Caveward Q&A

Your questions answered about Transcendence!  Finish reading the last chapter (it will post here in just a second...), and then ask away!

Where did you get the idea?
Facebook challenge!  Really, like a lot for my stories, I wanted to read about a real Caveward and couldn't find one. So I wrote it.

What was that little round thing they used to start fires?
The metal button from Beh’s Jordache Jeans.  Yeah, Jordache, Robin!  Cope! LOL

Why was Beh so upset when Ehd broke the plate in chapter 20?
That is when she realizes she and Ehd are the skeletons in her mother’s exhibit, and understands her fate.  That would freak me out a bit, too!

What was the injection Beh gave herself, and what did it do?
It’s a totally made-up-by-me drug that caused her uterus to go into spontaneous ablation.  Now that I think about it, that’s kind of silly, but whatever – it’s fiction!

How did Lee end up older than Lah when he was born second?
Lah was born, got sick, went to the furture to get cured, was brought back a couple weeks later, which was a year and a half later.  Lee had been born by then.  So she's younger, but born first.  (Sorry - that's the best I can do!)

Why didn’t Ehd ever learn to speak?
See blog post of 12/17/11 – Ehd does not have the capacity for speech – he would never be able to learn.

What was wrong with Fil (that's PHIL, spelled wrong!)?
Nothing, really – he just took after Ehd when it came to speech.

What year did Beh go back in time?
Two thousand and...um...well, in the future...but not that far.  Not so far they aren't still making Jordache jeans.

How does time travel work?
I have no idea.  If I did, I wouldn’t have a day job.

What's all that stuff Char-Dad left?
A biodegradable briefcase full of goodies - a book of local plant life being the most beneficial.  There were vitamins, which Beh slipped into the family's food when no one was looking, diapers with sharp plastic pins, antibiotics, and whatever else sounds good to ya.  As a scientist, Char-Dad would be very careful of making sure everything he brought would biodegrade and not leave evidence.  It was probably all made out of corn plastic. :)

Why did it take so long for Char-Dad to bring Lah back?
Time travel is, at best, a tricky thing.  You don't want to end up in the same place you have already been, or it opens up a black hole...or maybe a white hole...or a white rabbit - whatever - it would be bad, mkay?  So you have to make sure you are a long way away from yourself!  In time!  And space.  Now my head hurts and I need a drink - how about you?
Are you going to write more BPOV for this story?
I do not plan to, no.

What are you going to do next?
Write a story that is all dialogue.  LOL

Feel free to post your own questions - I will try to answer them as soon as I can!


More to come!

I know, I didn't post for a couple of days, but a new Caveward chapter posted today.  I do have a bit of the next Transcendence chapter done as well, but it's not ready yet - probably tomorrow morning.  Yes, what I said was true - it's almost over.  It will likely finish this in the next few days.  Once it is done, I'm going to focus on TMT (I haven't forgotten it!  Really!) until it is finished.  I have about a dozen other things to do at that point, and might actually take a little bit of a break. Not a long one!

Right now, my daughter is forcing me to watch the Smurfs.  I'm going to have to watch a whole season of Spartacus to make up for it.

Enjoy your weekend.


Here's to Recovering from the Weekend!

I think I survived!  Megacon was fantastic, as always.  If you have never been, and you have any interest in sci-fi, fantasy, animae, etc. you should really check it out.  I had a wonderful time hanging out with my 501st Legion buddies, the Mayhews (check out the new Peter Mayhew Foundation website), D.J. Nelson Flux, Nick Wolfe (Evil Twin FX)  and various others.  Hung out at Moshi's Arkham Nights party on Saturday until it closed down.  My pictures did not come out at all.  Either I don't know how to use the camera on my iPhone or it just sucks - I'm not sure which.

I also got to meet some new people, which is always a great time.  One of the people I met at the con was James Hence.  You have to check out his stuff.  It is just too freaking adorable. 

So, Dragon Con should be next, though there are an awful lot of people trying to convince me to go to Star Wars Celebration VI instead.  I can't possibly do both.  Still leaning towards Dragon Con.  Are you going to be there this year?  :)

Should be some more Transcendence tonight!


And Lee is short for...

Char-lee!  Some of you figured it out, at least.  

I hope to have more Transcendence either tonight or tomorrow morning.  I've at least got it started, just not sure if I'll be able to finish it tonight before I fall asleep.

Busy end of the week coming up.  I will be getting ready for and then heading to Orlando on Friday for Megacon.  Hope to see some of you there!  There probably won't be any updates from Thursday - Sunday, but I'll be taking Monday off and should at least get something out for you then!

Happy Valentine's Day!


I can't Follow the Rules

For the @ageofedward contest!

Long story short, As She Desires, which was originally written for the Age of Edward Contest, is WAAAY over the limit for word count.  The maximum is 12,000, and the story is 18,000.  After much debate with my beta and a bunch of people on facebook it basically came down to either cutting the story down to make it fit or not.

In a nutshell, I just couldn't cut that much out of it and keep the integrity of the story.  So it will still be posted (probably today or tomorrow) in its entirety, but I won't be entering it in the contest.

Good luck to all the other contestants!

Watch for As She Desires, coming very soon!!


Happy Birthday Robin!

For those of you who have been following this blog for a while, you know that a little more than a year ago it changed from looking like a third-grader's weekend project to something quite a bit more professional to say the least.

Yeah.  Not my doing.

I write.  That's what I do.  I'm not a designer, and have absolutely no sense for such things.

So back in the beginning of 2011, I get approached by Robin, who has since given every one of my stories a place of their own, provide all of you with a single place to find everything you want, and constantly change and improve how it all works and ties together.  She has done an incredible job here.

She's also become a good friend.

So today, please help me wish a very happy birthday to Robin!  There is no way I could do all of this without you!


One Last Gladiator Tease

For the @ageofedward contest!

As She Desires:

Banner by soapymayhem
Summary: When I left the Circus Maximus and came into the service of the Egyptian governor, I did not realize what his daughter would do with me…to me.  I was only supposed to be there to protect her.  She demanded more. 

Her fingers trailed from my shoulder down my chest. 

For a moment, I closed my eyes.  I had to swallow hard past the lump in my throat.

“Is it true what they say about Rome?” she asked quietly.  “About the decadence that ensues there?  The bath houses and the like?”

I had no idea how to respond, or indeed what she was precisely asking. 

“Father does not permit me near such places, not even those that have come to Alexandria.”

“The Roman nobles have a taste for the baser desires,” I said.  For a moment, Isa was quiet.

When she finally spoke again, I nearly jumped right out of the bed.

 “Do they really hold…orgies?”

I didn’t really move, but rather tensed even more than I had been throughout this conversation.  Again, there was the overwhelming urge to swallow before I could speak.

“Yes, Domina.”

“And were you ever a part of these?”

I turned my eyes away, not wanting to think of it, let alone answer such a question.  My mind went to those days regardless, and my cock responded to the memories of warm mouths and cunts into which it had plunged almost as often as my sword had torn into another man’s flesh.  Whether or not I participated in such base events – as well as with whom – was as much my choice as it was in the arena.

I closed my eyes completely as I felt her soft fingertips graze my abdomen, right above the subligaculum about my waist.

“You were a participant, were you not?”

“Yes, Domina,” I replied quietly.

Banner by Ro

Ah, Eduardus...you are treading into territory far more treacherous than the arena!

I hope to have this story completed and off to beta this weekend.  It should post sometime early next week!

Sometimes You Just Have to Think Conspiracy Theory

Last week it was extensive time studying for certification.  This week it was Mr. Savage out of town and general work stuff.  Now the Mr. is back, work has calmed down, and I have a terrible cold.  My head is pounding.

Someone up there doesn't want me to have any time to write!!

Oh, and I keep trying to do the Starz online survey thing to unlock the next Spartacus episode and it's not working.  Grrrr.

At least Arsenal is up 3-1 against Blackburn at halftime.  I feel another RV Persie hat-trick coming.


Promise Me

Today in my home town, we are remembering the anniversary of a teenage girl who was killed in an accident.  She was texting on her phone while driving.

Every once in a while I receive a message from someone saying they are reading or reviewing my stories while driving their cars.  I honestly don't know if I would be able to continue writing if I ever heard someone was harmed in this way while reading one of my updates.

Please, please, please - do not text, read, or review while driving.  I promise the update will still be there if you will promise me to wait until you get home to read it.