Teaser Tuesday - UC Chapter 12

Close call! It's a good thing I have all you wonderful ladies out there to remind me what day it is! Otherwise, I probably would have totally forgotten I owe you all a teaser. Right now, I'll be lucky to get this chapter done in time to post in Friday. I'm really behind, and time is not being good to me this week! I swear, I'll do my best!

And here it is! Teaser for Chapter 12!

“I only wish to touch you tonight, my wife.” Edward’s eyes narrowed as his brow furrowed – his expression was uncertain. When I looked at him, I was suddenly reminded of a small boy who would often visit Volterra, begging for scraps of food from the castle. Sometimes, when he was worried he might have asked for too much, he would get a similar look in his eyes – both afraid to ask and afraid not to ask, all at the same time.

More than anything, Edward appeared quite young and boyish to me for a moment. As his eyes silently begged me to allow him to touch my body, I couldn’t help but smile just a little. His look made my spine tingle, at the same time making him appear much less frightening than he ever had before. I took a deep breath and nodded before turning in his lap to look upon him more directly.

“I believe you,” I said quietly, feeling my blush overcome my cheeks.

“You will…permit me to touch you?” Edward’s eyes widened, and his hands moved to my hips. I felt his fingers grip slightly into my sides, and then he tugged at the fabric of my dress. “You’ll let me remove this from you…see you without it?”

“Yes,” I said as I nodded again. I glanced down for a moment, for the intensity of his gaze was too much. “You’ll be gentle?”

“Always,” Edward said through a breath of relief. “I promise you.”

“And tomorrow…when it’s the third night?” I chewed on my lip, wondering I would might actually faint again when the time came to pass.

“I won’t hurt you,” Edward said, his voice pleading again. “I wouldn’t hurt anyone in such a way, but especially not you. I swear I will make it perfect for you…as perfect as I know how.”

With a final nod and a deep breath, I released my lip from my teeth, leaned forward, and pressed my lips against my husband’s.


  1. ahahaha!!! boy to be really vulgar, he is going to blow his load in 2 seconds, he is so worked up over touching her skin!!!!!!!!! ahaha!!!!

    this is getting good, love it. my...edward.

    did they have condoms back then? they might make him less sensitive.

  2. Omg! I cannot wait until Friday! It's going to be amazing! I wish you could update more often but these little teasers are semi-satisfying to say the least.

  3. Squinting and seeing yellow through the long, slow, tunnel. (not pineapple yellow, more lemony!)

  4. I'm really looking forward to Friday! Great teaser.

  5. That was a tasty tidbit indeed! Friday can't come fast enough! *hehe* Edward can take his time though. ;)

  6. OOohhh nice, I hope you aren't going to just tease us, please finish the next chapter by Friday!