Tuesday Teaser - Tempt My Tongue Chapter 4

Here is it!  A little peek at the next TMT chapter, which should post up this Friday!


I go through the house a second time before I hear the sound of her truck approaching and have to come up with some place to hide.  I consider my options – back outside, in the pantry in the kitchen, behind the couch near the wall – none of the indoor ides seem all that plausible, but I loathe the idea of going outside when she would be in here.

I finally decide the closet in her bedroom is my best option.  There are many clothes in the back I can hide within if she decides to open the door, and it is right above the kitchen where she seems to spend the majority of her afternoons doing her homework and cooking for her father.  I will be able to hear the pages of the books she reads as well as watch her through her father’s mind later.  I quickly slip into her room and then into the closet, closing the door behind me as I hear her key turn the deadbolt lock in the front door.

It does not take long for me to realize what a mistake this hiding place is.  There is a lot less room to concealing myself in the small space that I originally thought, and her scent is absolutely overwhelming.  It is not so much because of the clothes themselves as they hang on their hangers, but more because there is also a hamper full of clothes she has recently worn.

Dear God, she must have been menstruating recently.


Rut roh.  This could end up being a short story.

There might be some more Caveward tonight - we'll see how I'm doing (still working tonight & have a migraine).  Might be a short update.


Fic Rec - Written in the Stars

Like I might have mentioned on Twitter yesterday, if you aren't reading this story, you should be.

Written in the Stars Summary - Edward is king of a dying race, his planet torn by civil war. Bella is abducted to become his bride. From college student to Queen... Can she learn to love this strange man and help save his people? AU/OOC. Rated M for lemons, violence and mature themes.

It starts off just a little bit slow, but get through the first chapter and be ready for some seriously complex story lines, a completely out of this world Edward (literally!  He has a tail!), political intrigue, betrayal, and civil war.  Quite well written by Lissa Bryan and there are 29 chapters so far of this WIP for you to read.  It feels like it's winding down at this point, so for those who have to wait until something is marked complete, I don't think you have far to go. 

What I'm loving most about this story are the descriptions of the Alphas' (the dominant race) devotion to their mates - Edward's intense emotions for Bella really come through.  You can also really feel Bella's struggle to make the right decisions when so much rests on her shoulders. 

Give it a read, people!  While you're busy doing that, I'll see if I can write a little more EvilStalkerVampWard.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Hopefully all who are celebrating have made it through the stressful cooking and made it into the peaceful food coma state!  

Transcendence Chapter 5 just posted.  Poor Ehd is so clueless...  There are a couple of awesome banners for the story, though!  Thank you all sooooo much!!

Banner By Cara

Banner by Ro

Another one by Ro

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Tuesday Teaser - Tempt My Tongue Chapter 3

You didn't think I would forget, did ya? :)

Here's a quick little teaser for TMT chapter 3.  Just because I seem unable to control myself when I get a ridiculous idea in my head (like why do people refer to possessive Edwards as Caveward and why isn't there a fic set in prehistoric times), doesn't mean I stop writing what I'm already doing.  Hopefully everyone realizes that by now.

If you missed it and you care - I have a new Dribble Fic - Transcendence.  Prehistoric Ehd.  I'm amusing myself.

In the meantime, here's the TMT teaser.  Holidays permitting, the next chapter will post this weekend.  You'll be able to read it while you much leftovers. :)

“I won’t hurt her,” I tell Carlisle.  “I swear I won’t.”

What of those around her?

“They mean nothing.  She is everything.”

His mind races.

I cannot do this.  Even if he intends her no harm… if she is his singer…there is no way he will be able to control himself.  Maybe if he had been living as I do for the last few decades he would have the control, but as he is…impossible.

A growl emanates from my chest.  He is talking himself out of it, and I cannot allow that to happen.  I cannot let this opportunity slide.

“You have to help me,” I say with menace.  My mind spins, and suddenly I know exactly how to convince him.

You cannot force me to assist you.  I will not.

“If you don’t, they’ll die.”


“All of those around her will die.  Her family, the children in the school she considers friends, every restaurant worker who has ever served her a meal – I will kill them one at a time until she is completely alone in the world, and will have no one but me.”
Did I mention he's a little maniacal?


Tempt My Tongue Chapters

The family is out of the house, so I'm working on Tempt My Tongue Chapter 3.  I kind of got hit with a scene for this story in my head last night, and I'm actually changing a good portion of the original outline.  I often make small changes, but this is a faily big one.  That's not really my point, though.  The point is, I can't think of a damn chapter title.  I try to keep all the titles, like the last lines, consistent throughout the story, and as I'm looking at the first two I have discovered I hate the chapter title format for TMT.

I yell out "woes me!" a few times (there's no one here to make fun of me, as I mentioned), and then it occurs to me - it's my story!  I can do whatever the fuck I want!  Ha HA!!

So, I changed the chapter titles for the first two chapters.  Well, I dropped the second word on both of them.  It'll just be easier on me later. My browser like to cache stuff forever, so I don't actually see the changed titles yet myself, but I assume they'll be visible eventually.  LOL

Have a wonderful day, and dream of EvilStalkerVampWard - he's watching you...


Tuesday Teaser - Tempt My Tongue Chapter 2

And so it begins again!  It's now time for Tempt My Tongue to start updating regularly, and that means Tuesday Teasers!  Enjoy this little glimpse into Maniacvampward's first glimpse at Bella...

It is not that she is extraordinarily beautiful – she is not.  She is rather plain, really.  Exquisitely plain.  She has brown hair and brown eyes.  She is small in stature and not picture-perfect at all.  She looks like a typical girl from a typical little Washington town, but she isn’t.  She isn’t even close to being typical, because her blood is the sweetest thing I have smelled in my entire ninety years as a blood-drinking demon.

Our eyes remain locked together.

My mind wanders… if I had seen her in a different time, a different set of circumstances…would I have taken her gloved hand?  Kissed it softly, and asked permission from her father to take her on a walk in the park?  Would she have smiled up at me in the sunshine, her cheeks pink with her shyness as she sipped lemonade on the porch?

I have to stop breathing.

The intensity is too much.

I want to drink her blood.

I want to steal her away and keep her for myself.

I want to lie her down on clean, white sheets and violate her body.

I want to hear her call my name in ecstasy.          
I want to take her to a movie.

I'd say the boy is a little...confused.

Look for the chapter update on Friday!


And So It Begins... (Again)

Tomorrow will be the start of Tuesday Teasers again!  This time, with Tempt My Tongue.  I hope to be able to keep a consistent schedule.  The teaser will be out tomorrow, then the next chapter should be up on Friday.  Are you ready for it?  

Oh - and did you notice the cute little Facebook button down there on the right?  I gots a Facebook!  I don't get it, but I gots it!  LOL


Fifty-Cent Words

Fifty-cent words I love to use in a story:

verge (haha!  couldn't resist!)

I used to love using the word "incredulity,", but SM kinda used it to death, so I rarely use it any more.

Today shall be filled with laundry, shopping (I have a 30% off coupon for Kohls!  Woot!) and working on TMT later this evening.  If you haven't yet, check out the TMT Reading group


The End of a Story

The end of a story is always a little odd.  I've been kind of sitting here wondering what to do with myself.  Yes, I've been working on Tempt My Tongue, and made some progress there, but I feel like something is missing.  Like my pants.  

Unexpected Circumstances was an incredible ride for me, for a lot of reasons.  It was a wonderful learning experience - both in good ways and not so good ways.  I changed POV, which I always thought I would never do.  I had to stick to my guns despite the pressure to do otherwise.  I think I definitely learned a lot and grew both as a writer an as a person throughout the past year.  

Thank you all for being a part of it!

Until the next time the warriors of Forks are needed...


The Horizon

Unexpected Circumstances is wrapping up!  The epilogue will post Friday or Saturday.  So what's on the horizon for me?

Tempt My Tongue - if you haven't checked this out yet, and you are a VERY brave and trusting soul, go ahead and read the first chapter.  I was debating on making this a Dribble Fic or a more "traditional" length chapter story, and I think I'll be going with traditional.  The chapters aren't going to be horribly long, but I hope a good medium length will allow me to update on schedule.  Once you've read it, check out the Tempt My Tongue Reading Group on the Robstenlove Forums.  Yes, you do have to create an account to join, but I really think it will be worth it!  Questions for the first chapter have already been posted!

I'm also working on the outlines for three different original works (GAH!  Why do I do this to myself???).  Not completely sure where they will end up, but I hope to focus on those a bit for the next few months, so bear with me if TMT doesn't update weekly 100% of the time.



I started this conversation on Facebook this morning, and wanted to elaborate on some of my own experiences here, both as a reader and a writer...

"What do you think of the whole "Reviewing" aspect of fan fiction? Sometimes crappy fics get a lot of reviews, and sometimes great fics get none. We tend to look at the number of reviews and assume that means "good". Is it true, or is it just as likely that the fics with a lot of reviews are a lot of BAD reviews?"

In my experience, reviews are a wonderful thing when they are constructive (either with improvement suggestions or with praise) and well meant.  They are a great way to determine if this is a story you want to read.  They can also be really, really misleading.

With Dribble fics (I'm not calling them drabble fics!  That's something else!), review counts end up being...well...a little silly.  If there are 100+ chapters on a fic that is even a little bit popular,  chances are there are a lot of reviews.  At the same time, just because there are a lot of reviews doesn't mean the story is any good.  Having a few reviews doesn't mean the story is bad, either.

Some of my (random and disorganized) thoughts on reviews:

1. Sometimes I wish they weren't there at all.  I love getting the feedback from people, but I hate what reviews seem to do to some people some of the time.  There is the potential to give writers a big head, and the potential to have a writer be accused of having a big head, humble or not.

2. I don't write for the sake of getting reviews.  If I had one review per chapter, I would still be writing.  Does anyone write JUST for the reviews?  Seems like a lot of work for little gain.  I wonder if that is even possible, but my mind is a little funny, too.

3. The very few times I have seen end notes on a story that say "I'll post an update once I get another 150 reviews" I have dropped the story completely.  That's just rude, imho.

4.  I wish I could respond to more of them. 

5. I rarely review (isn't that awful?!?!) when I'm reading.  I try to make up for it by writing a recommendation or pimping out a good story on the blog or something instead.

6. The most amusing review I ever got was from someone who obviously clicked on the wrong link.  It was a review, and a very nice one, but mentioned characters that weren't in my story!  LOL  I didn't have the heart to respond to it and point out the mistake.

7. Tone is impossible to convey in a review.  Keep that in mind when writing them AND reading them.  Also, with English being many people's second or third language, keep translation issues in mind when you read them as well.  Sometimes a review may sound negative when it is not meant that way.

Thanks enough of my babbling...what do you think?


Weekend Teaser! UC Chapter 38

Happy Saturday everyone!  Chapter 38, which will be the last full chapter of UC, is nearly done.  I just have a bit more to finish up before I send if off to beta later today.  The lovely DK is out of town, though, so please be patient and give her a while to get it done. In the meantime, here's a teaser for you!

“Now that you mention it,” I said as I pecked at her lips again, “there is something I have been meaning to do for quite some time now.”

“What is that?” Isabella asked.

I did not answer her, but quickly found Samantha to watch over Little Edward as I took my wife’s hand and led her down the back staircase to the Great Hall.  I checked around the room quickly, but as I suspected, it was completely empty at this time of night.  Still, I would not wish to be interrupted, so I instructed Isabella to stay where she was as I went to the doors and informed the guards that no one was to enter, for any reason.

Returning to my wife’s side quickly, I reached for her hands and brought our bodies close together.  I could see the slight confusion in her eyes as our bodies touched, but she still melted against me as I took her face in my hands and kissed her deeply.  My hands found their favorite places – her arms, her shoulders, her breasts – and then came back up to cup her jaw once more.  My thumbs brushed over her cheekbones as I finally broke our kiss and dropped my hands to lace together with her fingers.

Isabella licked her lips as we parted, and I gave her a half smile and a raise of my eyebrow.  Her cheeks tinged red as her eyes dropped down to the ground, and her fingers tightened around mine.  Before she had a chance to say anything I turned around, still holding on to Isabella's hand, and sat down on the throne of Forks.  I raised my eyebrows at her again and gave her a big smile as I pulled her to stand between my knees.

“I told you I would take you here one day.”

And some of you thought I was going to forget... ;)

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Need More Coffee!

I was up extra early today working on the final full chapter of UC.  I know - it's hard to believe the journey is almost at an end!  I'd say it's about half way done, and should post this weekend if at all possible.  There will be a short epilogue, maybe two just so I can end up with that night round number of chapters.  Geez, I swear this OCD of mine has gotten worse when it comes to chapter and story lengths!

Tempt My Tongue should start posting regularly in a couple of weeks.  There will be a reading group for this story, which I think will be a lot of fun.  I've never done one of those before, but I'll post up the details when I have them.  I've been working on the second chapter off and on as I finish up UC, so it should be able to post relatively quickly.  

Have a wonderful Wednesday!