Next One Shot - You Choose POV!

Sometimes I just get ideas in my head and I know if I don't get them out pretty quick, they'll be gone. This is your chance to get your opinion in there on the next one shot I write.

The basic plot -Bella takes a little boating trip (Gilligan's Island music starts here) with Edward as the aloof sea captain. Something goes horribly wrong and the two of them end up in a lifeboat.

That's all I got so far, so I need you to help me decide the most important part - which point of view should I use, Bella's or Edward's? I don't switch POV part way through, so however it starts, that's how it will end. Use the poll at the bottom of the page to cast your vote!


  1. I'll go with Edward'sPOV. he's so much interesting than bella... can't wait, I bet it will a great story