Tuesday Teaser! Caged Chapter 21!

This is an evil teaser post, so don't read it.  

I'm warning ya...

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My knees gave out, and I fell heavily on the cement ramp.

“Holy shit,” Paul gasped as he grabbed hold of me just before my head hit the ground.

“I can’t deal with this,” Tanya said.  Her voice was perfectly calm in a no-nonsense, professional way that scared me a bit.  “Paul – lay him down gently, tell Jasper to call 911 and bring me all the clean towels in the kitchen.  Sam – hold him down.”

I tried to tell them I didn’t need help, but when I opened my mouth, I coughed up blood.  My vision blurred, the lights of the bar brightened, and lots and lots of voices filled my ears.  It was a strange sound – like having two conch shells held against my ears.  Only one voice managed to cut through the rest of the noise and make sense at all.

"Edward!  Edward!  Oh my God!"  Bella's voice echoed around the ceiling of the bar.  I turned my head to try and see her, but that just made me nauseous.

"Stay still!" Tanya huffed.  "There's an ambulance on the way.”

I wanted to ask her why she wasn't just driving me herself, but words were a little hard to form.  My lips were all sticky and not moving right.  My tongue felt weird, and my skin felt like there were little bugs crawling all over it.  Paul handed Tanya a bunch of towels, and she pressed them against my side.

Gasping, I flinched back and then sat up part way as I tried to shove Tanya off of me.  Everything went blurry and swimmy again as I felt heavy arms push me back against the floor and soft hands cradle my face.



As Sam always said on Quantum Leap - "Oh boy..."

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Walt Disney World Day Two

Today will be our first full day at Disney World in Orlando.  Yesterday was a blast, though we were all very tired by the end of it.  My daughter is keeping a list of all the modes of transport we've used on this trip.  I think all we're missing now is a boat and a helicopter!  LOL  We hope to check out the remainder of Magic Kingdom and Epcot today.

I'm up early, hoping the rest of them will follow suit soon because I want some breakfast!  In the meantime, I shall get a little writing done.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow to all my USA friends!  We shall be celebrating at Downtown Disney with dinner at Planet Hollywood after watching my son's jazz band play!  Woo hoo!

Have a great day!


Tuesday Teaser - Caged Chapter 20

Did you think I forgot what day it was?  Well, at least in my timezone, it's still Tuesday, so this is still a Tuesday Teaser.  :)  I'm currently vacationing at Disney World, and just got back from watching the parade at the Magic Kingdom.  My feet are killing me!  But I wouldn't forget you all deserve a teaser.  And this definitely counts as such. ;)

The tips of my fingers traced lightly over the skin of her inner thigh, and I felt her shiver under my touch.  Her hand wrapped tighter around mine, but she wasn’t really trying to stop me.

“I only got to fuck you once this morning,” I reminded her.  “We’re behind schedule.”

“Not in the back of a car with someone else driving!” Bella whispered harshly.

“Well, you can’t do it in the back of a car when you are driving!” I told her.  “That would be dangerous!”

Bella stifled a laugh with her hand, which left my hand free to roam around her thigh some more.  My mouth followed the contours of her bare shoulder, then back up her throat.  My lips covered hers, and the taste of her brought back the urgency of my need for her.  One hand gripped her thigh, and the other grabbed the back of her head, pulling her closer to me as I devoured her lips and tongue.  I finally pulled away when I was starting to run out of breath.

“I need you,” I whispered into her ear.  The previous tightness in my chest constricted again, and the words came out strained and a lot more desperate sounding than I intended as the weight of the evening crushed me.  “I need to be inside you.”


Hopefully, I will have time to finish the chapter while hanging around the Disney parks.  I can't swear to anything at this point, because it's only about half way done, but I'll try! :)


Tuesday Teaser! Caged Chapter 19!

Hello Caged readers!  It's another Tuesday, which means a brief glimpse into the next chapter of Caged!  Extra thanks yous go out to brodeurgirl30, who made the manip!

Chelsea stood at the bottom of the stairs with her graying hair coiled up into a fancy bun of some sort.  Her bright red dress didn’t match the season so well, but it made her look stunning.  Aro’s hair was pulled back inconspicuously, and his tie and cummerbund matched his wife’s attire, but I barely saw them.

Bella was near the door, and as soon as my eyes made contact with her, everything else disappeared.

Deep blue accentuated her cream-colored skin and brought out the deep brown of her eyes.  One strap over her left shoulder left her collarbones and right shoulder bare, and the flowing sheer skirt showed off her beautiful legs, with her feet encased in silver, high heeled shoes.

She was covered in sapphires and diamonds, from the three-tiered pendant necklace to the large bracelet on her wrist, and the drop earrings.  There was even a sapphire and diamond ring on her right finger.

I lifted my hand up and made a motion for her to turn around.  She complied, showing me the intricate nature of the back of the dress.  The single strap over her left shoulder met with the two pieces of fabric coming from around her front, and gathered together at her lower back in a slight V shape, leaving most of her back exposed.  As she spun around, I saw the tiny little clutch purse on her wrist and had to hold in a laugh.

I reached out, placed my hands on her hips, and brought her against me.  I leaned in close to kiss her right below her ear.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” I whispered in her ear.  “With you here, I just might survive tonight.  I know seeing you like this has made it all worthwhile.”

The wedding is bound to be interesting!  Tune in Friday after the BD2 premier and check out the complete chapter!

See you then!


Tuesday Teaser Time! Caged Chaoter 18!

Here's a little something to keep you occupied as you stand in line to vote!

The server brought over the list of today’s desserts, and we settled on one giant piece of cappuccino cake with chocolate and caramel drizzled all over it, along with two forks.  Bella moaned when she bit into it, and the sound circled around my dick and gave the moody little bastard a tug.

Unable to help myself, I carved a bit off with my own fork, and then held it out to Bella.  Her eyes stayed locked with mine, peering up at me through her lashes, as she slowly took the bite into her mouth and hummed again.
Thanks Kris Mkystich for the manip!

“This is incredible,” she said.

I couldn’t have agreed more, and I hadn’t even tasted it.  Bella was determined to rectify that fact, and fed me a bite from her own fork.  The chocolate was creamy, and the deep taste of coffee and caramel just made the whole thing nothing short of decadent.

As she leaned towards me, I could see through the outline of Bella’s form-fitting dress that there weren’t any bra lines. 


Or is that depraved?

We continued on, feeding each other bites and ignoring everyone around us.  We didn’t speak, just tasted – the silence only broken when Bella groaned at the taste of every bite.  As the cake disappeared, Bella ended up with a bit of it on the side of her face, which I had reach out and wipe from the side of her mouth.  As I did, she turned towards my hand and licked the chocolate off my finger.

“Holy shit,” a deep voice called out.  “Edward?  Is that you?”


Hmmm....who could that be?  

What would you give to have Edward feed you cake?

Find out on Friday at 10pm when chapter 18 posts!

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