I thought flu season was about over??

So why do I get it now????

I've been completely out of commission since Friday, which means all my prime writing time was sucked up this weekend while lying in bed feeling like death on a stick. I'm feeling a bit better now, but I can't promise an update will be ready for Friday. It seems unlikely. Maybe by the end of the weekend, but probably not by Friday. I do have some time tonight, so we'll see how far I can get before I have to go back to bed. UGH! I hate being sick. Even the dog stopped visiting. LOL

Glad everyone enjoyed the last smut...er...chapter. I haven't managed to read too many reviews yet, but I'm slowly going through them.

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UC info and Fic Rec

UC Chapter 14 is off to beta, so it will post whenever I get it back. That *might* be tomorrow, but more likely it will post on Saturday, so don't panic if you don't see it right away! I think you'll like it. ;)

Oh - and for those who thought Surviving Bella Edward could have been just a little more mouthy and harsh - check out Fold Your Wings by Jadalulu. I think it's seriously hot, and that probably means there is something seriously wrong with me.


Check out this Banner!!

By Lady Oblivion! Is it not completely gorgeous? :)


Teaser Tuesday - UC Chapter 14

Almost didn't make it!! At least in my time zone, I've only got a couple of hours before Tuesday is over, but I managed to find a little something for ya! I am still hoping to get Unexpected Circumstances Chapter 14 up this weekend, and here's a little peek for ya! Enjoy!

“I want to be with you the right way, every time I am with you.”

The right way. I wondered if he meant that there was more than one way to complete the act itself, or was it only because he would be taking me as his wife and not just someone he came across at a tournament. For what must have been the thousandth time, I wished I could be more like them – those women he had been with before – sure of what I wanted, and willing to give him what he desired without any reservations.

“You may…if you wish,” I said. Feeling the heat rise to my skin, I ducked my head against his chest. My voice had been so quiet I could hardly hear it myself. Edward’s hand cupped my face and turned me to look at him. He slowly shook his head.

“I do wish,” Edward said softly. “I want you, Isabella. You will undoubtedly discover I have an…appetite…but I am not so insatiable I cannot wait a few more hours.”

“When we return to the castle?”

“Very soon after we return, if I may have my way.” He raised his eyebrows at me.

“You will,” I heard myself respond. Edward’s fingers traced along my jaw and neck before his mouth captured mine again. I could feel his smile against my lips.

Good things to come! ;)


And Another One!

Another Banner by Sabrina for What I Want! Mmmm....good stuff!


What I Want

Check out the banner of What I Want by Sabrina!

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What Do YOU Want?

What I Want - Want No More from EPOV has been sent to Fandoms Fight the Floods! Donate today and get your copy! Want to know what is in store for you if you donate? Here is a little (well, actually a pretty long) teaser/taste of What I Want. You'll remember the scene if you have already read Want No More.

She moved nervously from one foot to the other while I kept a steady gaze on her, moving my eyes from her feet all the way up to the scarf that was still pissing me off. I wanted to see her slender neck and the bare skin of her throat. I wanted to know for sure if she was taken or not. There was no way she wasn’t surrounded by men, as young and beautiful as she was. I needed to know. I needed her to…

“Take the scarf off.” My voice surprised me a little. I hadn’t completely meant to say it out loud, though I certainly wanted her to do it. What I want, I get. Usually. Obviously, I had surprised her a bit as well.


I could almost hear her heart pounding. If I could see under her scarf, I could probably have figured out just how excited she was by the pulse in her neck. If I could see under her scarf, I’d know if she was already taken or not.

“The scarf on your neck,” I said cautiously. I didn’t want to scare her, but I really, really wanted it off. If she was marked…well, that would be the end of it. Maybe. “Take it off.”


She asked the question, but even as she did, her hand was moving to the knot sitting against her shoulder. She tugged at it a couple of times before it came loose and she dutifully held it out to me. I glanced at it a moment, considered asking her how she felt about being tied up with it, and looked for the tell-tale signs on her skin of recent activity. I still couldn’t see anything with the damn blouse she had on, which was buttoned all the way up to the top.

“Undo the buttons on your blouse.”

Her eyes went wide, and her mouth opened a little. I looked away quickly, realizing how my words must have sounded. I didn’t want to frighten her – truly I didn’t. I did want her naked and spread out for me on the desk – maybe bent over the arm of the chair…maybe even in the back of the helicopter after all of this was over – but I didn’t want to scare her. I closed my eyes and tried to shake the random, cock-stroking thoughts from my head. I looked back up and smiled, laughing softly at the stunned look on her face.

“Just the top three buttons, baby.”

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Friday at last!

This week ended up being extremely busy, and has left me with a migraine. With any luck, I'll get it under control tonight/tomorrow and get some UC writing done. Hopefully, that will also include a weekend teaser of some sort. I did finish up What I Want (donate to get your copy!!), so I can concentrate on UC again. This is a good thing. :)

I need a pizza. And a martini.

Have a great weekend!



Sometimes having two things to write on my mind at once can be very frustrating! I have a bunch of the next UC chapter floating around in my brain, but not a lot of it put to paper (err...word doc) yet. What I Want is coming along nicely, but I keep distracting myself by reading through some UC reviews and getting my brain fired in another directions. I've only got a couple of days before it needs to be submitted to Fandoms Fight the Floods, and it will certainly need to be beta read first!

Sorry there is no teaser this week - once What I Want is done and off to beta, I'll get back to work on UC and maybe post a teaser this weekend. In the meantime, here's a fic rec for ya - it's called Ride and it's written by Kris Salvador. It's E/B, it's hot, and Edward is very bad. A work in progress - go check it out!


Questions Questions!

I've been working on What I Want this evening. It's going to answer a lot of questions about what Aro is up to and just what Edward was trying to get off of his computer. Don't forget to donate to Fandoms Fight the Floods to get your copy of Want No More from EPOV!

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Volvo the Horse

For those who wondered just what a dapple-gray stallion might look like, I think Volvo would look a lot like this one:

Yeah - I updated the pic after Alison informed me I originally posted a picture of a pony. ROFL!!!!! Ummm...yeah - I was just trying to see if anyone was paying attention... um...yeah, that's it!


Unexpected Circumstances

UC updated this morning. Yes, I try to update on Fridays, but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. If you follow me on Twitter, or check the Twilighted or RobstenLove threads, I usually tell people what's going on if it's a little late.

I shall be working on What I Want this week, so I don't know if there will be a UC updated next week or not. If I have time to work on both, I will. Just no guarantees.

Don't you just love Lolipop82's manips and banner for UC!?!? Awesome!!!


What I Want

I'm working on What I Want - Want No More from Edward's point of view. So far, things are going swimmingly. I'll probably post a little tiny teaser when it's done, but you have to donate to get the whole thing!

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Fandoms Fight the Floods


Teaser Tuesday - UC Chapter 13

Hello all you penis-name obsessed freaks! LOL! I honestly have NO IDEA there were so many names for a cock. Seriously. I still like verge. I'm on the verge of using it. I'm on the verge of Edward's verge. I want to verge with Edward...

I absolutely LOVE all the feedback and all the different names. Though "manhood" and "member" are probably pretty popular, they just don't sit right with me. I'm still undecided, so I guess Isabella is, too. Thanks for all of your help, though!!

And now, the Tuesday Teaser! And this one is DEFINITELY a TEASE!

“Tomorrow morning, maybe I will keep you here for a while longer,” he said, his mouth kissing slowly against the side of my neck. His hand slid up my side, and his thumb lightly traced the edge of my breast. I gasped as I suddenly understood what he was insinuating.

“In the morning?” I asked, a little shocked and not all together sure if he was serious or not.

“I would touch you more now if I didn’t think we would be interrupted,” Edward confirmed.

I could not believe what he was saying. I had always assumed such activity was reserved for nighttime, under the cover of sheets and darkness. Would he really wish to do such things when we first awake? Was it even an appropriate thing to do?

“People…I mean…it’s acceptable to do…that…in the morning?”

Edward’s eyes shined down at me, and the corner of his mouth turned up ever so slightly as he leaned in close enough to whisper in my ear.

“Isabella, if you will allow me to have my way, I am going to want you in the night when we go to bed and when we wake up each and every morning.” His tongue danced across the skin of my throat, and his words became dark and soft. “I’m going to want you after breakfast near the fire in the morning room. I will attempt to seduce you in the stables at midday, and I’ll want you by moonlight in the gardens. I would love to take you on Carlisle’s throne, if I thought I could get away with it. Someday, when the throne is mine, I will have you there.”

Have a wonderful evening!


What Should She Call It??

All right, I've gotten a lot of advise in reviews and a bit on Twitter. I have no idea which direction I will go, but at some point, Isabella is going to have to have a name for Edward's schlong. Yes, "manhood" and "member" might have been common, especially in Harlequin, but I have a personal "thing" against them (haha). It's just me, but I don't like them.

Several people have sent me "ye olde slang" for a penis, including tarse, pintle, and verge.

"Oh, my Edward! Skewer me with you hot, throbbing verge!"

Hmmm....maybe. What do you think? Got some other words to share?



Hang in there a bit longer! The next Unexpected Circumstances chapter will post, it just needs to come back from the beta. She has a life (and multiple jobs, other than fixing my commas) and I know she'll get to it as soon as it can, esp. since there is smut potential. ;)

To tide you over, here's another quick little teaser:


“I want you so much,” he whispered, and I could not deny the intensity of his words. They both thrilled and terrified me. “Since the moment I laid eyes on you…when I pulled you close to me on my horse…I wanted you then. So beautiful, so soft…”

He sucked my lower lip into his mouth, his tongue tracing the edge of it before releasing me, only to kiss me deeper as his fingers went to the lacings at the top of the nightdress. Obviously, there had been no need to lace it up, for the laces were removed only moments later. He didn’t pull it open, though; just lay his hand on my shoulder, his fingers teasing softly under the edge of the cloth.

“Touch me.” His voice was pleading.



UC and Weather

OK - chapter is done and off to beta! Cross your fingers, it may still post tomorrow. :)

The next chapter already has a good chunk of it done, so there shouldn't be any problem with getting it out next week.

Anybody who lives south want to send me some of your weather? I'm really, really sick of cold.


Want to do my laundry?

I think I must be struggling with this chapter just because I know my free time is short this week. I'm usually a lot closer to done by Wednesday, but I still have quite a bit to do. I do think it will be done in time, unless I go ape-shit and just delete it all. LOL Just kidding!!

I have a million other things to do tonight, and am trying to write while the kids are not currently in the room. You might be able to guess why, but I'm not saying. ;) If the room gets invaded by the younglings, I'll have to go back to dishes and laundry for a while.

I wonder if they would be keen on the idea of going to be early? Yeah...I didn't think so.


Teaser Tuesday - UC Chapter 12

Close call! It's a good thing I have all you wonderful ladies out there to remind me what day it is! Otherwise, I probably would have totally forgotten I owe you all a teaser. Right now, I'll be lucky to get this chapter done in time to post in Friday. I'm really behind, and time is not being good to me this week! I swear, I'll do my best!

And here it is! Teaser for Chapter 12!

“I only wish to touch you tonight, my wife.” Edward’s eyes narrowed as his brow furrowed – his expression was uncertain. When I looked at him, I was suddenly reminded of a small boy who would often visit Volterra, begging for scraps of food from the castle. Sometimes, when he was worried he might have asked for too much, he would get a similar look in his eyes – both afraid to ask and afraid not to ask, all at the same time.

More than anything, Edward appeared quite young and boyish to me for a moment. As his eyes silently begged me to allow him to touch my body, I couldn’t help but smile just a little. His look made my spine tingle, at the same time making him appear much less frightening than he ever had before. I took a deep breath and nodded before turning in his lap to look upon him more directly.

“I believe you,” I said quietly, feeling my blush overcome my cheeks.

“You will…permit me to touch you?” Edward’s eyes widened, and his hands moved to my hips. I felt his fingers grip slightly into my sides, and then he tugged at the fabric of my dress. “You’ll let me remove this from you…see you without it?”

“Yes,” I said as I nodded again. I glanced down for a moment, for the intensity of his gaze was too much. “You’ll be gentle?”

“Always,” Edward said through a breath of relief. “I promise you.”

“And tomorrow…when it’s the third night?” I chewed on my lip, wondering I would might actually faint again when the time came to pass.

“I won’t hurt you,” Edward said, his voice pleading again. “I wouldn’t hurt anyone in such a way, but especially not you. I swear I will make it perfect for you…as perfect as I know how.”

With a final nod and a deep breath, I released my lip from my teeth, leaned forward, and pressed my lips against my husband’s.