Bastian's Storm - Coming June 19th!

That's right!  Bastian's Storm is just about here!  If you haven't read the blurb or seen the cover, make sure you're sitting down....

Bastian’s Storm – Summary 

Sebastian Stark just isn’t cut out for normal life with a girlfriend in the hot and humid city of Miami.  All in all, he’d rather be back on the island where it was just the two of them, and he could keep everything in balance.  The bar down the street tempts him daily, but he’s determined to remain strong.  Adjusting to normal life is difficult, but Bastian is doing his best to keep himself together and the nightmares away.  Raine’s happy, and that’s what matters to him the most.

But not all nightmares can be driven away.

When Bastian’s former mentor comes into the picture and presents him with an ultimatum, Bastian slips into old habits.  Though he wants to shield Raine from the truth, the shady circumstances of his past form into a hurricane he can’t control.  In an effort to protect her, Bastian has no choice but to throw himself back into his old job – death match tournaments – just one last time.

Dropped into the arctic wilderness with weapons loaded, Bastian has to compete against representatives from major crime lords all over the states.  He’s studied his competition, he knows their weaknesses, and he’s ready to battle for the woman he loves.  There’s only one opponent in the mix that causes him any concern.  In order to guarantee Raine’s safety, Bastian will be pitted against the key hit man for Chicago’s largest mob family – a guy who’s known as one hell of a shot. 

A guy named Evan Arden.


Surviving Raine Anniversary Giveaway!

Today is the one year anniversary of the publication of Surviving Raine!  To celebrate, I'm having a giveaway on my facebook page!  Stop by and enter to win!


The Bend Anthology


It's just about summer reading time!

If you aren't reading this yet, you should be.  You're not going to find a collection like this anywhere else!  Eight authors, 700+ pages of eight brand new stories unavailable anywhere else, and for $0.99.  You can't beat that.

To top it all off, you have The Savage Trainer's abs on the cover.

My contribution to this effort is called WORTH - the story of a Roman Tribunus and the slave woman who help him heal with a few "distractions." 

“Distract me,” I commanded again.

“I think you know everything about my life now, Faustus.”

“Then distract me another way,” I suggested.  I kept my eyes on her, and when she looked to me, I raised an eyebrow and smiled suggestively.

Aia turned to drop the cloth in the bowl, and I watched her eyes as she looked down my body.  From my supine position, the state of my cock was becoming noticeable.  Her blush returned, and she looked back to the bowl again.  Her hand trembled slightly as she wrung out the cloth and hung it beside the table.

Reaching out, I took her wrist and guided her hand to the hard length of my cock.

“How long will it be,” I asked with lowered voice, “until I can fill you with this?”

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