Play By Play - Offside Outtake

I hope everyone is enjoying the change f tone in UC.  I know - I hate it when writers change POV!!  Make up your damn mind!  LOL  Anyway, it just made sense for UC at that point to me.  Hope it makes sense to you, too.

I've been working on Play By Play - the Esme Platt and Edward Masen Offside outtake.  It's just about done.  Here's a banner for it that tpec1991 made with Hugh Jackman (yummy) as Edward Masen.  There will be a teaser out before too long. :)

I could actually completely zone out watching those hands, and an hour could go by before I even realized it.  I loved the way they strummed across the guitar strings, the way they wrapped around a bottle of beer, and I loved what I imagined them doing to me  when I closed my eyes at night and…

…and I’ve never, ever talked to him.

Play By Play - get your copy by donating to Mal and Leo's HEA!


  1. Hmm, Hugh Jackman does make a good Robward's dad. I perceive them as similar actors as well, in that they're both huge dorks in unbelievable attractive bodies.

  2. It makes it easier to write Edward/Esme smut, I'll tell ya that!  LOL

  3. The banner is great! Huge is adorable and that's the best picture of Elizabeth I've ever seen! Cannot wait to get the comp. But most all, I hope she's gets enough to bring home! :)