Tuesday Teaser Time! Caged Chaoter 18!

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The server brought over the list of today’s desserts, and we settled on one giant piece of cappuccino cake with chocolate and caramel drizzled all over it, along with two forks.  Bella moaned when she bit into it, and the sound circled around my dick and gave the moody little bastard a tug.

Unable to help myself, I carved a bit off with my own fork, and then held it out to Bella.  Her eyes stayed locked with mine, peering up at me through her lashes, as she slowly took the bite into her mouth and hummed again.
Thanks Kris Mkystich for the manip!

“This is incredible,” she said.

I couldn’t have agreed more, and I hadn’t even tasted it.  Bella was determined to rectify that fact, and fed me a bite from her own fork.  The chocolate was creamy, and the deep taste of coffee and caramel just made the whole thing nothing short of decadent.

As she leaned towards me, I could see through the outline of Bella’s form-fitting dress that there weren’t any bra lines. 


Or is that depraved?

We continued on, feeding each other bites and ignoring everyone around us.  We didn’t speak, just tasted – the silence only broken when Bella groaned at the taste of every bite.  As the cake disappeared, Bella ended up with a bit of it on the side of her face, which I had reach out and wipe from the side of her mouth.  As I did, she turned towards my hand and licked the chocolate off my finger.

“Holy shit,” a deep voice called out.  “Edward?  Is that you?”


Hmmm....who could that be?  

What would you give to have Edward feed you cake?

Find out on Friday at 10pm when chapter 18 posts!

See you then!

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