Tempt My Tongue Chapters

The family is out of the house, so I'm working on Tempt My Tongue Chapter 3.  I kind of got hit with a scene for this story in my head last night, and I'm actually changing a good portion of the original outline.  I often make small changes, but this is a faily big one.  That's not really my point, though.  The point is, I can't think of a damn chapter title.  I try to keep all the titles, like the last lines, consistent throughout the story, and as I'm looking at the first two I have discovered I hate the chapter title format for TMT.

I yell out "woes me!" a few times (there's no one here to make fun of me, as I mentioned), and then it occurs to me - it's my story!  I can do whatever the fuck I want!  Ha HA!!

So, I changed the chapter titles for the first two chapters.  Well, I dropped the second word on both of them.  It'll just be easier on me later. My browser like to cache stuff forever, so I don't actually see the changed titles yet myself, but I assume they'll be visible eventually.  LOL

Have a wonderful day, and dream of EvilStalkerVampWard - he's watching you...

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