The Consummation is LIVE!!!

Does the title give it away?

The third installment of the Unexpected Circumstances series is LIVE!  Grab the Consummation now!!  After all the build up between these two, your Kindle just might overheat, so be careful!

Book 3: The Consummation
With steady patience, Sir Branford teaches his young wife the pleasures to be found in their marital chambers.  Though still unsure of herself, Alexandra begins to open herself to the possibilities and opportunities of her new life.  As Branford expresses his desire to have more than a marriage of political contrivance, Alexandra finds facets of her new husband that promise protection, loyalty, and maybe even love. 
As she gains a deeper understanding of her husband, Alexandra soon discovers there is more to being Sir Branford’s wife than sharing his bed.  Queen Sunniva had told her to be “noble of heart,” and when the lives of aristocrats rest in Alexandra’s hands, she finally begins to understand the importance of her position in the court and in her husband’s life.  Soon, Branford begins to appreciate how valuable a gift Alexandra is to his kingdom.

Book 3: The Consummation


Book 4: The Shortcoming



Today is the last day Unexpected Circumstances: The Seduction will be available at the preorder price of $0.99! Make sure you grab it before the price goes up!
In the meantime....here's a little taste of what's to come!

“I want to touch you,” he said. “I want to feel your skin in my hands—feel your warmth, your softness. I want to kiss your mouth, your neck, the hollow of your throat. I want to kiss your shoulder, where I…where I hurt you. I want to kiss your breasts and suck them into my mouth while my hands explore your body. I want to make you feel like you never have before.”

I trembled at his words, and I felt that spot between my legs begin to tingle. Branford’s hand began to push back the front of my nightdress, opening it fully and removing the laces from the holes where they once held my clothing closed. My mind was spinning as he reached the end of the ties and fully pushed away the fabric of the dress, and it fell back from my shoulders.

“So beautiful,” he murmured before he kissed my mouth again, his tongue pushing between my lips and colliding with mine. He kissed me deeply, over and over again before he moved his mouth to my chin, across my jaw, and up to my ear. He sucked the lobe into his mouth a moment and then blew warm air across my skin. He rolled his body to the side, pressing his hard length against my hand, and I started to pull away, but he grasped my wrist again and held me in place. His lips were against my hair as he took a deep breath through his nose and let it out slowly.

Book 2: The Seduction