Tuesday Teaser - Caged Chapter 20

Did you think I forgot what day it was?  Well, at least in my timezone, it's still Tuesday, so this is still a Tuesday Teaser.  :)  I'm currently vacationing at Disney World, and just got back from watching the parade at the Magic Kingdom.  My feet are killing me!  But I wouldn't forget you all deserve a teaser.  And this definitely counts as such. ;)

The tips of my fingers traced lightly over the skin of her inner thigh, and I felt her shiver under my touch.  Her hand wrapped tighter around mine, but she wasn’t really trying to stop me.

“I only got to fuck you once this morning,” I reminded her.  “We’re behind schedule.”

“Not in the back of a car with someone else driving!” Bella whispered harshly.

“Well, you can’t do it in the back of a car when you are driving!” I told her.  “That would be dangerous!”

Bella stifled a laugh with her hand, which left my hand free to roam around her thigh some more.  My mouth followed the contours of her bare shoulder, then back up her throat.  My lips covered hers, and the taste of her brought back the urgency of my need for her.  One hand gripped her thigh, and the other grabbed the back of her head, pulling her closer to me as I devoured her lips and tongue.  I finally pulled away when I was starting to run out of breath.

“I need you,” I whispered into her ear.  The previous tightness in my chest constricted again, and the words came out strained and a lot more desperate sounding than I intended as the weight of the evening crushed me.  “I need to be inside you.”


Hopefully, I will have time to finish the chapter while hanging around the Disney parks.  I can't swear to anything at this point, because it's only about half way done, but I'll try! :)

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