One Last Gladiator Tease

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As She Desires:

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Summary: When I left the Circus Maximus and came into the service of the Egyptian governor, I did not realize what his daughter would do with me…to me.  I was only supposed to be there to protect her.  She demanded more. 

Her fingers trailed from my shoulder down my chest. 

For a moment, I closed my eyes.  I had to swallow hard past the lump in my throat.

“Is it true what they say about Rome?” she asked quietly.  “About the decadence that ensues there?  The bath houses and the like?”

I had no idea how to respond, or indeed what she was precisely asking. 

“Father does not permit me near such places, not even those that have come to Alexandria.”

“The Roman nobles have a taste for the baser desires,” I said.  For a moment, Isa was quiet.

When she finally spoke again, I nearly jumped right out of the bed.

 “Do they really hold…orgies?”

I didn’t really move, but rather tensed even more than I had been throughout this conversation.  Again, there was the overwhelming urge to swallow before I could speak.

“Yes, Domina.”

“And were you ever a part of these?”

I turned my eyes away, not wanting to think of it, let alone answer such a question.  My mind went to those days regardless, and my cock responded to the memories of warm mouths and cunts into which it had plunged almost as often as my sword had torn into another man’s flesh.  Whether or not I participated in such base events – as well as with whom – was as much my choice as it was in the arena.

I closed my eyes completely as I felt her soft fingertips graze my abdomen, right above the subligaculum about my waist.

“You were a participant, were you not?”

“Yes, Domina,” I replied quietly.

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Ah, Eduardus...you are treading into territory far more treacherous than the arena!

I hope to have this story completed and off to beta this weekend.  It should post sometime early next week!

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