Can't Keep Up!

With Unexpected Circumstances reviews! It's a beautiful problem to have, but I'm not going to be able to respond to very many of them this go around. :( I'm working on both chapters 12 and 13 right now, as well as What I Want (Want No More from EPOV) for fandoms fight the floods. If you haven't donated yet, go check it out!

I had this AWESOME movie for UC tweeted to me - it's fabulous! Check it out! Thank you APhobiac for creating it!!

Unexpected Circumstances Vid

And now...back to the smut writing!


  1. OMG that was an amazing little video!

  2. Incredible video, what talent. I also just wanted to pass on that as nice as it is to get a response to reviews I would much rather have you spend your time on getting me your fantastic updates. :) Looking forward to more.

  3. Hey Savage, just wanted to say that as a reader, I never expect responses to my reviews so don't sweat it! I think it's nice of you to do it but not if it causes any stress. I don't think any readers expect it. Love your work!

  4. OMG that was an amazing little video!