Want to do my laundry?

I think I must be struggling with this chapter just because I know my free time is short this week. I'm usually a lot closer to done by Wednesday, but I still have quite a bit to do. I do think it will be done in time, unless I go ape-shit and just delete it all. LOL Just kidding!!

I have a million other things to do tonight, and am trying to write while the kids are not currently in the room. You might be able to guess why, but I'm not saying. ;) If the room gets invaded by the younglings, I'll have to go back to dishes and laundry for a while.

I wonder if they would be keen on the idea of going to be early? Yeah...I didn't think so.


  1. Damn kids... Always getting in the way. I was on one of my twilight forums one day and my 17 y/o son came up behind me to talk about something. I really didn't think much of it but by the end of our conversation he's like "what the hell are you reading" and I looked at the screen and it was on someone's signature lines with the blinkie from CW&IA where it shows the pierced cock and other much too sexy and pornographic to be popping up in front of my son with me. I about died of embarrassment... Couldn't click off the screen fast enough!

  2. I would do your laundry and dishes for porn. Hell, I do it all around here for nothing.


  3. I will come do your laundry and take care of the kids! LOL. I know how it goes, mine have been out of school all week as we live in the midwest- Blizzard and all. Man I hope there is school tomorrow! It will be worth waiting for I am sure! Dont rush, we want it good and detailed!!! HEHEHE!