Judging Books Posted

Gotta love the quick betas! :)

The first part of Judging Books has been posted on FFN. I am really liking this story personally - am I allowed to say that? :) I think that's why it's already out of control length-wise for something that should have been a one shot!

Enjoy! I hope to have a sneak-peek of either SB chapter 9 or JB chapter 2 posted tomorrow...maybe both!


  1. Of course you're allowed to say you like your own story, especially since I love it. And if that means it will keep getting longer and longer, I hope you don't start disliking it anytime soon ;-)
    I'm looking forward to the sneak peaks.

  2. the first chapter is GREAT. it has to be the sweetest edward ever! I'm glad bella gave him a chance and I'm glad she did it before knowing about his money!