Tuesday Teaser! Caged Chapter 10!

Hope your Tuesday is going well, and if it is not, here's a little something to keep you going!  I have to get this off to you before I go watch the US National Team and Jamaica battle it out in a World Cup qualifying match tonight!  Woot!

“What the hell did you eat?”

“I have no idea,” I admitted.  “It was fucking awesome, though.”

“Damnit, Edward!”

“Come on, Tanya,” I moaned.  “I don’t fight for two more days.  Nothing but fucking iceberg between now and then.”

Actually, the thought of a salad at the moment sounded pretty awful.  Even a glass of water wasn’t appealing.

“Bella!” Tanya snapped as she headed towards the kitchen.  If I could have moved, I would have gone after her.  “You have to stop feeding him all this crap!”

“Leave her alone,” I muttered, but if someone were to ask, I would have to admit it was half-hearted.  For starters, I was too stuffed to move again or do anything else about the inevitable confrontation.  There was also the demented guy part of me that kind of wanted to see what would happen between the two of them if left on their own to duke it out, so to speak.  Not that I thought Tanya would hit Bella – I knew she wouldn’t – but a verbal battle could be just as interesting.

Bella seemed a little taken aback at first, and just looked at Tanya with wide eyes.

“Don’t you know how to make a fucking salad?” Tanya was asking her.

I hated salads, and Tanya knew it.  She was always trying to force me to eat that shit anyway.  I was a vegetarian, not a fucking rabbit.

I watched Bella’s eyes narrow, and I was glad I wasn’t wearing something confining, like my tight jeans.  If I was going to be honest, I hadn’t worn those jeans recently because they were a little tighter these days than they used to be.  Anyway, Bella’s hands balled into little fists as she stuck them on her hips and took a step forward.  Watching her do that made my cock strain to get out of my sweats, and I could feel my mouth turn up into a smile as I watched her move up to the woman who had just invaded her kitchen and practically insulted her cooking.

This was going to be interesting.   


Ooooo...yeah!!  Cat fight!

See you Friday!

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  1. I think that was worse then a cockblock tease! I can't wait!!!