Weekend of Progress!

Having the family out of the house definitely allowed me to do a lot more writing than I would have otherwise!  It's amazing how little house work there is when it's just me here...

With that, the next UC Chapter is just about done, and once I go over it a couple more times, I'll post up a teaser.  Please remain patient - my beta isn't feeling up to snuff and it may be a while before she can get to it.  I *think* it will be worth the wait.  I've already got a bit of chapter 29 written as well, and hopefully it will also come along smoothly so there won't be somuch time between posts.

Offside probably won't post again until tomorrow. 


  1. waiting patiently... ok ... so no waiting patiently

    sorry to hear your beta isn't well....

    would be honored to help


  2. Just read Update 99- OMFG, words fail me. Now following ou on Twitter. you are the best!