Tuesday...no....Thurs...no...Oh, Whatever day! It's a Teaser!

I'm lucky to know what day it is anyway! :)

Here's a quick teaser for UC Chapter 37.  Actually, this is probably about the most humorous teaser this story has ever had.  LOL!

“Are there many minutes between pains?” Kate asked.  After a moment of silence, I realized she was asking me

“What?” I replied.

“How far apart are her pains?”

“Um…well…she’s been crying since I got here.”

“All the time, or does she stop for a while?”

“She stops”

“For how long?”

“I have no idea!” I snapped back.

She woman took a long deep breath, glared at me, and then turned to my wife.


“A minute or two,” Isabella moaned.  The sweat was back on her brow again, though I had just wiped it away.  “No more than that.”

“Let’s see how you are doing then.”

To my horror, the woman reached down and began to life my wife’s skirts.

“What do you think you are doing?” I yelled at her as I slapped her hand away.

She backed off, her eyes widened for a brief moment, and then they calmed and settled into…amusement?  Her lips pursed, and she shook her head slightly.

“King Edward,” Kate said as she placed her hands on her hips.  “Do you think this child is going to come out through her dress?”

Yeah - he's clueless.  tihihihihi!!!


TGIF and Various Updates

Busy, busy week!  Why do I feel like I say that every Friday?  Oh...'cause I do.

My busy beta is working on the two stories for charities this weekend - Play By Play, the Offside outtake for Mal and Leo's HEA, and Otherwise Alone, the one/shot for Fandom for Texas Wildlife Relief.  Have you donated yet? :)

With both of those stories done, I just have UC to work on this weekend.  *IF* I get it done in time, it should post beginning of the week after going through beta.  If I don't get it done in time, I might need a volunteer beta reader, since mine is going out of town.  Either that or you'll get an un-beta'd chapter, which I hate to do.  However it works out, I won't make you wait any longer than you have to, I promise. :)

Also doing a little work on Tempt My Tongue, though most of it has been in my head and not written down yet.  Speaking of TMT, there is going to be a reading group for it!  I've never done one before, but it sounds like a lot of fun.  I'll have more details as I get them. :)

Have a great weekend!


Thursday Teaser - UC Chapter 36!

Tuesday...Thursday...whatever!  Sorry - it has been a busy week.  I do have some nice new furniture, though, which includes a new recliner for me.  I might do a lot of writing from there. :)

Enjoy the teaser!  It kind of sets the tone for the chapter, I think...

I grabbed up the ropes they brought to me and made quick work of Jessica’s arms while Jasper – his eyes still staring blankly as he tried to prepare himself for what he knew would come – tied ropes to her ankles.  Once she was tied tightly, the end of each rope was given to a different soldier, who walked solemnly to one of the horses.  Each horse faced a different direction, and as the soldiers tied the ropes to the saddles, I grabbed Jessica by her middle.

She struggled, kicked and screamed at me, but I ignored her.  I held her flat with my palms underneath her back until the soldiers had walked the horses far enough away for me to release my grip without her body falling to the ground. 

“There you go – stop now,” I called out, and the soldiers steadied each of the horses.  “Hold them still.”

I stepped up to one side of Jessica and looked down at her.  She was completely suspended in the air now, with each of her splayed limbs holding up the rest of her body.  At the end of the line, each horse stood with the rope secured on the saddle and a soldier standing with sword drawn.   At my signal, they would know exactly what to do.

“Do you realize,” I asked as I leaned over her, “exactly what will happen to you if I send the horses into a run?”


Yeah...that's going to be messy...


Busy Day

I've got a very busy day ahead of me.  Fun stuff at work will keep me there late, plus soccer practice for the girls this evening.  Their last game is this coming Saturday!  It's definitely been a good time coaching them.  

My son seems to be getting over his wisdom tooth extraction very well.  Thanks again for everyone's advice and recipes!  Mostly he's complaining about the lack of variety in his meals at the moment, but generally on the mend.

I do have a decent chunk of UC chapter 36 written, but not quite half way there yet.  Probably no teaser today - sorry!  Hope to have one out tomorrow or Thursday, though, and still plan on having it done and ready to post for ht weekend. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Dribble Drabble

The whole "post a day" chapters in FanFic lately has been, in my opinion, awesome.  I do want to make a clarification (which I didn't know myself until recently) between Drabble fic and what we've been doing in the FanFIc arena of late.  Drabble fic has its own definition, and that's not what we're doing.  See the wiki here.  So I think I'm going with the term Dribble Fic, which means absolutely nothing (as far as I know - someone correct me if I'm wrong).

Anyway - why do I think it's awesome?  Because as writers, it is a challenge.  How much can you write per day?  Can you really post a little something up every day of the week for months on end?  Is that even possible?  Well, no - probably not, but can you get close?  And for me personally, how quickly can you COMPLETE a story?  For readers, it's exciting and fun.

There are downfalls, though - a lot of them!

1. There no time for a beta.  You need a beta, no matter how clean your writing is.  This is the part that made both Could Be Worse, Right? and Offside a challenge - not so much because of all the typos that made it past my own eyes, but to keep my OCD self from going through and re-reading each chapter 15 times after I posted it and fixing every little typo.  Why is that a problem?  Because while I'm spinning my wheels (and using up my free time) doing that, I'm not writing more.

2. It's not going to be your best work.  That's just all there is to it.  Especially if you do it all off the cuff.  This is true of all chapter by chapter writing, though - not just dribbles.  Some of my best ideas come three chapters later, and usually I can find a way to work them into the story without too much effort, but it would have been better if I eluded to the idea earlier on.  In a dribble, it's not three chapters, its twenty.  Or thirty.

3. It's stressful.  It's a lot of pressure on the writer when you know "x" number of readers and literally hitting "refresh" over and over again, twitter-stalking you, and sending multiple PMs a day asking if you are going to update soon or should they go ahead and go to bed.

If you are a writer, I'd suggest trying it once (even if you don't post it).  It's challenging and fun.  I'm not sure I'll do it again soon, though.  I was debating with Tempt My Tongue, but i think I've decided on more traditional chapter lengths and a weekly posting schedule.

How about readers?  What do you think of this new "trend"?  Exciting and fun, despite the lower level of quality, or do you prefer to wait a while and get something more thought-out?

Let me know what you think!


New UC Banner!

I was completely remiss and forgot to add this new UC banner by Decembre on FFN to the last post.  It's beautiful!  Thanks so much!

Smoothies, Mashed Potatoes and Ice Cream

That seems to be the magic combination for wisdom tooth extraction recovery. :)

Thanks to everyone who has posted up smoothie recipes (I've used a few!) and sent along general advice.  It is very much appreciated!  He's doing quite well (coached his sister's team with me this afternoon - they won!), though he still can't eat much.  I'm making a huge batch of mashed potatoes right now just to get something a little more solid-like into him.  I think if I offer him another smoothie he might hit me.  hehe  He's well enough to sit and the computer and blow things up, which is making it difficult to write smut, but that's always the case. 

UC updated today, which you may have already seen.  I like my medieval weapons, especially siege equipment - did ya notice? :)  I should finish up around chapter 39-40.  Not 100% sure, but that's how it looks right now.

I'm working on the one-shot for Fandom for Texas Wildfire Relief today, and hope to get it done this week.  There should be a teaser for it here tomorrow.  I need to get started on UC Chapter 36 as well, since I haven't written anything for it past the summary so far. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!


Friday Again!


Off work today because my 16 year old is getting his wisdom teeth out.  Fun day ahead of him (not so much).  I plan on spending my time looking up smoothie recipes (anyone have a recommendation?) and working on the one-shot for Fandom for Texas Wildfire Relief. UC Chapter 35 is off to beta!

I'll tell ya right now, this little O/S may be my favorite ever, and it's not even done yet.  You should definitely consider donating, because it's probably not going to be posted on FFN.  This will be your only chance to get it.  I'm still debating the title (though I've narrowed it down to two, and I think I've settled on one, it just depends...), but once I decide for sure and it's a little closer to being done I shall post a banner and teaser for everyone.

You don't want to miss it.  Check out Fandom for Texas Wildfire Relief for info on how to donate and receive this O/S along with a compilation from other fabulous writers!

Have a wonderful Friday!


Hump Day Hors d'oeuvre - UC Chapter 35 Teaser

Well, it can't be a Tuesday Teaser if it's not Tuesday!
Here you go - a little slice of Unexpected Circumstances, Chapter 35, brought to you by Lolypop82 and her fantabulous manips.

Though injured, our foes were still heavily armed, and Emmett pointed out the mercenaries in unmarked armor, not unlike the armor worn by those who had attacked my carriage.  It was the same type as the man I had killed earlier.  They all fought with similar maces and wore the same studded leather armor.

I closed my eyes for a moment as I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself.  It was difficult when there were so many enemies around me and the blood on my sword was probably just beginning to dry.  I wanted more death.  It was the only thing that could occupy me enough to keep thoughts of her out of my head.  If I were to think of her, I would undoubtedly collapse from the worry, and that would not serve her well. 

My eyes fell on the two men in front, who seemed to be the center of the mercenaries’ attention.  One tall man with a full beard appeared to be directing the other mercenary soldiers towards the younger lads with poor weapons and no armor.  The other was at his side, relaying his orders to the ones behind them.

The bearded man’s face held a sinister grin as he kicked out at a farm boy of no more than thirteen years.

“Hand me your crossbow,” I murmured to Emmett.

“Of course,” Emmett replied.  He took the heavy, crank-powered crossbow from the back of his horse and handed it to me.  He placed a handful of bolts in my hand as well, and I quickly fitted one into the slot and cranked it back.  I steadied Volvo, placed the weapon against my shoulder, took steady aim at the second man, and pulled at the trigger.

The bolt pierced the man through the neck and he dropped to the ground.  The bearded man immediately turned from his ally towards our direction, and I allowed Volvo to take a few steps forward as my gaze met with the mercenary leader’s eyes from across the battle field.  His eyes grew wide as he began to call out to his men to begin retreat.

That manip is the reason this chapter is a little behind and I haven't done anything else since I first saw it.  I can't stop looking at it, then my panties get all sticky, I have to change clothes, and do laundry.  Then the whole, awful cycle continues.

Pretty hot, huh?


Up way too early today

Woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep.  So I got up and painted the family room.  I'm covered in "Baked Brie" colored paint, but the walls are done.  I still need to paint one of the two doors to the laundry room, but after that I think I can officially call it done.

Why do you care about my family room?  Well, you don't.  But you do care about whatever the heck I'm writing that you are reading, and with the painting out of the way I can work on the UC chapter this evening.  it's more than half done, I think.  I am still a bit behind, but I hope to still have it posted sometime this weekend.  Teaser (WITH BANNER!) should be up either tonight or tomorrow.

OK - off to the shower now to try to remove some of this paint...

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Play By Play - Offside Outtake

I hope everyone is enjoying the change f tone in UC.  I know - I hate it when writers change POV!!  Make up your damn mind!  LOL  Anyway, it just made sense for UC at that point to me.  Hope it makes sense to you, too.

I've been working on Play By Play - the Esme Platt and Edward Masen Offside outtake.  It's just about done.  Here's a banner for it that tpec1991 made with Hugh Jackman (yummy) as Edward Masen.  There will be a teaser out before too long. :)

I could actually completely zone out watching those hands, and an hour could go by before I even realized it.  I loved the way they strummed across the guitar strings, the way they wrapped around a bottle of beer, and I loved what I imagined them doing to me  when I closed my eyes at night and…

…and I’ve never, ever talked to him.

Play By Play - get your copy by donating to Mal and Leo's HEA!



It has been a crappy, crappy week.

Regardless, I've managed to make some writing progress.  UC Chapter 34 is off to beta and will post whenever I get it back and edited - probably tomorrow.  I'm working on the outtake for Mal and Leo and the and O/S for Fandom for Texas Wildfire Relief .  I've received some awesome banners for each, which I hope to share (along with a teaser) in the next week or so. 

Wrist is still bugging me, which is making typing kind of hard/slow.  I think I just sprained it as opposed to developing carpel tunnel or something like that.  It it doesn't feel any better by next week I guess I'll have to have it checked out.  

I'm really excited about the reviews for Tempt My Tongue so far.  All those brave, trusting souls out there are enjoying it so far!  I think UC is going to wrap up at chapter 38-40, so it should start posting regularly by the end of November.  Believe it or not, that isn't too far off!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!