Squished Boobies!!

Sorry guys - it isn't a porn post this time, though you could always get lucky later.  This is more of a PSA for the ladies.  I had my first mammogram yesterday, and there were several things that surprised me about it.  One, it didn't hurt - not at all.  I always had it in my head that is was going to hurt.  It wasn't fun, but not painful, either.  

Now, that was the good bit.

Now for the part that pissed me off.

Beforehand, the place was offering me a "cushion" that could be used to make it more comfortable.  Said cushion only comes at a price, though, which of course wouldn't be covered by insurance even if they did ask, but they don't.  They get you in there first, and then they say "how about a cushion for another five dollars?"  Five bucks isn't much, but that isn't the fucking point.  I could see a lot of people paying the extra money because they hadn't been through the procedure before and were concerned/scared about pain (like I said - I was surprised how painless it was - I'd heard horror stories).  

Does the dentist ask you to pay an extra $5 for a seat with a headrest?

Does the OBGYN ask you for $5 for the pads on the stirrups?

Does anyone get charged for the paper covering on the table in the emergency room?

I'm sure there's some sort of "the pads cost us money and we can't reuse them because they touched your titties" sort of excuse.  I call bullshit.  They didn't make me pay for the hospital gown I wore, which also touched my titties. If you can wash those, you can put some kind of covering over the pads that can be washed, too.

The whole thing just pissed me off.  Anyone else been asked to pay for comfort in a medical setting?

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