Shower Sex

You know what's difficult to do? Write shower sex without getting wet.


Sorry....sometimes I crack myself up. I know that was really, really bad. I apologize. Profusely. I'll probably still do something similar again.

Next One Shot - You Choose POV!

Sometimes I just get ideas in my head and I know if I don't get them out pretty quick, they'll be gone. This is your chance to get your opinion in there on the next one shot I write.

The basic plot -Bella takes a little boating trip (Gilligan's Island music starts here) with Edward as the aloof sea captain. Something goes horribly wrong and the two of them end up in a lifeboat.

That's all I got so far, so I need you to help me decide the most important part - which point of view should I use, Bella's or Edward's? I don't switch POV part way through, so however it starts, that's how it will end. Use the poll at the bottom of the page to cast your vote!

Changes, changes, changes

If you keep up with my ramblings, you are going to quickly notice that I am about as OCD as Boobward. I'm probably going to be changing shit around on here on a daily basis (if not hourly) for the foreseeable future.


Let me know what you think, since I figured out how to put comments on those pages (and others) as well. Yeah, I didn't notice that little button before...

So I have made a lot of changes, mostly consolidations. You can find the survey results and non-twilight FF on the Misc page now. I removed the "What's wrong with Boobward" page, since that was just me messing with you anyway. Also, Current and Future Work pages have been moved into one page - Writing Projects. There is a links page now as well, which I will add to later.

All right, I'm going to head over to MS Word and work on Chapter 25, if no one minds too much. :)


Updates already!

Check out the Hide and Drink page - I completely changed it. Also the "Inside information" page has had added to it a bunch of bits that never made it into Hide and Drink. Little pieces that might have ended up in a particular chapter, but for whatever reason I decided to omit them. I thought someone might like them, though.

I've been changing things all over the place, so I hope it ends up being something everyone likes!

Okay...here it goes!

I'm about to go tweet this blog out there so people know about it. I'm a little nervous, because I know it's not really "ready" and pretty much sucks. I don't know how brilliant I thought I was, but I guess I figured since everyone and their dog has a blog and a Facebook page (no, I haven't managed to do that yet, either!), I ought to be able to figure it out. Ha! Not!

This is definitely not "done" and I plan to update daily, so check back and tell me if it's any better by this time next week. I'll add pages and remove pages and generally mess around until I actually like it.

Anyway, be relatively kind and leave a comment. Definitely tell me if you see anything I've totally effed up, like I spelled Boobward wrong somewhere or my links don't go to Hide and Drink my story, but the breast feeding apparatus by the same name instead.

Here goes nothing...


My first ever blog

I swear, it's going to get better than this. For an IT person, I'm really bad at web-related stuff. I mean, I know the basics, but it seems like every twelve year old out there has a better idea of how to do something like this. Some one give me an iSeries mid-range system to configure so I can seem more impressive, technically!

Thank God no one is reading this yet.

Anyway - this is going to be a blog related to writing and stories, not technology, so don't think you've entered the wrong place.

I'm Shay Savage, and this is my blog about the smut I write. Yeah. If you're under 18, get the fuck out.