Dragon Con Here I Come!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  My annual trek to Dragon Con in Atlanta begins at the ungodly hour of 4:30am tomorrow.  This will be my tenth consecutive trip! I'm mostly packed, though I have yet to find the pom-poms that go with my Sith Cheerleader costume.  I should just have to roll out of bed at 4:00, pack the cooler and get a LARGE coffee before getting on the road.  The early hour is worth it, because trying to get checked into the hotel after 3:00pm is insanely busy. 

Anyone else going?  Feel free to tweet at me if you are planning on being there and want to meet up!  I'm usually pretty easy to find - just hang out on the balcony of the Hyatt bar - I eventually show up there. :)  Though I will have my phone on me, I won't have any other type of internet access, so no updates on UC or anything until next week. 

Hopefully I will see some of you there! 

For the Love of a Beta

I'm fairly certain I was supposed to do this yesterday.

If you write, you makes misteaks.  It might be a type, used the wrong tense, or a misplaced, serial, comma.  Might be no subject in the sentence.  Or a fragment, maybe?

Regardless of the type of mistakes most common in your own writing, if you are lucky, you have a beta reader who knows exactly what to seek out and help you get it right.

My beta is DK, and she doesn't just fix my mistakes.  She pushes me along, tells me when something is crap, and encourages me throughout the entire process.  She's not just a pre-reader to help keep the plot from getting off track, and she's not just someone who removes half the commas I put in sentences.  She's also become a dear friend.

Believe me, if it weren't for her, you might never see another chapter of UC. :)

Thanks DK! :)


Hide and Drink

You know, it's been a while since someone sent me any artwork for Hide and Drink, but this showed up in my inbox this week, and and LOVE it!

Notice all the words all over it?  It's all the chapter end words.  Cool, huh? :)

Thanks so much to iinfamouslyiizzy on FFN for creating this and sending it to me!

Speaking of H&D, if you haven't checked out the blog page for it recently, do - it looks seriously cool (thank you Robin! :) )


Back to School Fundraiser

I finally caught up with my FFN PMs, and found some information from Project Team Beta buried amongst everything else I hadn't managed to read.  If you haven't already, check out the Back to School Fundraiser they are hosting!  For a $5 donation you'll get a compilation from many contributing writers

Look for more information on the links!  I was too late to the party to contribute this year.  :(  But I'm going to go support with my donation!  

In other news...my daughter's team got slaughtered 5-1 yesterday.  *sigh*  I think they learned some lessons, though, so I'm looking forward to the next game!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


First Game!

My daughter's soccer team (which I've been coaching) has their first game tomorrow morning!!  I'm a nervous wreck!  She seems fine.  I hope they do well!  Wish us luck!  :)


I Told Ya My Mind Works In Weird Ways

Now that Offside chapter 119 has posted, let me give you a little idea of how all of this came about.  It was about chapter 60, and I really didn't know where this story was going to go.  That's when an image of Edward trying to walk after being injured, Bella egging him on from the other end of the bars, then them falling together onto the floor and ending up with a good motorboating came into my head.

Yeah - that one little scene in my head set the stage for the entire rest of the story.

Edward dumping Bella
Saving her form the van accident
Not being able to walk
Stefan's "therapy"
Carlisle's suicide
Edward crawling up the stairs

All of that from a single thought of Edward motorboating Bella on the mat.


Just had to get that off my chest.



Fixed Banners!


Die, Daddy C, Die! Contest Banners!

Here are the banners for the contest winners!

Make sure to thank Melly (@Melolabel ) for making the banners!


UC Support & Teaser

Thanks for all the UC support.  I do appreciate it, and it does help.  Funny, there was one single person who seemed to think it was still necessary to bash me after that post.  It's weird, but the comment won't show up on the page.  It's there in the listing behind the scenes, but doesn't appear with the rest of the comments.  I didn't delete it, and would make it show up if I could.  Anyway - you know who you are.  And yeah, it's your kind of bullshit that gets me down and makes the story hard to write.  So, in general, fuck off.  I mean that in the most loving of ways.  :)

For the rest of ya - I love you all dearly, and I think the hard part for me is about over when it comes to writing UC.  Chapter 29 is off to beta, Chapter 30 should be easier to write, and I hope that will get me over this little hump I seem to be having when it comes to writing it.

If you've sent me a PM - thanks as well.  I'm really, really behind in those and hope to catch up and respond to them soon.  For all of you who continue to listen to be bitch and still support what i'm trying to do with this story, here's a little teaser for ya. :)


Though the crown was already officially transferred, Esme placed the simple gold ring upon Edward’s head, and then he in turn took the crown that had adorned her head for many years and placed it on mine.  As the crowd continued to call out to us, Edward jumped up on Volvo and I was placed in front of him and we rode slowly around the castle.

The people cheered as Edward waved.  I gripped his arm as he held me against his chest and his mouth breathed warm air to my ear.

“They love you,” he said.  “They see you so clearly.”

I felt heat rise to my face again as Edward’s lips pressed into my cheek, and the cheers of the people of Forks grew louder.

“Long live King Edward!  Long live Queen Isabella!”

The chanting became louder as Edward slowly moved Volvo down the streets, the stallion’s tail swishing at the ruckus around us.  People who could get close enough to us reached out and touched Volvo’s flanks, as well as Edward’s legs and the skirt of my dress.

“I believe they would do anything for you,” Edward sighed as his arm held me tighter.  “I have so much to learn – so much to make up for – but I can only hope to be as good a King as you will be a Queen.”


Die, Daddy C, Die!

I cannot believe how many entries we got for this contest!  I'm especially thrilled with all the ones who said they had never written anything before.  I hope everyone involved had a great time with it - I know I did!

And now, the winners!

Third place, there was a two-way tie!
  •  Die Another Day by Maplestyle
  • What Goes Around Cums Around by FluffyLiz
In second place, we have a three-way tie!
  •  Of Dog Balls and Nutella by FicFloveR
  • Papa Bear by  FicFloveR
  •  Three Strikes and You're Out by Sleepless in Virginia 

And the winner is (drum roll......)

In first place:
  • Always, With the Fucking Mums by FicFloveR
 (I think someone just couldn't get enough of killing this poor guy off!)

Congratulations to the winners and to EVERYONE who participated in this contest in any capacity - reading, writing and voting.  I'm thrilled people got out of their comfort zone and wrote something for the first time! I had a wonderful time reading all the entries - they were all so creative and fun!  I'm going to go review all of them once I get the chance.

All winners will receive a banner created by the lovely Melly announcing their wins. (She's out of town tonight, but will have them up soon!)  

FicFloveR will receive the Grand Prize, which is me writing a one shot based on whatever the heck she wants. :)  

Thanks again to all involved, specially Roselover for setting all this up (and teaching me Skype at the same time) and Melly for doing the banners!

Unexpected Woes

Working on UC this morning.  Trying to get my heart into it, but I'm not sure it's working.  Too much negativity has surrounded it at this point, and it makes it very hard to get into it.  Normally I'd read the thread, catch up on reviews and what-not to get in the mood to write the next chapter, but that no longer works.  I may have to stop reading any UC related comments at all until this story is done.  At this point I do not enjoy writing it.  I will finish it, because I can't leave something undone, but I don't enjoy it any more.  The snide side of me is almost tempted to just post the remaining outline and call it done, but I wouldn't do that to you, I swear.

With Offside getting close to the end, I'm going to focus on UC just to get it done before I write anything else.  Maybe that will help, maybe it won't.  Either way - don't worry - it will be finished.  I really appreciate everyone who has hung on this long.  I know it's frustrating for all those awaiting chapters that are taking longer for me to finish.  I just keep deleting crap and re-writing it because it's not flowing at all.  There is going to be a major change in the story in 2-3 chapters, and I hope that will make it all start flowing again.  In the meantime, it's taking forever to get it written.

Hang in there, if ya can.  I've at least got some of it done, and still hope to get it off to beta in the next day or two.  Unless I delete it all and start over again!  LOL


Bad Savage

Sorry - I've been a little busy/lazy and haven't done any blog updates this week.  Mr. Savage has been out of town, and hustling kids around has taken up most of my time.  I have at least kept up on Offside and laundry, but everything else has gone to shit. :)

Check out all the blog changes the glorious Robin has made recently.  Things are really looking good around here! :)  It would probably all be done if I got around to answering all her questions... *oops*

UC - I'm working on it - I swear.  I hope to have the chapter done over the weekend and off to beta by Sunday night, so it should post early next week.

Offside - still not done, but it is getting close.  Maybe 15-20 chapters left.

I'm hoping to put up the prologue of the next story sometime in the next couple of weeks.  We'll see.  I don't have a name for it yet, so I don't know for sure.  I'm not putting it up without a name, so it may take longer.  :)

Have a wonderful Friday!


Why Cereal is Awesome

It just is.

Okay, so that's not a great answer.

There are a lot of awesome things about cereal.  You don't have to cook it (I'm only talking cold cereal here, obviously - no oatmeal, which get's it's own special category), you can eat it straight out of the box, or get fancy and pour some milk over it.  I recommend putting it in a bowl first.

My favorites:

1. Kashi Cinnamon Harvest - if you haven't tried this, go out to your organic food section at the grocery and check it out.  Made with cane sugar, and it's just...yum.

2. Raisin Nut Bran - the stuff that started me thinking about this topic.  I'm eating it now.  It's the nutty covering all over the raisins that makes it special.  It stays crunchy in milk for a decent amount of time, too.

3. Wheat Chex - Sometimes, it's all about the basics.  This stuff is just good.  Period.

What's your favorite?


Change, huh?

You know, I think I have heard about 500 different seminars on "life is about change" and "embrace change" and all that, and I don't necessarily disagree.  However, that doesn't make tackling it head on any easier.  There are always all these variables/excuses that get in the way, and I at least find it very difficult to just take the plunge sometimes.

Either that or all of this is complete bullshit.

I'm babbling.  Enough of that.

I'll have something more interesting to say tomorrow.  



Wednesday Ramblings

I'm not sure that I have anything interesting to say, but it's been a couple of days and I haven't said anything.  Um...anyone got any questions?  LOL

Offside - mega angst is over, story is not.  There's still some to go and I did promise you all some lemons. :)

UC - Chapter is with beta.  Please be patient! 

I need a good woman's name for a story.  Any suggestions?


There is a Line!

Just a quick little story to share.  So, I thought several of you would appreciate this, and it was way too long to tweet out.

My husband and I were shucking corn for dinner, and I made some innocuous comment about the corn being all sticky.  Hubby, being a typical Mr. Savage, says “I’ll make you sticky later, babe!”  I gave his the obligatory eye roll, and asked if he’d be rubbing me with corn.  He seemed to think that was a great idea, and started talking about butter, and it just devolved from there.

Then he pipes up with “You could write fan fiction about this!”

I immediately respond with a deadpan “No thanks.”

And he says “Oh, so you DO have a line you won’t cross!”

Anyway – it was darn funny at the time.  Not sure if it still is or not…

Have a happy Monday!


Suspend Your Disbelief!

Pretend it's Tuesday!  Here is your Teaser for Unexpected Circumstances, Chapter 28!


The look on Esme’s face when I finally looked back up was similar to the one I had nearly pushed from the memories of my second night in Forks.  It was the expression she wore the night she had chastised Edward on his knees for his treatment of me.

“I am sure he did not mean it,” I said quietly, suddenly fearful of her wrath, even with her mind still on her husband’s final moments in life.

“I am sure he is more foolish that the most adept of jesters!” Esme shot back.  She inhaled deeply, and then let the air out through her nose over several seconds.  Her hand patted mine as her eyes shot over to Edward.  “I will be speaking to him of this.”

“Please, Esme-”

“I will be speaking to him!” she repeated with force.

I dropped my eyes in submission, trying to decide if I was glad she would speak to him those words I could not, or terrified of how he may react.  What if he had decided he no longer loved me as he once did?  What if he still protected me out of obligation only?  I closed my eyes, trying to block away the thoughts.

“Isabella?” the Queen said softly, and my eyes went back to hers.  “I had been so…overtaken with Carlisle health these months…I should have seen what he was doing.  I should have known what was happening, and I should have suspected it, yet I did not.  Can you ever forgive me for my neglect?”

“There is nothing to forgive,” I replied.  “You could not have known, and your duty lies here, with Carlisle.”

“My duty goes far beyond his care,” she said.  “I cannot ignore the rest of the Kingdom in my sorrow, and I know you are aware of this.  I should have recognized Edward’s behavior and fixed this long ago.  Please, forgive me.”

“Of course.”  I nodded, knowing it was better to accept her apology than to argue the necessity of it.

We both looked to Edward as he stood from the side of the bed, and Carlisle’s hand dropped against the mattress.  Edward walked slowly towards us, and Esme’s eyes went wide.

“Is he…?” she croaked.


Uh oh...somebody's in trouble! 

Weekend of Progress!

Having the family out of the house definitely allowed me to do a lot more writing than I would have otherwise!  It's amazing how little house work there is when it's just me here...

With that, the next UC Chapter is just about done, and once I go over it a couple more times, I'll post up a teaser.  Please remain patient - my beta isn't feeling up to snuff and it may be a while before she can get to it.  I *think* it will be worth the wait.  I've already got a bit of chapter 29 written as well, and hopefully it will also come along smoothly so there won't be somuch time between posts.

Offside probably won't post again until tomorrow. 


Friday Again!

Not sure what difference it makes, since I'll be working most of the weekend!  Ah well.  I hope to get some writing time in between work calls.  We'll see.  UC Chapter 28 is coming extremely slowly.  I'm pretty sure I've deleted an entire story worth of writing while re-working it.  I'm basically starting over with the chapter now.  It's not the first time I've done that, so don't freak too much.  There are currently 27 posted chapters, and I've probably deleted entire chapters at least 15 times. :)

If you have been reading Offside and hating Carlisle, definitely check out the entries for the Die, Daddy C, Die Contest.  They are phenomenal (though some a little gruesome)!  I've loved them all!  Don't forget to send in your own submission!


Success Through Perseverance

Perseverance pays off!

As some of you may recall, I've been having a bit of a problem with my son's high school soccer coach telling him he had to cut his hair short to be able to play on the team.  My son has been growing his hair out for Locks of Love for a year now (he's donated before), and it will be another two years before his hair will be long enough to donate again.  After attempting to address this with the coach over and over again, the coach wasn't interested in his reasons, and told him he still had to cut it if he wanted to play.

I sent a very long letter to the coach and other school officials detailing the situation, and told them of my intent to go the the school board and the media with the issue.  Finally, they figured out I was serious.

Today I met with the athletic director, principal and superintendent.  I'm glad to say that they have apologized for the way they handled this situation and have asked my son to come play for his school again.  The whole issue has really upset him, and he may still decide not to play because of the stress this has caused in his life, but this arbitrary rule will be addressed so this can't happen to another child.

It was a good day in Savageworld. :)


Die, Daddy C, Die!

There were just so many awesome ideas in the Offside thread, on twitter, and in reviews for killing off Carlisle, a contest just made sense!

If you haven't already heard, there is now a Die, Daddy C, Die contest up on FFN.  There are already a handful of entries posted - they are violent, twisted, warped, and just all around awesome.  Go check them out, then come up with your own way to knock of Carlisle from Offside!

All the rules and dates and instructions and such can be found on the link.

Thanks so much for the lovely Roselover for getting it all set up (and teaching me how to use Skype in the process)!