Unexpected Circumstances

UC updated this morning. Yes, I try to update on Fridays, but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. If you follow me on Twitter, or check the Twilighted or RobstenLove threads, I usually tell people what's going on if it's a little late.

I shall be working on What I Want this week, so I don't know if there will be a UC updated next week or not. If I have time to work on both, I will. Just no guarantees.

Don't you just love Lolipop82's manips and banner for UC!?!? Awesome!!!


  1. Just reviewed the newest chap of UC saying how much I was looking forward to next week's update. I will survive if I must wait two weeks though. It will be worth it! Good luck with working on "What I Want" this week. :o)

  2. AHHH, what? You left us with nothing but that for two weeks possibly? Come on please don't do that to us even if you have to write like crazy, thats too much!

  3. This one is soooo pretty! could you maybe put this banner up at Twilighted??? pleeease??