Suspend Your Disbelief!

Pretend it's Tuesday!  Here is your Teaser for Unexpected Circumstances, Chapter 28!


The look on Esme’s face when I finally looked back up was similar to the one I had nearly pushed from the memories of my second night in Forks.  It was the expression she wore the night she had chastised Edward on his knees for his treatment of me.

“I am sure he did not mean it,” I said quietly, suddenly fearful of her wrath, even with her mind still on her husband’s final moments in life.

“I am sure he is more foolish that the most adept of jesters!” Esme shot back.  She inhaled deeply, and then let the air out through her nose over several seconds.  Her hand patted mine as her eyes shot over to Edward.  “I will be speaking to him of this.”

“Please, Esme-”

“I will be speaking to him!” she repeated with force.

I dropped my eyes in submission, trying to decide if I was glad she would speak to him those words I could not, or terrified of how he may react.  What if he had decided he no longer loved me as he once did?  What if he still protected me out of obligation only?  I closed my eyes, trying to block away the thoughts.

“Isabella?” the Queen said softly, and my eyes went back to hers.  “I had been so…overtaken with Carlisle health these months…I should have seen what he was doing.  I should have known what was happening, and I should have suspected it, yet I did not.  Can you ever forgive me for my neglect?”

“There is nothing to forgive,” I replied.  “You could not have known, and your duty lies here, with Carlisle.”

“My duty goes far beyond his care,” she said.  “I cannot ignore the rest of the Kingdom in my sorrow, and I know you are aware of this.  I should have recognized Edward’s behavior and fixed this long ago.  Please, forgive me.”

“Of course.”  I nodded, knowing it was better to accept her apology than to argue the necessity of it.

We both looked to Edward as he stood from the side of the bed, and Carlisle’s hand dropped against the mattress.  Edward walked slowly towards us, and Esme’s eyes went wide.

“Is he…?” she croaked.


Uh oh...somebody's in trouble! 



    I've gobbled up every chapter as soon as it's been posted - but I think I'm going to have to wait to read this one after 29 is up.

    I just can't stomach Edward being an ass - AGAIN!!!

    What hurtful thing did he do/say this time??

    Enough already Edward!  Why do you insist on continuously hurting the woman who loves you so unconditionally?? 

    It's like abuse at this point.

    Still - I'm happy the chapter is close enough to completion that you have a teaser - thank you.  Now please finish Chapter 29 so I can read it.

  2. Oh, just all the same stuff he's already done.  Esme's just now finding out about it. :)

  3. Is it just me? Or is anyone else wondering if, since they didn't have sex for awhile if Bella is pregnant now? Don't doctors say that sometimes too much sex isn't exactly a good thing when trying to get preggers?? Just throwing that out there..

  4. oh - that's a relief.  So no new ass-hattery? 

    I'll be reading ASAP then.

  5. look at you being so sweet and giving us a teaser before Tuesday...   awwwww big hugs to you.

  6. Daisery, that is what I thought and missy that is what i was hoping to do. but I can't wait for a couple of chapts to come out before i read more and savage I am hoping and I have faith that this will have a HEA for Bella and Edward.  Please

  7. Well maybe now she'll (Esme) get more involved and try to figure out why TWO  women aren't getting pregnant.  Dawn, the abstaining from sex or having less sex is so the man's sperm count goes up and they get stronger.

  8. This lifted my spirits a little. Perhaps Esme can Queen-slap some sense into Edward.

  9. So when's the next chapter of UC....just checking, getting a little antsy...that's all

  10. I am curious if there is an easy way to read your stories on my mobile phone? Everything you have written is pure gold, but I can't sit at the computer for hours reading. ;)