Hide and Drink

You know, it's been a while since someone sent me any artwork for Hide and Drink, but this showed up in my inbox this week, and and LOVE it!

Notice all the words all over it?  It's all the chapter end words.  Cool, huh? :)

Thanks so much to iinfamouslyiizzy on FFN for creating this and sending it to me!

Speaking of H&D, if you haven't checked out the blog page for it recently, do - it looks seriously cool (thank you Robin! :) )


  1. So this is freakish.  I was sitting here this morning going, "I need something to read." So I decided to read Hide and Drink again and here was this blog post!  Freaky stuff!

  2. Heh. *blushes* That's my picker right thurr. ^_^
    I'm tickled that you enjoy it so much. Some fics just cry out to me and scream MAKE ME A BANNER NAOS! And Hide and Drink was definetly the loudest by FAR.

  3. Love the banner. Now I have to read the blog page. :) Referred here by my daughter iinfamouslyiizzy...am sure i will LOVE it :)