with…sir?  Um…”

She leaned over to her right to look at me more closely, and I turned to show her the left side of my head.  I reached up with one finger and tapped the two silver earrings hanging there.

“Yes, sir, he does.  Um…tattoos?”

I sighed dramatically and turned around, then lifted my shirt up to show her my back.

“Yes, sir.”

I watched her eyes get wider as she listened into the telephone and stared unabashedly at me.  Finally she stopped and held the receiver in my direction.

“He’d like to talk to you…”


Oh now this is an interesting turn of events...

See you all on Friday!


Title-less post

Today shall be reserved for soccer and some housework while working on the next Caged chapter as well.  I'm bouncing around between various activities at the moment, and feeling just a bit like a chicken with my head cut off, but that's nothing very new.  

I don't think I lost too many people with the last chapter ending, which is good.  Honestly, I'm never really sure if I'm going to lose people with such things or not.  I've been surprised by things that have driven people away in the past, and also surprised by what has attracted people.  Maybe someday I will figure it out! :)

Hope everyone has a simply fantastic weekend!

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Tuesday Teaser! Caged Chapter 10!

Hope your Tuesday is going well, and if it is not, here's a little something to keep you going!  I have to get this off to you before I go watch the US National Team and Jamaica battle it out in a World Cup qualifying match tonight!  Woot!

“What the hell did you eat?”

“I have no idea,” I admitted.  “It was fucking awesome, though.”

“Damnit, Edward!”

“Come on, Tanya,” I moaned.  “I don’t fight for two more days.  Nothing but fucking iceberg between now and then.”

Actually, the thought of a salad at the moment sounded pretty awful.  Even a glass of water wasn’t appealing.

“Bella!” Tanya snapped as she headed towards the kitchen.  If I could have moved, I would have gone after her.  “You have to stop feeding him all this crap!”

“Leave her alone,” I muttered, but if someone were to ask, I would have to admit it was half-hearted.  For starters, I was too stuffed to move again or do anything else about the inevitable confrontation.  There was also the demented guy part of me that kind of wanted to see what would happen between the two of them if left on their own to duke it out, so to speak.  Not that I thought Tanya would hit Bella – I knew she wouldn’t – but a verbal battle could be just as interesting.

Bella seemed a little taken aback at first, and just looked at Tanya with wide eyes.

“Don’t you know how to make a fucking salad?” Tanya was asking her.

I hated salads, and Tanya knew it.  She was always trying to force me to eat that shit anyway.  I was a vegetarian, not a fucking rabbit.

I watched Bella’s eyes narrow, and I was glad I wasn’t wearing something confining, like my tight jeans.  If I was going to be honest, I hadn’t worn those jeans recently because they were a little tighter these days than they used to be.  Anyway, Bella’s hands balled into little fists as she stuck them on her hips and took a step forward.  Watching her do that made my cock strain to get out of my sweats, and I could feel my mouth turn up into a smile as I watched her move up to the woman who had just invaded her kitchen and practically insulted her cooking.

This was going to be interesting.   


Ooooo...yeah!!  Cat fight!

See you Friday!


Squished Boobies!!

Sorry guys - it isn't a porn post this time, though you could always get lucky later.  This is more of a PSA for the ladies.  I had my first mammogram yesterday, and there were several things that surprised me about it.  One, it didn't hurt - not at all.  I always had it in my head that is was going to hurt.  It wasn't fun, but not painful, either.  

Now, that was the good bit.

Now for the part that pissed me off.

Beforehand, the place was offering me a "cushion" that could be used to make it more comfortable.  Said cushion only comes at a price, though, which of course wouldn't be covered by insurance even if they did ask, but they don't.  They get you in there first, and then they say "how about a cushion for another five dollars?"  Five bucks isn't much, but that isn't the fucking point.  I could see a lot of people paying the extra money because they hadn't been through the procedure before and were concerned/scared about pain (like I said - I was surprised how painless it was - I'd heard horror stories).  

Does the dentist ask you to pay an extra $5 for a seat with a headrest?

Does the OBGYN ask you for $5 for the pads on the stirrups?

Does anyone get charged for the paper covering on the table in the emergency room?

I'm sure there's some sort of "the pads cost us money and we can't reuse them because they touched your titties" sort of excuse.  I call bullshit.  They didn't make me pay for the hospital gown I wore, which also touched my titties. If you can wash those, you can put some kind of covering over the pads that can be washed, too.

The whole thing just pissed me off.  Anyone else been asked to pay for comfort in a medical setting?


Dragon Con 2012!

Every year I try to express just what Dragon Con was like over that particular weekend, and words always fail me.  So, we'll try some pictures!

It's not Dragon Con without Chocolate Cake Shots!

I'm not sure exactly how the tradition started, only that I brought them to a con once and now everyone expects me to have them wherever I go!  I try to oblige, though I need to come up with a good way to make them mobile...

Of course, now everyone wants pomegranate martinis, too.  I'm getting to the point where I am packing a lot more drinks than costumes!

Me, my friend Stine, and Lee Arenberg (Pirates of the Caribbean, Grumpy, etc.) hanging out after breakfast.  We make a cute group!

I had a BLAST hanging out with all the ladies who came to afternoon tea and stole my martinis.  I'm pretty sure the guilty party is the emaciated one on the right...

Remind me not to stand sideways in pictures...I'm all titties!!

Kratos, the God of War, is a great bartender!  Don't forget to tip him!

I have no idea what all he put in the drinks, but he said "here - drink this" so I did.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  After that all I remember is playing "Jayne Hat."  It's like Slug Bug (Punch Buggy - whatever you want to call it), only with Jayne hats.

He really is a big guy...

In a word - it was a blast.  356 days to the next one!  Will you be there? :)


Tuesday Teaser! Caged Chapter 9!

I bet you thought I wouldn't even remember what day it was today!  Even coming off the Dragon Con shenanigans high, I actually did know it was Tuesday today, and I had better hop to it and find something good from the next chapter to drive you nuts...er...tantalize you until Friday.

Here ya go!
Since Bella was going to be gone for a while, I jumped on the opportunity to head into the shower and take care of business.  I’d always had pretty regular daily jerk-off sessions, and having Bella living with me had certainly made that a little difficult.  Waking up spooning her every night didn’t help, either.

What also didn’t help were the images in my mind whenever I took my dick in my hand.

It wasn’t even a matter of trying to think about her, as soon as there was flesh-on-flesh, her face was in my mind.  The chick from my favorite porno getting a split roast no longer did a thing for me – I only thought of Bella’s eyes, Bella’s lips, and Bella’s body as I ran my hand up and down my shaft.  

I closed my eyes as the water poured down my shoulders and back.  The fingers of my right hand curled around the base and dragged slowly up and over the tip, while the left hand reached down to cup my balls.  In my mind, I lay her down on the bed and lifted one leg up over my shoulder before slowly sliding into her.  Her head pressed against the mattress, and her back arched as she moaned out my name.

“Oh yeah,” I mumbled.  “That’s it, baby – take it…”


Now THAT is a teaser!

I think I need a shower...

See you Friday night at 10pm!