Haven't Bought Otherwise Alone?

Buy quick, before the price goes up!

Amazon Kindle publishing is a funny thing.  They definitely make it very difficult for you to do business with anyone else (like B&N, Sony, etc.).  I received a message from them basically saying "your price is too low on another site and you'll have to lower your list price on Amazon, too." The thing is, you can't lower it below $2.99 on Amazon and still be eligible for the Kindle lending library and agreeing to losing half your royalties.  So, since I have (literally) sold one copy of Otherwise Alone OUTSIDE of Amazon, I'm going to revert back to Amazon exclusive publishing.  That means it won't be available anywhere else, and the price jumps back up to $2.99 instead of a buck.  Sorry about that, but I'm not left with many options.  I'll plan on making it free again in the near future (when Otherwise Occupied is out) in case anyone misses out.

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