Surviving Raine Release Day!

I created a page with all the links to Amazon for various countries.  Stop by and say hi!


There's also a facebook release party.  I've never done one of these before, so we'll just have to see what happens!  Stop by for chances to win a free copy!


Thanks for all your support!  I really appreciate it!


Surviving Raine Release - May 21, 2013

That's right - the day is nearly here!  Check out my facebook author's page, click "like," and sign up for opportunities to win a copy!  There will also be an on-line release party on facebook all day Tuesday, so stop by for giveaways and other fun!

Giveaways already started:



Haven't Bought Otherwise Alone?

Buy quick, before the price goes up!

Amazon Kindle publishing is a funny thing.  They definitely make it very difficult for you to do business with anyone else (like B&N, Sony, etc.).  I received a message from them basically saying "your price is too low on another site and you'll have to lower your list price on Amazon, too." The thing is, you can't lower it below $2.99 on Amazon and still be eligible for the Kindle lending library and agreeing to losing half your royalties.  So, since I have (literally) sold one copy of Otherwise Alone OUTSIDE of Amazon, I'm going to revert back to Amazon exclusive publishing.  That means it won't be available anywhere else, and the price jumps back up to $2.99 instead of a buck.  Sorry about that, but I'm not left with many options.  I'll plan on making it free again in the near future (when Otherwise Occupied is out) in case anyone misses out.


Blog Neglect!

Wow - no new posts in almost a month!  That has to be a new kind of (bad) record!  It's possible I'm officially over committed!  So what all is happening?

Writing stuff:

Surviving Raine releases on May 21 - that's right!  Just 10 days away!  Come join us for giveaways and such at the Facebook release party!  I'm very excited about it.  There have been several nice reviews on Goodreads already!

The other major project on my plate - Otherwise Occupied, the sequel to Otherwise Alone.  I'm very happy to say the actual writing is done!  Yay!  Going through iterations of edits now and writing a short epilogue.  There will DEFINITELY be a third book as well!  Watch for a cover reveal and release date announcement in the next couple of weeks!

Not What She Seems - pathetic update schedule, I know. To top it all off, I totally left you hanging.  I hope to rectify that and get back to regular posts soon.  Other stuff has just been in the way.

Personal life stuff:

My son graduates from high school in a couple of weeks, and I'm trying to wrap my head around that.  I have the feeling in need to buy a convertible or some other midlife-crisis worthy vehicle.  We're right smack in the middle of soccer season as well, which always keeps me busy even when I'm not coaching.  Heading off to my daughter's game in a few minutes, and then to see the Columbus Crew tonight!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!