Here I Go Again...

I keep thinking I'll rein myself in and get what I originally started out writing out there as I originally intended it, but sometimes the damn story just takes over! In this case, it's Judging Books. Lord knows how this "one-shot" (ha ha) has gotten so far out of hand, but it sure as hell has. I may have to break part two up into two parts, which means this "three part" story will have at least four parts. I have no self control, that's all there is to it.

I know what I really need to do - just stop SAYING how long something should be, because I obviously can't manage to do what I originally say I'm going to do. I swear, various Edwards get into my head and just fucking MOVE IN. They put their feet up on my coffee table, eat my cookies and just sit back and say "Look here Savy, this is how the shit's gonna work." What do I do? I smile, nod and keep on writing. Total fucking pushover, that's what I am.

Damn those Edwards.


Mid Week Sneak Peek - Judging Books, Part 2

All right, this one is at least coming along nicely. I've really appreciated all of the great reviews it has received with only one chapter out there! I think it passed 100 reviews yesterday! Here's a little teaser for the next chapter!


"You remember when we first met and I said you were pretty?" he asked.

"Well, yes," I responded, feeling my cheeks warm. "That was only yesterday."

"I was an idiot yesterday," Edward said. "You're incredibly beautiful."

My cheeks went from warm to blazing, and I had to look away for a minute. I wasn't used to such comments, even with guys I had dated in the past. I really wasn't sure how to respond.

"They knew it, too," Edward said quietly.

"Who knew what?" I asked, confused.

"Past boyfriends who never told you how beautiful you are. They saw it, they just didn't say it."

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"You're blushing," he said. "That means you aren't used to people telling you that. Also, most guys are pretty inept at relationships, and never tell girls what they want to say because they're afraid they'll sound stupid."

"Are you just that good at relationships?" I had to ask.

"No," Edward responded. "But at least I learn from my mistakes."



Mob Limits?

It seems the lynch mob for Tanya is getting mighty full! You may want to get your bid in quick, just in case there is a logical limit on the number of people in a mob.

Did that make any sense at all? I didn't think so. Sorry - I'm running on very little sleep at the moment! Seriously though -Chapter 10 had incredible response - thank you all very much!

I'm working on the second part of Judging Books this week. I really, really like it., but it's been hard to write for a number of reasons. I hope to have it ready this weekend, but work has been a bear, so no promises. I have Surviving Bella chapter 11 in the works as well, though I'm going to get JB 2 out first. I'll try to post a sneak peak of JB2 tomorrow.


Sunday Spoiler - Surviving Bella Chapter 10

Well, it couldn't hardly be a mid-week sneak peek at this time, could it? :) SB chapter 10 is close, and will probably post tomorrow. Here's a little snippit!

“I went kind of ballistic at that point, I guess,” I went on. I needed to get this done with before I couldn’t say any more, so I started speaking faster. “I trashed my apartment before jumping in my car and going about ninety back to her place. It was too late – they were already gone. I got on her computer and found out they had bought two tickets to Italy and were leaving that night.”

“That’s when Emmett called,” I said. “She had called him and I guess told him some of what happened. He told me to stay right where I was, and he’d come to get me.”

“I didn’t realize you knew Emmett then,” Bella said.

“Yeah, I knew him,” I answered. “Emmett was Carlisle’s other fighter, but that’s a whole different story.”

“I’m sorry,” Bella said. Her fingers began to massage the back of my neck. “Go on.”

“I wasn’t about to listen to him and stick around. I wanted to stop her from getting on the plane. I thought if I could just talk to her and tell her how much I needed her and how I was going to retire and that I had a plan for us…I thought if she would just listen…just for a minute. I didn’t get the chance, because Emmett must have been pretty damn close to her place when he called. I was backing out of her driveway and he slammed into the back of my Ferrari, the bastard. We ended up in a fist fight, and it’s probably a miracle one of us didn’t kill the other. Maybe we would have, but Carlisle pulled up, got out of his car, hit me in the side with a tazer, and drove off again. Emmett knocked me unconscious and hauled me back home.”

I'm also hoping to get part two of Judging Books done this week and posted next weekend.


I Must be in Banner Heaven

This is just flippin' awesome. Sabrina, who made the new SB banner, also made one for Judging Books. I think I'm in love!


Check out the new SB Banner!

I came back from an insanely frustrating day at work to find a new Surviving Bella Banner, unrequested by a fan, in my email. It absolutely made my day! Check it out! It is absolutely gorgeous! The original banner is on the SB page, because I absolutely love it as well, but this is a nice new look.

Thank you Sabrina!!!!

Blog Changes

I've made a few changes to the blog, but they aren't near done yet. Still plugging along. So if you see something that looks incomplete, that's because it is! :) There's a Twific o/s section now, and I made a few updates the SB page. Like I said, it's not where near done.

I need a class in graphic arts or something. Ha!


Good News/Bad News

If you follow me on twitter, you may have heard I won a speech contest tonight. Yay! That's the good news! The bad news is, the contest took up all of my writing time today, and now it's late and I'm wiped out. I think I have about 2-3 more hours left on Surviving Bella Chapter 9, and I still hope it will be out tomorrow. In the mean time - here's a sneak peek!

When I looked up, Bella had a very odd smile on her face that slowly turned into a bigger smile, and then a fit of giggles.

“What are you laughing about?” I demanded.

“You’ve got…um…” She started laughing harder.

“What the fuck, Bella?”

“You’ve got pelican in your beard!” Bella’s eyes closed and she rolled over onto her side, holding her stomach and guffawing like the village idiot. I reached up and picked a bit of pelican flesh off my chin and tossed it out the raft opening. Bella continued to wail, and while I tried to feel pissed off about it, it really wasn’t working.

“Why is that so funny?” I asked. Bella attempted – somewhat successfully – to respond.

“You’ve…got…a…pelican!” she screeched, laughing even harder. “In your…beard!”

Well, I still didn’t get it, but I wasn’t going to put up with any more of this crap.


Need smut? :) This one's written by Mariamaral - one of the winners of the Carlisle, Bella and the Banana contest.

Looking for a good smut fic with a decent story line, a bit of angst and a touch of mystery thrown into it? Check out Imperador (but don't ask me to pronounce it!). WIP - Edward is a (wait for it!) porn star at a studio partially owned by Bella's father. She's just getting involved in the family business, and is in desperate need of some "material" so she can start writing her own porn scripts. Guess who helps her out? Jacob's the gay hairdresser (which is definitely one of the most outrageous, funnier gay Jacobs I have ever read), who later ends up with a more interesting role as Bella's body guard when the need arises. Bella's stalker adds a nice bit of intrigue and the smut is everywhere, so check it out!


Almost there!!!

There is just a little bit left to SB chapter 9...the part people have been waiting for, I believe. Can you guess which part that is? ;) A couple more revisions and then it should be ready to post by tomorrow. Then I'll spend the rest of the week on Judging Books part 2, which may even post this weekend if the stars line up right and all that crap.

So, hold on just a little longer. You shouldn't have much more time to wait!



It's not done, far from it, but at least I did manage to make some progress on Surviving Bella Chapter 9 now. We'll see how it goes over the next couple of days - I have a busy week coming up. Damn real life...

I'm checking around to see about having a blinkie made for SB. As I have mentioned before - I have exactly zero talent in the graphic arts realm. Zero. Maybe negative 2. Hopefully someone out there will come up with something, since I know a couple people were asking where they could find one.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and that the work week goes by quickly!


Slowly but Surely

Surviving Bella Chapter 9 has proven to be a bit...difficult. After three days of not getting anywhere with it, it's finally moving along again. I don't know when it will be ready to post yet (probably not this weekend), but at least it is moving forward. I hope to get it at least to the half way point today and hopefully 90% by the end of Sunday.

I'm going to try to do some blog updates this weekend as well - shake things up a bit, so look for changes! I think I'll give all my Twilight One-Shots their own page and maybe scale down a few other things. :)

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Need More Saturdays

ARGH!!!! My plans have not been what I wanted/expected today, and the dedicated writing time I had tonight has been violated. I am not a happy camper. I'm also pissy enough that what did manage to write tonight was crap, so I deleted it.

My apologies - no sneak peeks just yet. Maybe something this weekend, though this weekend is pretty darn booked up. I need a lot more than 24 hours in a day. Or maybe more days in a week. Can someone work that out for me, please? If you could duplicate Saturday, that would be nice!


Judging Books Posted

Gotta love the quick betas! :)

The first part of Judging Books has been posted on FFN. I am really liking this story personally - am I allowed to say that? :) I think that's why it's already out of control length-wise for something that should have been a one shot!

Enjoy! I hope to have a sneak-peek of either SB chapter 9 or JB chapter 2 posted tomorrow...maybe both!


Judging Books

Hi there!
I thought I'd post up a little info on what was supposed to be a one-shot, but is quickly turning itself into a short story (at least). The first chapter should post later this week, and will likely be three chapters when it's done. That's the plan for now, anyway. As you may have noticed, sometimes my stories take on a life of their own, and who knows what it will be later.

Anyway, I thought I'd share the summary and a little excerpt from the first chapter, and all you wonderful peeps out there can tell me what you think. :)

Judging Books

Summary: Bella’s on the debutante track to life in the financial world, just as her Dad has always planned. A chance meeting at a stop light with a beautiful boy on a bicycle gives her a new outlook on life. Can she forego the family dynasty and live life to the fullest with this fascinating, but damaged, young man?

“Hey,” a soft voice said beside me. I startled. I hadn’t even heard him come up, but when I looked to my right, one of the boys was right next to me.

He was standing up on the bicycle with one wheel high up in the air, balancing on the pedals as easily as if he was standing on the ground. He was wearing a faded pair of ripped up jeans, with one pant-leg completely missing, making the garment a half pair of shorts. His shirt was also faded, with the logo of some metal band on the front.

When I looked up into his face, I was surprised to see he was a little older than I had originally assumed. I always figured groups of boys hanging out on the corner ranged from about fourteen to sixteen, but this one had to be out of high school. He had a couple of days’ worth of stubble covering his cheeks and neck, unruly, brownish-red hair and intense, bright green eyes. His full bottom lip was adorned with a pair of thin silver hoops through the left side, and a matching hoop went through his eyebrow. There was some dark, swirling tattoo wrapping around his left arm, and something more colorful just peeking out of the collar of his T-shirt, but I couldn’t make out the details of either design. There was a thin gold chain around his neck, the front of which was tucked into his shirt with the chain pulled tight at the front, the lump of a charm of some sort hiding underneath the fabric.

“Would you go to dinner with me?”

“Excuse me?” There was no way I had heard him right. I mean – guys with piercings and tattoos didn’t walk up to women wearing suits and heels to ask them out for dinner.

“See, you’re really, really pretty,” he shrugged, twisting his hips a little and making the bicycle spin in a full circle before facing me again. “And my buddy Emmett says if you’re pretty on the outside, you’re probably ugly on the inside. I just want to see if he’s right.”



Current Work & Story Rec

I'm working on what was supposed to be a o/s for the winners of the Carlisle, Bella and the Banana contest. It's going to end up a little longer than that - maybe 2-3 chapters instead. I think the first chapter should post next weekend. Like I said somewhere - I'm going to try to post something at least weekly, though there is no telling what it might be. I'm working on three different things right now (SB, this no-longer a o/s and one other story), and loving them all. I hope you will, too.

Fic Rec!

I've been reading Sub Plans by SnowWhiteHeart this weekend. It's Bella as a Domme, and Edward as a vamp sub. A little angst, a little comedy and some good smut. How can you go wrong? Check it out! :)

Sub Plans

I'm heading of to the Ohio Renaissance Fair! I love it! I'll post up later what ridiculous thing I end up purchasing...maybe a chain mail corset. LOL


Happy Friday!

Almost done with Surviving Bella Chapter 8. Just a few little bits to finish up. It should be posted at some point tonight, so hold your breath or hang out staring at your email waiting for the update! Or, head out to a movie and check when you get home. I liked Vampires Suck. :)

After SB chapter 8, I hope to complete a little o/s for the writers of the Carlisle Bella and the Banana contest winning story. It should post next week and SB chapter 9 will be the following week. That is my general plan - still post up something every week, you just never know what it's going to be!


Hide and Drink Questions?

Got a question about Hide and Drink? There are no more spoilers for a completed fic, so I'll be answering any and all questions in an interview with Robstenlove. com later on this month. If you have a question, follow the link below and post it there! I'll answer all the questions posted!

H&D Questions


Mid-Week Sneak Peek - Surviving Bella Chapter 8

Ah yes, back into the swing of things...well, I'm writing again, anyway. Working on Surviving Bella Chapter Eight - it's going to be a rough one! It should post on Saturday on FFN, and on Twilighted whenever it is validated. Teaser below!

I lay down on my back, staring up at the dark canopy of the raft. I figured she might have as many as six hours left, but not much more than that. I was starting to shake and itch again, and I seriously doubted I would have the strength or muscle control to pull myself back onto the raft another time, so no more fishing. I wouldn’t be far behind her – a half day, maybe. A half day lying here with her body. I didn’t think I’d be able to just toss her overboard, not unless I went with her.

“Edward?” I heard her soft voice struggle to get enough volume to reach my ears. I leaned a little closer and saw her hollow eyes looking deep into mine. “Edward, I’m scared.”

I reached around her torso with one arm, and slipped the other one under her shoulders so I could pull her close to me. I held her head against my chest and wrapped my arms around her tiny, gaunt frame.

“Don’t be scared, Bella.” I closed my eyes and hugged her to me. My eyes squeezed shut and my lips pressed into her hair. “I’ve got you.”

I could feel her body slump into mine, and I had to listen close to her breathing to make sure it remained steady as she drifted off to sleep. I tried to take a deep breath myself, feeling the dark unconsciousness of deprivation overcoming my mind and body.

“I’ve got you,” I repeated, wondering if she still believed I could save her.



I had a blast at Dragon Con, as always. If you have never been, check it out and plan to go next year! There is a little something for everyone!

Dragon Con

Now, on with the writing! I didn't do any over the weekend, even though I did take my computer with me. I plug it in at the hotel and there it sat for five days. Ah well. I did a lot of thinking about Surviving Bella...I swear.

I should get on a regular posting schedule this weekend.

360 days to Dragon Con 2011.


Off to Dragon Con!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I'll be in Atlanta for the next 5 days at Dragon Con! Will you be there? If you want to stop by and say "hi," I will also be at the 501st Legion Table on Saturday from 4:00-5:00pm. Otherwise, you can find me at the Hyatt balcony bar most of the time. Just walk out and yell "Where's Savage?" Chances are,I'm there or someone who knows me is. :)

I will probably update Surviving Bella September 10th or 11th.

In the meantime...

Check out my new one-shot Fevers, which is my version of Edward's human death and change.

Those in the US, have a great holiday weekend!