Tuesday Teaser! Caged Chapter 19!

Hello Caged readers!  It's another Tuesday, which means a brief glimpse into the next chapter of Caged!  Extra thanks yous go out to brodeurgirl30, who made the manip!

Chelsea stood at the bottom of the stairs with her graying hair coiled up into a fancy bun of some sort.  Her bright red dress didn’t match the season so well, but it made her look stunning.  Aro’s hair was pulled back inconspicuously, and his tie and cummerbund matched his wife’s attire, but I barely saw them.

Bella was near the door, and as soon as my eyes made contact with her, everything else disappeared.

Deep blue accentuated her cream-colored skin and brought out the deep brown of her eyes.  One strap over her left shoulder left her collarbones and right shoulder bare, and the flowing sheer skirt showed off her beautiful legs, with her feet encased in silver, high heeled shoes.

She was covered in sapphires and diamonds, from the three-tiered pendant necklace to the large bracelet on her wrist, and the drop earrings.  There was even a sapphire and diamond ring on her right finger.

I lifted my hand up and made a motion for her to turn around.  She complied, showing me the intricate nature of the back of the dress.  The single strap over her left shoulder met with the two pieces of fabric coming from around her front, and gathered together at her lower back in a slight V shape, leaving most of her back exposed.  As she spun around, I saw the tiny little clutch purse on her wrist and had to hold in a laugh.

I reached out, placed my hands on her hips, and brought her against me.  I leaned in close to kiss her right below her ear.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” I whispered in her ear.  “With you here, I just might survive tonight.  I know seeing you like this has made it all worthwhile.”

The wedding is bound to be interesting!  Tune in Friday after the BD2 premier and check out the complete chapter!

See you then!

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